Full Index of the Social Psychotherapy Sections - 2001.

Viking Social Psychotherapy and Psychic Self Defence as a Path to Remote Viewing.

This section contains the writer's full works from 1996 to 2001. Unfortunately he has discovered (and fortunately for you) that he was in a mental loop. Spirit is King and not minds. However there may be a few gems of wisdom for anyone interested. These sections will no longer be maintained unless they are in the short index. This long path lacks the elegance of simplicity.

Psychic Self Defence.

Social Psychotherapy.

The Viking Way to Infinity. Some people find this simpler than the webmaster's later versions, but it was written to the rules of the mind and the webmaster's spirit guides which can send one around in circles. This has been superseded by Viking Psychic Self Defence and Remote Psychotherapy. Remote viewing provides a far better basis for any psychic work, and breaks circular paths. The webmaster may have binned too much, and thrown the baby out with the bath water.

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