Remote viewing the Greys

(Extra terrestrials of UFO fame)

December 1996

I have never seen a flying saucer or have been abducted. Perhaps I am too horrible for them. So if they will not come to me, I decided to use an available window and go to them. The notes are somewhat scrappy, but then if one tries to elaborate one loses accuracy.

Remote Viewing is a technique developed by the KGB and the CIA during the Cold War. It involves giving a psychic operator (a sergeant or junior officer) a set of map coordinates, asking him to project to that point and describe it. A useful method of gaining information when one cannot send a "tourist" to the spot in question.

In the course of investigating Remote Viewing, I have come by certain information, which others may wish to verify or check. The findings of one count for very little in remote viewing, and may be regarded as science fiction. When two others come to similar conclusions, the results start to be of interest. The method used was to locate on malice, in this case technical malice.

In some ways the Greys are a very young race, and in some ways very old. Their planet is rather watery with the bulk being sea, with islands or continents which may only last a few million years before being submerged again by the sea. Thus their planet does not favour land life. Land life does have certain advantages. One can see enemies at a greater distance and one does not have to swim in one's own sewerage. Thus the Greys developed intelligence before coming out of the water. They are still short of genetic material. Genetic material only suitable to life in water has got lost, and the variety for that needed on dry land is still in short supply. They are adapted to finding new dry land in a hurry, possibly psychically. They do also use floating cities. Should they go swimming, they are likely to be eaten alive by their ancestors. To them, our oceans must look like Heaven.

The Greys must be admired for the great strides they made in a relatively short time.

They still appear to be egg laying though this is liable to change, as they favour the egg taking more time to develop inside the female. Males outnumber females by about 10 to 1. Females are also dumpier and larger. The male when successful, donates his testicles to the female, who is then fertilised for life. The location of the male testicles appears to be on the forehead as bumps or horns, which seems to be a daft place to keep them. The male after losing his testicles, dies in a state of religious ecstasy. Since coming out of the water, the males have learnt how to delay sexual union, and thus has changed their society from a matriarchal one to a male dominated society. This has also meant that the males have to do most of the work. As sexual union is well worth dying for, their society is very competitive. A male must either to seen to have done great works, or have some genetic advantage. Genetic breeding plans and genetic engineering are used extensively by the Greys to improve the race, with the result that a lot of variation has been lost..

The male can be kept alive after sexual union by means of drugs and programming implants, but the result is an intelligent zombie or bio-android, who is subject to a lot of degeneration. It appears that living males and females have never been seen on Earth, only zombie males. Only a zombie Grey can survive long periods of space travel, but look very different to the original. As far as Grey's are concerned, a zombie has lost its spirit or soul. Thus zombies are oversensitive to human emotion.

Their psychology is a little different to ours. The elements of fire, air and earth appear to be about the same, but water is very different. Water has a lot to do with pecking orders and their biology, which also describes the human element of water. They are a logical race.

Their digestive and excretory system is also a little strange. I found myself in a Grey's body in one of their loos. There was a notch at the back to take the anus, and a slop pan in front. I discovered the reason for the slop pan when I vomited. Evidently they relieve themselves of waste and excess water, and indigestible material by vomiting it out. They appear to be complete carnivores, using vegetable matter for unwelcome medicine only. Anything that eats vegetable matter is a food animal. Let us hope they regard us as carnivores with chronic hypochondria.

I also experienced being a pilot of one of their planetary craft, but as I could not make head or tail of the controls, I had to leave them to the body I was in. ..The chief scientist had said that when travelling faster than light, matter does not exist, and therefore cannot be hit. That test flight proved him wrong. Also to a Grey, faster than light drive is indescribably painful.

The detail in the last 2 paragraphs on loos and space craft came within the time span of 5 minutes, and therefore could not possibly have come in real time.

On no account invite a Grey home for dinner. They are guaranteed to give the hostess a nervous breakdown with their habits, and probably the host too.

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© Edmund Meadows - December 1996.