S04. Personal and Remote Responsibility.

This section is dependent on one having read and tried using all the previous sections.

RESPONSIBILITY - THE ULTIMATE KEY TO THE UNIVERSE. Responsibility should mean "Total knowingness of one's actions and their consequences". All too often it means allegiance, often to some very dubious entities. Allegiance to one's family, friends and the human race is usually both desirable and charitable, but allegiance to slavemasters and owners is neither. One can not operate properly without allegiance to oneself. Responsibility does have at least 10 attributes. These will be given with appropriate command lists, suitable to the top level. These lists will have to be varied to suit the level at which the student is working. Conscious walking is essential. The attributes are.

  1. Responsibility for in real time. No problem.
  2. Responsibility to in real time. No problem.
  3. Personal responsibility for in past time.
  4. Personal responsibility to in past time.
  5. Remotely commanding third parties to take responsibility for their actions.
  6. Remotely commanding owners of third parties to take responsibility for their actions.
  7. Reversing responsibility to third parties, to responsibility to self.
  8. Free or excess responsibility will be used by Spirit to neutralise perverse responsibility.
  9. The need to keep responsibility free of rubbish.
  10. If one fails to create enough, then responsibility becomes a liability. See the next section.
  11. Ultimately one will no longer need responsibility, and it will have to be dispatched. Responsibility is an emotion of Spirit.

RESPONSIBILITY FOR AND TO - IN REAL TIME. When people drive a car, they grant their responsibility to other road users. This is for the results of their actions, until they park their car on their own property. This is in real time, and is no problem. It allows people to drive their cars in reasonable safety. When the car is properly parked, people withdraw their responsibility. Before people can be responsible for something, they must be responsible to someone or something. In this case, people should know what they are responsible for. They should also know to whom they are granting their responsibility. If they do not grant responsibility to other road users, then the Police will apply the law.

RESPONSIBILITY FOR - IN PAST TIME. When the situation is in the past, then for meditational purposes there are two aspects. A person can command responsibility for themselves. A person can also command someone or something else to take responsibility for their actions. For third party responsibility to work, the other party must be linked in to the first party. The third party must have their claws dug into the first party. Thus it is practically impossible to harm an innocent bystander.

RESPONSIBILITY TO - IN PAST TIME. For responsibility to exist in past time, responsibility must have been granted to someone or something. The normal case is that a person has forgotten to whom they granted their responsibility to in the first place. Responsibility for and to have become fossilised. Normally without responsibility to, there can be no blame and shame which are normally the result of responsibility to some 3 legged horse (if Anglo Saxon) or dead pig (if Jewish). There are two methods of attack in meditation. One can grant their responsibility in real time to all appropriate entities. Bringing it into real time is great for cooling things down. It is difficult to command other entities, if one is responsible to them. The other option is to re-link the responsibility of the other entity back to oneself. It will not last long in real time.

OWNERS. The procedures in this section are completely unsuitable for direct use on one's nearest and dearest as it will loop them back into the Jehovah mindset. They are also completely unsuitable for intangibles like emotions and the contents of minds as they will loop one back further into mind control. However every piece of mind control has an owner, and owners are tangible. Owners of zodiacs are far more understandable than the zodiacs they control. They are your controllers and are not your nearest and dearest. Command owners to be totally responsible for their actions, and all the mind control they own will collapse. Owners exist in chains or hierarchies, so if one can knock out one near the top, all owners below will collapse. The Ultimate Owner is the Source.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR. Try the following in conscious walking.

Command lists for responsibility can have 3 sections. There is a start to establish the tool or weapon. The gap in the middle is for anyone to insert items of immediate interest. The end is to clean out all rubbish. If the going is heavy, omit the middle.

BUILDING UP COMMAND LISTS. The minimum number of lines in a command list is 1. If the going is too heavy, cut the number of lines in a list, or just go to the beginning and start again. When adding a new line, use the target attribute as a subject in the existing list until one is comfortable with it, and only then add the new line. The minimum number of words in a command is 1.

APOCALYPSE (Judaic) and the RAGNARÖK (Norse). This is a complete disaster for the ego. All order as taught to the ego breaks down. It is the end of the world. The ego has to start thinking for itself, and create a new world. Moses forgot to mention that all theologies are Towers of Babel.

ENLIGHTENMENT. This is a state that comes when the Ego or "I" is totally responsible for its actions (Hindu definition). Unfortunately as the Ego departs, it takes everything a person has been using for reality with it. It is a complete disaster for Spirit, until one can use the 5 or more senses to re-establish a more dynamic reality. After that, the departure of the Ego is good riddance to bad rubbish. The writer received his enlightenment in 1989. The exclamation of enlightenment is Who Cares! For those into the Akashic elements, this ego is probably the convergent thinking Water ego. The Air ego is too divergent to worry about its own existence. One will always have an ego for that is a unit of identity. The ultimate ego is Spirit.

REMOTE RESPONSIBILITY FOR. This can be used when the abreaction for personal responsibility is drained. The basic idea is to command other entities to take responsibility for their actions. They will not like it. Try the following while conscious walking.

SUBJECTS FOR REMOTE RESPONSIBILITY. Replace "I" with any of the following.

TO INCREASE INTENTION, project the command list into the future. Drop this form if it has too many teeth. Try variations on the following.

HANDLING HEXES. This is just a variation on Remote Responsibility. If a hex exists, then it must have come from someone. One must go on the offensive. Use command procedures in the following style where XXX is the current most likely suspect. It is necessary to locate the culprit, or at least get a classification that is close enough. Try the most likely culprits first and eliminate the innocent, until one finds the real culprit. The old Rules of Demonology still apply. You will not be able to do this outside the limits of your own responsibility, so you may need to go back to first party (I) to balance this out. The reason for "Every Member" is that a person is made up of body, mind, and spirit, and the mind can be subdivided into various identities. This is positive psychotherapy. One should never do to others what one is not prepared to do to oneself as this will bring Karmic retribution.

