Zen and Psychotherapists List.

This list is published on the basis of Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware. The webmaster is not in a position to check anybody's effectiveness or their charges. Also be cautious if one believes oneself to be psychic. Some people believe all psychics must be destroyed at all times at all costs without question.

All claims made are from the web sites listed and not the Webmaster

http://ghostdanse.com.. This is a series of articles intended for the serious spiritual student. The first five are mostly beginner level from a few years back, originally intended for magazine publication. Much of the other material is for advanced students.

freezoneearth.org/ghostdanse/GD24.html.. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE GRAND TONE SCALE - The scale before you is the combination of the work of many people, brought together here in an attempt to lay out a more accurate map of the mind and therefore of reality itself. The oldest root of this scale is from Theosophy (which in turn owes a huge debt to Tibet).

www.virtuescience.com/.. The VirtueScience Philosophy. Founder of TSQ (Truth Seeking Quotient)

www.soluna.com.hr/hr/zdravlje/190-kako-ocistiti-pinealnu-zlijezdu-7-jednostavnih-koraka.. Croat. How to clean the Pineal Gland: 7 simple steps

awareness-based-clearing.com.. self-development / spirituality / practical meta-physics. 'Clearing' in this context means removal of unwanted structures in ones reality. While the usual approach to Clearing is done using the awareness of someone who has got far enough with Clearing themselves to have good awareness of the unwanted structures of their clients, for some people, at an earlier stage in their processing it is possible to make effective progress with Clearing guided by their own awareness.

www.freezoneearth.org.. Contrary to popular belief there IS life after Scientology, and that life starts with the FreeZone!


www.slideserve.com/peter-shepard/altered-states-of-consciousness.. Altered States of consciousness. By Joseph Ochoa. Different states of consciousness. Drugs Sleep/dreaming Meditation. What is altered state of consciousness?. Definitions for an altered state of consciousness can vary depending on the source.

brainmeta.com.. BrainMeta was established for the purpose of accelerating the development of neuroscience through web-based initiatives, which include the development, implementation and support of a wide range of neuroinformatics tools, services, and databases.

www.lermanet.com/exit/index.html.. How to get out of Scientology, How to leave Scientology, help for scientologists, Scientology, Scientologist, deprogramming
www.lermanet.com.. Arnie Lerma's Truth about Scientology, Lermanet.com Exposing the CON: The truth about the Fraud called Scientology published by Citizens Against Corruption dba Lermanet.com Exposing the CON, by Ex-member Arnie Lerma and supporters

http://documents.mx/documents/-t4r-guide-for-beginners.html.. T4R Guide for Beginners, download document. This belongs to Techs4reality email group, probably heretical even by Freezone Scientology standards.

www.ivymag.org.. IVy, the familiar name for International Viewpoints is an on paper magazine, sent five times a year Internationally to those who subscribe. Here is the place to look if you are interested in using Freezone Clearing and Enhancement Technology to help yourself and others.

www.abilitymeters.com.. Ability Meters International. The Ability Meter Model 3a takes advantage of state-of-the-art electronics to provide the highest quality available in biofeedback instrumentation using the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) principle.

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