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This is a blog of the writer's work since 1988, and went online in 1995 before blogs were invented. This started as a Viking and psychic self defence site, and moved over to remote viewing, when the writer got some training in 1996. The writer has worked, from one end to the other, through Karma and Akasha, what passes as religion and the occult.

November 2011. A new section - A general Theory of Telepathy has been added.

July 2011.
A new section on Quantum Physics has been loaded.
Co-ordinate remote viewing (CRV) is reasonably safe, as the viewer does not pick the target, and thus there is an extra set of filters to filter out rubbish, 2 if a coordinator is involved. Thus agendas tend to get bypassed. This is the system used by the military.

Solo remote viewing is anything but safe, as there is little to filter out any agenda whether it belongs to the viewer or his target. Thus solo remote viewing has to deal with at least 95% emotion from agendas, both from the viewer and the target, and possibly gets in 5% actual viewing. Agendas from the past are generally known as Karma and Akasha, and need to be taken down if man is going to progress. The writer has been solo remote viewing since 1996, and is still here.

It takes the living to activate the dead. Thus anyone living is greater than any dead God or mind operating from beyond the grave. Religion should be dynamic and not have rules set in stone, allegedly thousands of years old. Living gods are not confined to India, but in basically monotheist societies no one may claim to be a living god. Before one can handle living gods, one must be able to handle the dead by taking the high ground, and believe in oneself.

Telepathy. A record of everything a person does in this lifetime is written on the higher areas of the brain, and can be recalled by the conscious ego. Everything acquired from blood ancestors or the universal sub-conscious is attached to the primitive lower brain, is telepathic in nature, and can only be read by the sub-conscious Id. See the work of Dr Andrija Puharich mentioned below. Telepathy is not available on demand by the ego, and tends to work in the 7 lost dimensions of quantum physics.

The Quantum Physics Universe (10 dimensions + time). Astrological and zodiac material appears to predate the theist stuff, but appears to follow similar rules, and could possibly arise from just a quirk in quantum physics embroidered by man. There is good reason to suspect that one of the 7 lost dimensions in quantum physics is a dimension of memory. This would allow the physical universe to know what it is supposed to be from one second to the next, and would also let water to know at what temperature it supposed to boil at. This is essential for a dynamic virtual universe. This dimension is also used as a pseudo dimension by the souls of the dead with unfinished business, which in turn gives rise to religion. Evidence for god, telepathic and imagination (schizophrenic?) dimensions and psychological pseudo dimensions is far more tenuous. A dimension of imagination, containing all possible permutations of the physical universe, would have had to go static within seconds of the Big Bang in order for the physical universe to survive. The Big Bang is still accessible, and accessing it should undercut everything else. It is also possible to access the adventures of schizophrenics in the lost dimensions of quantum physics.

Enlightenment (as in Buddhism). There are 2 types. The first is when one's static internal memory map of the physical universe collapses and has to be replaced by something more dynamic. The second is as the top or capping layer of the Akashic system, and should be treated with as little respect as the rest of Akasha.

The pain / pleasure principle lies at the heart of most of psychology and akasha, by the operation of the brain's pleasure centres, of which there are quite a number. Some forms of people's pleasure are very perverse. Pleasure centres can be accessed, provided one develops the necessary skills. All pleasure centres appear to be in the basic reptilian brain and not the more advanced areas.

All new material which has come up over the past year has proved to be fresh views on old material (and usually politically incorrect). Thus there is little point in writing anything new as the limit appears to have been reached, for the time being, unless it belongs to quantum physics. However if you are interested in solo remote viewing and wish to remain in business, then there is plenty on this web site to help you to avoid Akashic traps and pitfalls. Use the positive stuff, as using the negative like mind control will only trap one in negativity.

August 2010.
Quantum Physics. We have listed the latest simple explanation of dimensions below.

