Kolisko Effect, Gauquelins, Pineal Gland, Astrology and Zodiacs.

Madame Kolisko and others have shown how the position of planets can have small effects on metallic salts in solution. The Pineal Body is a light sensitive gland under the brain, and has been called the Third Eye. There is a high probability that the Kolisko Effect influences the Pineal to give the effect of the astrological clock (the houses of the zodiac). The webmaster considers the contents of zodiacs to be far older than man on Earth. Thus he believed that the current astrological zodiac must have been man made. The Kolisko Effect gives a much more believable solution.

Such is the nature of the Pineal Body, that it is heavily associated with psychedelic drugs. The webmaster does not support the use of any drugs and gets on very well without them. There is no substitute for taking responsibility for what one finds and knows, and hard work.

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