WATCHERS AND SPIRIT GUIDES. A number of people have remarked that when reading the first edition of this work, that they have sensed being watched. The watchers are normally spirit guides. Anyone who has a body and a brain can use the body and brain as a personal computer to meditate. Disincarnate entities do not have this advantage. They need you to do it for them. However spirit guides often have things to give, so this can be a 2 way process. A lot of the writer's original Zen Viking material was built up in this way. The important thing with spirit guides is to pitch one's emotions at the right level, as they come in peace and not in war. Spirit guides are very tolerant as any meditation on their behalf is better than nothing. If one can use civilised emotional levels with spirit guides, it is possible to use this sort of meditation on one's nearest and dearest without landing in the divorce court.

RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE RESULTS OF ONE'S ACTIONS. There is a distinct difference between being responsible for one's actions, and being responsible for the results of one's actions. For the latter, try variations on the following.

All minds are made up of responsibility to. In times past, we have made treaties and agreements with each other how we should conduct ourselves in relation to others. We have given our responsibility to these agreements which have become moral codes. These moral codes have been broken left, right and centre, if only to a small degree but small degrees add up. We have forgotten to what the last moral code was a response. Thus all minds are made up of all old responsibilities to agreements, forgotten, and mangled by self justification into something that looks quite different, like a mind or a theology or a mental system.

A STRONGER VERSION. Build up to it line by line. This version is quite capable of chewing through all the Akashic Elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth). Expect to take considerable time to convert. One can always go to the next section and come back later.


When the ego and all entities within are responsible for their actions, the command lists in this section will not work, and it is time to leave this section behind. However the above is still useful when low material comes in from the genuine outside.

GPMs. GOAL PROBLEM MASSES. The Scientologists pay great attention to these, and the writer tends to ignore them. These are the lowest form of Zodiac. When Jehovah (Elohim / Nefilim / Anunnaki - See pages on Zecharia Sitchin) created your psychological universe, he was working in the universe of his psychological creators. Thus he was not able to create anything better to control Man. He was working within the Astrological Zodiacs created by the Nordics / Pleideans (to keep the Elohim under control) and could not create fresh ones. GPMs are made up of a few thousand goals or objectives, each with at least 6 states, positive, negative, and all tenses one normally uses as in Hamlet (D3). With this number of goals, one will have problems even if only 1 goal and one state is normally active. If one has problems, one will have black masses overhead. Add in the locks from higher Zodiacs and the whole thing can be difficult to unpick. Someone has plotted this out but not the writer. The writer's attitude is to cheat wherever possible. Thus he advocates taking responsibility for all goals in general and not for individual goals unless they are obvious. Memes are common right up the Zodiac chain. Take your choice. The indented section in the procedure above is to deal with GPMs.

GPMs are of interest if one is targeting a rogue Scientologist as it is a concept they understand. Also certain black magicians have an intuitive understanding of GPMs and use them to construct golems. Suspect that all Gods and demons within the Jehovah framework are GPM based. This is the basis for the work of most Zodiac engineers mentioned later, however their authorisations lie in higher Zodiacs.

RESPONSIBILITY AT HIGHER LEVELS. Responsibility is not suitable for using on one's friends or nearest and dearest as responsibility can loop back in to responsibility to Jehovah. It is not suitable for using within the artwork of minds or abilities, but can be used on their owners. However responsibility can be used right the way up on entities provided they are entities and not part of their illusions within. The following can always be targeted using responsibility, and a little work now may save one getting lost within illusion later. Responsibility is below anger, but then so are all minds provided one can get in at the right level. See sections D12 and D14 for ideas.

THE ELEVENTH COMMANDMENT. (Thou shalt not be found out.) One must take responsibility for the results of one's action. This simply a variation of not doing to others what you would not like done to you.

CONTROL OF ONE'S THOUGHTS is not worth pursuing for its own sake, as most thought is body generated. Personal responsibility will look after the rest.

OWNERS. One can assume that everyone has multiple personalities. Everyone has higher minds within which appear to be outside. This is not a problem so long as one personality is in charge and a person does not use the wrong personality at the wrong circumstances. Thus targeting every member of a target will gain access to areas which are not available if one just targets the ego. If one targets the owners of the target, then one is going at least one level up, and will start to catch the vampires and mind controllers of the target. In this way one can target one's nearest and dearest as one is not targeting them but their parasites. Clear away the owners of the target and Spirit should be able to sort out the rest. A zodiac may be too vague a target, but the owner of zodiacs is a definite entity. This fits in very well with section S07.

HEALING and CURING DISEASE. For any medical condition there are probably quite a number of current factors preventing healing. The human body is a self healing mechanism, so if one removes the psychic and psychological factors, the body has a greater chance of healing itself. Please note that the treatment of Cancer is a 200 billion dollar World industry. Anyone who finds a quick cure for cancer will get crucified by the AMA, FDA and BMA, for taking away their bread ticket. Hulda Clarke PhD found this out to her cost. Wilhelm Reich did quite a bit of research on "Orgone energy", and must have been successful as all his papers were burnt both by the Nazis and the FBI.
February 2013.
It become apparent that the emotions of responsibility, love, forgiveness and control belong to the reptilian brain, (and not as we thought to spirit), to aid the survival of the family. Hatred of enemies is there to protect the family. These are very primitive emotions and their misuse leads on to other emotions previously attributed to spirit. One is naturally programmed to be responsible to one's family, to love one's family and forgive all transgressions. These emotions are hijacked by politics and religion, which is the price of civilisation.

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