We are finding -

January 2010.
Wagering one's head There is a constant battle between akashic entities, where they wager their heads against each other to see who is top dog. The loser ceases to exist as a psychic entity. There is reference to this in the Viking Sagas, where the gods wager their heads with older obsolete gods and win. We are living beings, so when we do it, the loser loses a chunk of obsolete mind. This keeps karma and akasha moving forward in time, and helps clean it up. However if we choose to be outside the system, and wager our heads with the system, the result is that the system is slimmed down. In practice this means challenging all offending parties to wager the graves of the dead, or their blood ancestors. Psychiatrists would probably prefer reference to wagering alter-egos, which has similar roots. Blood ancestors are a principle cause of schizophrenia. What makes schizophrenics so hard to cure is that what ever they say, they do not want to be cured. They just want a more comfortable life, and will wager their blood ancestors against anyone who tries to cure them. There is plenty of sub-clinical schizophrenia about. However to deal with other people's blood ancestors, one does have to deal with one's own.

July 2009.
The Secrets of the Universe.
The Secrets of the Universe (which no one wants to know about) revolve around fossilised schizophrenia from our blood ancestors, held in place by fossilised epilepsy also from our blood ancestors. As no one wants to know anything about this, they survive in an unresolved fashion. Schizophrenia and epilepsy only become medical when they get out of control. The trick is to raise one's game to a point where one can use the real time epileptic fire flow, which burns out the rubbish left by our blood ancestors. Schizophrenia and epilepsy are derived from natural body flows, and anyone lacking in these flows will have no imagination or fire in his belly.

It looks like the mechanism for transferring data forward from one generation to the next is via information and ability genes. These must be capable of being programmed, written, erased and re-written. There is plenty of junk DNA to suit the purpose. This mechanism is essential in a bee hive, probably useful in a dog, but quite unsuited to anyone who claims to have intelligence. This reminds one of the book by Richard Dawkins, "The Selfish Gene", where Prof Dawkins suggests that survival is more to do with the survival of genes than the survival of a species.

Genes are not contagious. Memes (self replicating units of thought suggested by Dawkins) are contagious. However memes need suitable programmable genes to attach themselves. Memes and genes act as locks on each other. However Dawkins is an atheist and Atheism is as simplistic as any other religion. Memes can be erased and programmable genes can be reprogrammed.

The actions of the 2 sides of the brain tend to equate to the barbaric emotions of epilepsy and schizophrenia. The left hand side of the brain deals with control and logic, while the right hand side tends to deal with imagination and emotion.

October 2007.
Remote Viewing. There is a misconception about Remote Viewing. In military remote viewing, the remote viewer does not do most of the work in remote viewing. The rest is done by the person making the request for a target to be remote viewed. What the alleged remote viewer does is to read the mind of the person making the request and his links, and decipher the results.

Dr Andrija Puharich and Telepathy. This agrees with the theories on telepathy of Dr Andrija Puharich. He found the typical example of telepathy was of a man digging a ditch, which was a bit too deep, and collapsed trapping him. A friend sensed something was wrong, and not knowing what it was wrong, came across to find out. The friend dug the victim out of the ditch. From this Dr Puharich proposed the theory that people telepath when they are in distress. The telepathic receiver must be of relaxed state of mind. This can be transposed on to the military remote viewing model. In remote psychotherapy, the remote psychotherapist is in a relaxed frame of mind and can pick up telepathy from those in distress, with an overload, of satanic disposition or just sheer schizophrenic. This can include cult activity not based on physical reality, or trying to impose their views on others. This telepathy can be duplicated and returned in psychotherapeutic form, which causes acute distress if the originator intended malice.

June 2007.
Blood Ancestors. If one goes back 1,000 years at the rate of 25 years per generation, then one has 2 to the power of 40 blood ancestors. This is about a trillion. Go back 2,000 years and one has a trillion trillion blood ancestors. This is far in excess of the population at the time, and implies an awful lot of inbreeding. Would anyone care to prove that they are not descended from either Jesus Christ or any of his family.

Go back 6,000 years to the alleged Creation, and one has a trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion blood ancestors. According to Genesis 6 verses 1-4, the Elohim (Jehovah's gang) were inter-fertile with human women. This tells us that they were men themselves, and of the same biological species.

There is a black hole in Man's history prior to 6,000 years ago. The delusion of academia is that as there are no written records and no archeology, nothing happened. There were certain events probably 13,000 years ago which remain a mystery. We can however speculate on what events would make the best fit. The probable answers are pure scientific and religious heresy. One such scenario is detailed in the latest section.

Remote Viewing. Email tappers still prove to be the easiest targets.

Vampire entities must be strong enough to have an effect. They must also be weak enough to be ignored and scientifically debunked. Detection is their downfall.

