S06. Using Psi Lists.


REASONS FOR ABSENCE OF REAL PSI. POSITIVE and NEGATIVE PSI. Psi is a natural function of Spirit, and thus cannot be meditated on using mental methods, as is not a function of mind. It does however gather a lot of mental rubbish like moral codes. There is such a thing as removing the negative influences, and that is what a psi command list will do. The psi mind is higher than the logical mind, but does not contain any logic. Thus it is difficult to write about it. Most knowledge depends on logic, and so any knowledge of how to do psi is most likely false knowledge or know-all ignorance. Treat psi as a natural ability of Spirit. It appears that in the past, we have given away our psi abilities to others in a similar way to the way we gave away our responsibility. We can try to get it back.

Do not expect dramatic psychic results, and be prepared to be grateful for any small gifts. The writer has had few psychic results that he would accept as proof in other people. However life is made up of small percentages, and any such gift however small is worth receiving.

No mind can produce psi, but no mind can admit this. Therefore if one commands the mind to produce psi, it burns itself up in the effort. It is commanding the mind to do the impossible, which is all good Zen. The great advantage of psi command lists, is that they keep one pointed in the right direction. They are useful when one has lost one's way. To Spirit they are great fun.

PSI ABILITY LIST. The following is a command list for psychic ability. Everyone knows of psychic abilities they would not touch with a barge pole. The writer will not touch trance mediumship, and regards clairvoyance as a spectator sport only. The list is far too long, so cut it down drastically. Reorder it with the most important abilities to the reader first. Then start adding one's own, so that it becomes a personal list.

SUBJECTS FOR REMOTE MEDITATION. Replace "I" with any of the following. HAZARDS.
  1. If one tries remotely viewing the future, then one has to take responsibility for one's next existence. However this is a good way of bypassing karma and avoiding one's just deserts.
  2. There are certain key words in the Zodiac like winning. These have to be located by trial and error. What they do is to unduly dig one in.
A FRONT END FOR CHOICE. Very often one can get abreaction on doing, without knowing which command list is appropriate. Try the following and break out into the appropriate command list when one gets abreaction. The list is top down for getting one outside the mind and into the real world. KEEPING PSI CLEAN. The following is good for cleaning purposes and when other forms do not work. Turn the whole list around into third party form. BODY PSI FLOWS. One can dabble in the following with other command lists to see what results come up.

USING TABLES OF EMOTION. When using tables of emotion include death and boredom, as it is very easy to stick on these without realising it. As serenity is a do nothing emotion, it can have a negative effect on health.

SIDEREAL TIME. Joe McMoneagle states that at 13.47 hours local sidereal time, which James Spottiswoode reports as the optimum time for psi, one is facing into the centre of the Milky Way which is probably the centre of the galaxy. There appears to be something there. Find out who owns the Galaxy. Sidereal time is based on a 366.25 day year which is the number of times the Earth spins in a year and not the apparent number of days. Base date is March 21st, the start of the House of Aries. Local sidereal time is sidereal time adjusted by longitude or distance from longitude zero in terms of degrees. Sidereal time appears to make no difference to the writer, possibly because there are various kinds of psi.

Spirit Psi as opposed to body Psi is heavily into Spirit to Spirit Communication.

Addition - June 2012

Mind Control is a subject which often comes up in discussion on psi. However mind control is liable to trap the student back into Akasha. Also if one is going to dabble, then control of other people's bodies and reptilian brains may be far more effective.

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