Viking Remote Viewing and Psychic Self-Defence.
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August 2005. Suddenly after 4 years remote viewing of the Universal Sub-Conscious, everything has dropped into place. Thus the new section M01.3 (The Matrix of the Master Ego and the Universal Subconscious, and Forbidden Psychology) now effectively replaces about 20 sections written during those 4 years.

Viking Remote Viewing. Remote viewing is a new name for an old ability. Remote viewing is the ability of a person to project their conscious observation to a distant location to see or sense what is there. Distance is no object as even the stars are within reach. It was rediscovered and used by the Russians in the 1960s. The Americans rediscovered it around 1970. Now every other intelligence agency is using it to flesh out data from other sources. Remote viewing violates all the moral codes of science and religion. The occult and black magic are now obsolete, and both are past their sell by date. Remote viewing can be classified as either psychokinetics or a secular path to enlightenment or both. Be your own X-file investigator.

Viking Social Psychotherapy and Psychic Self Defence as a Path to Remote Viewing. This is for the student of remote viewing, who is not already a Zen master, and who does not wish to be roasted alive. It is a rough tough place out there. The writer is an expert in social psychotherapy. He has taken a bite out of the Curse of Tutankhamen. As no one can find this curse now, word is going around that it never did exist and was an invention of the press. Giving a higher priority to psychic self defence than to remote viewing, is a great aid to safe remote viewing. The sections below are written with psychic self defence as priority one. There are good pickings for the Viking shaman working in the style of Thor, Defender of the Gods and Defender of the People. There are plenty of modern Frost Giants out there, human, ET and otherwise.

Psychic Self Defence, Social Psychotherapy and Spirit Psychotherapy. Basic procedures.

The Anatomy of Minds. The above procedures will eventually run out of effectiveness. When this happens one must make up one's own procedures. There is plenty of material below to help, but one must use plenty of intuition. Contents of Minds, or Rubbish they would like you believe. The following was written by the Webmaster before he knew better but he now almost disowns them. They are best regarded as the contents of minds trying to justify their own existence.

Index-2001.. This section contains the writer's full works from 1996 to 2001. Unfortunately he has discovered (and fortunately for you) that he was in a mental loop. Spirit is King and not minds. However there may be a few gems of wisdom for anyone interested. These sections will no longer be maintained unless they are in the short index. This long path lacks the elegance of simplicity.

A Personal View of the Viking Gods.. Written 1989. The Sagas were written by shamans and other leaders to define the social, spiritual and psychic objectives of the race. Where an image produced inspires Man and is acceptable to spirit guides, then those spirit guides will use the image as an interface and bring it to life, thus creating an archetypal God. The fossilised Gods of monotheism on the other hand are just political, mental or psychic control mechanisms stuck in time until dismantled. Spirit guides do not have a brain and need you to do their thinking and meditation for them. If one serves the Gods, then they will serve you. There are no free lunches.
A Personal View of the Post Ragnarok Viking Gods.. Written 1989.
The Ragnarok 2005... The relationships between Man, Honir, Surt and the Ragnarok.

Remote viewing the Greys.. (Extra terrestrials of UFO fame - based on work done December 1996).

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