August 2005. Suddenly after 4 years remote viewing of the Universal Sub-Conscious, everything has dropped into place. Thus the new section M01.3 (The Matrices of the Third Eye, the Universal Subconscious, the Chakras and Forbidden Psychology.) now effectively replaces about 20 sections written during those 4 years. Now only the important sections are listed on the front page. This gives the elegance of simplicity. In case we have thrown too much away, there is a complete listing on Index-2005..

January 2005 - Remote Viewing. It is becoming increasingly apparent that one will change the future if one remote views a future event. (This usually means remote viewing the present time intentions which will lead up to the event.) This is especially true if one spooks the target. Thus there is no point in reporting possible future events to the Police or email tappers. Make sure the target is spooked instead. The Police, local government and other email tappers are now just too leaky for the personal security of the individual.

The CIA invented the Remote Viewing Protocol in the 1970s for the psychic viewing of Russian activities, but they broke a basic rule of war. On inventing a new weapon, one should next invent the counter weapon, which they did not do. The counter weapon is Remote Psychotherapy, which coupled with Remote Viewing makes a formidable combination. It is also very good for one's Karma, and winds up the ungodly no end. Some people get the same results as remote viewers by dowsing, intuition and other methods, so there is considerable overlap.

The key sections on Personal Psychic Self Defence are in S01 to S07 and M01.3 to M01.2. This is the place to look if one is troubled by the ungodly and wants to hit them back.

If one is short of energy, then look at the sections on the Viking Gods. They are an excellent energy source and reasonably clean.

NB. The notes and procedures on this site are for guidance only. Everyone will have to make alterations to suit their own requirements. Most of the material on politics, race and religion have been omitted, but you can put it in. Below are the notes of the webmaster. They should be a guide to the reader for cleaning up his own path, and clean up a bit of the environment at the same time. What is the use of seeking one's own enlightenment, when there are too many priests, black magicians and intelligence agencies trying to chain one down. There are ways of dealing with the forces of slavery. Remote viewing and psychic self defence are some of them. There are some ethical intelligence agencies, but the less said the better about some of the others. The writer regularly monitors his email, picks up the psychic howls of rage and distress from unethical Echelon email tappers, and purges their malice. He cannot tap the ethical ones. He also monitors for those who bare malice towards him, and purges their malice. This does demand a high level of personal responsibility which can be built up. Black magic, demonology, cabalism and hexes are out of date and are easy to handle using the methods outlined on this site.

Viking Social Psychotherapy and Psychic Self Defence as a Path to Remote Viewing. This is for the student of remote viewing, who is not already a Zen master, and who does not wish to be roasted alive. It is a rough tough place out there. The writer has taken a bite out of the Curse of Tutankhamen. As no one can find this curse now, word is going around that it never did exist and was an invention of the press. Giving a higher priority to psychic self defence than to remote viewing, is a great aid to safe remote viewing. The sections below are written with psychic self defence as priority one. There are good pickings for the Viking shaman working in the style of Thor, Defender of the Gods and Defender of the People. There are plenty of modern Frost Giants out there, human, ET and otherwise.

Index Military Remote Viewing - CRV..

Psychic Self Defence, Social Psychotherapy and Spirit Psychotherapy. Basic procedures.

The Anatomy of Minds. The above procedures will eventually run out of effectiveness. When this happens one must make up one's own procedures. There is plenty of material below to help, but one must use plenty of intuition.

Index-2005.. This section contains the writer's full works from 1996 to 2005. With the discovery of the Matrix of the Third Eye, there may be little point in reading obsolete material. However there may be a few gems of wisdom for anyone interested. These sections will no longer be maintained unless they are in the short index. This long path lacks the elegance of simplicity.

Index-2001.. This section contains the writer's full works from 1996 to 2001. Unfortunately he has discovered (and fortunately for you) that he was in a mental loop. Spirit is King and not minds. However there may be a few gems of wisdom for anyone interested. These sections will no longer be maintained unless they are in the short index. This long path lacks the elegance of simplicity.

Index-zen-viking.. This contains the material which the writer used to gain his first enlightenment as in Buddhism in 1989

Reflex, Zone or Foot Therapy.. Something appreciated by the ladies. (1998)
Remote viewing the Greys.. Extra terrestrials of UFO fame - (1996).

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