Viking Remote Viewing, Psychic Self-Defence, Remote Psychotherapy and the Psychic Work Ethic.
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Remote viewing (Viking style) for exploration, remote psychotherapy, and a robust path to enlightenment earthed in the real world & quantum physics.

This is a blog of the writer's work since 1988, and went online in 1995 before blogs were invented. This started as a Viking and psychic self defence site, and moved over to remote viewing, when the writer got some training in 1996. The writer has worked, from one end to the other, through Karma and Akasha, what passes as religion and the occult.


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Index-zen-viking.. The Original Zen Viking website. This contains the material which the writer used to gain his first enlightenment as in Buddhism in 1989.

November 2015. British Zen.
Standard Advice for anyone needing psychic self defence.

Zen is the art and science of commanding entities to do the impossible, and the more impossible the better. The British counterpart is know as swearing and bad language. Unfortunately the more one uses it, the less effective it becomes. You must to be prepared in private to use ungentlemanly language into the telepathic net to tell your psychic enemies just what you think of them. Target say 'Everyone who wants to attack us' and tell them what fates you are going to make them suffer. You need to develop a very bad temper and plenty of anger, but reserve it for those who deserve it. It does pay to name one's targets. The only reason we have been able to survive in remote viewing for 19 years, is that we have always given psychic self defence priority over remote viewing.
Be prepared to shout into the Telepathic Net 'Stuff your XXX up your YYY'.

November 2014. It is all very well to go burrowing the rubbish of the past and the works of Satan, but we also need to view what is outside the cesspit. Suitable subjects outside the system include Natural Energy, Natural Law, Natural Psychotherapy and everything else which is natural. Natural here means not made by Man or his gods.

The path we are now investigating back through history goes back through the Jews and Muslims, through the Semites, through the Hittites, and back through the Denisovans. The Denisovans were a branch of the Neanderthals who lived in Siberia, and spread out from there. They were only discovered by DNA testing a couple of small fossils in 2010. There is a hint that they were giants, such as described in Genesis as Nephilim. We may have inherited religion and intelligence from them, but Homo Sapiens won due to being better at war. They may have used giantism and religion to defend themselves against more bellicose races.

Emotion. Correction to sections M01 and M01.2.

The role of the Neanderthals in the history of our psychology. May 2014.
This leads on to the source being disincarnate schizophrenia of Neanderthal origin. The highest rank in disincarnate schizophrenia is the Lord God almighty. We may have been wrong in blaming ETs for certain of our woes.
Many people expect their God to forgive their sins, but omit to forgive the sins of their God. How can they expect their God to forgive their sins, when they are not prepared to forgive the sins of their God.

The Secrets of the Universe. March 2014.

January 2014. Epileptic and Akashic Enlightenment may be a very barbaric clearing tools, but they do get results. There is plenty of old epileptic and Akashic rubbish to be cleared out. There are more dimensions to these Fire flows than are obvious.

November 2013. Intrusive Thought. This is an annoyance to many people, but a major problem to anyone with psychiatric OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Track Intrusive Thinkers back to source. This can be a taboo subject and a political hot potato.

September 2013. The Big Bang was the most traumatic event the Physical Universe has ever known, and memories of it rumble on, probably in the lost dimensions of quantum physics. These memories have been hijacked by psychological entities for their own protection. "You can not touch me; I am the Big Bang." "I am too terrible to investigate." Thus if one is prepared to handle the Big Bang as psychological event or engram, one can handle anything in oneself and in the telepathic projections of other people. Anyone short of guts and courage should consult the Zen Viking index above.

July 2011.
A new section on Quantum Physics has been loaded.
Co-ordinate remote viewing (CRV) is reasonably safe, as the viewer does not pick the target, and thus there is an extra set of filters to filter out rubbish, 2 if a coordinator is involved. Thus agendas tend to get bypassed. This is the system used by the military.

Solo remote viewing is anything but safe, as there is little to filter out any agenda whether it belongs to the viewer or his target. Thus solo remote viewing has to deal with at least 95% emotion from agendas, both from the viewer and the target, and possibly gets in 5% actual viewing. Agendas from the past are generally known as Karma and Akasha, and need to be taken down if man is going to progress. The writer has been solo remote viewing since 1996, and is still here.

It takes the living to activate the dead.

Telepathy. A record of everything a person does in this lifetime is written on the higher areas of the brain, and can be recalled by the conscious ego. Everything acquired from blood ancestors or the universal sub-conscious is attached to the primitive lower brain, is telepathic in nature, and can only be read by the sub-conscious Id. See the work of Dr Andrija Puharich mentioned below. Telepathy is not available on demand by the ego, and tends to work in the 7 lost dimensions of quantum physics.

The Quantum Physics Universe (10 dimensions + time). Astrological and zodiac material appears to predate the theist stuff, but appears to follow similar rules, and could possibly arise from just a quirk in quantum physics embroidered by man. There is good reason to suspect that one of the 7 lost dimensions in quantum physics is a dimension of memory. This would allow the physical universe to know what it is supposed to be from one second to the next, and would also let water to know at what temperature it supposed to boil at. The Big Bang is still accessible, and accessing it should undercut everything else. It is also possible to access the adventures of schizophrenics in the lost dimensions of quantum physics.

Enlightenment (as in Buddhism). There are 2 types. The first is when one's static internal memory map of the physical universe collapses and has to be replaced by something more dynamic. The second is as the top or capping layer of the Akashic system, and should be treated with as little respect as the rest of Akasha.

August 2010.
Quantum Physics. See Section M01.15..

January 2010.
Wagering one's head There is a constant battle between akashic entities, where they wager their heads against each other to see who is top dog. The loser ceases to exist as a psychic entity. There is reference to this in the Viking Sagas, where the gods wager their heads with older obsolete gods and win. We are living beings, so when we do it, the loser loses a chunk of obsolete mind. This keeps karma and akasha moving forward in time, and helps clean it up.

The CIA invented the Remote Viewing Protocol in the 1970s for the psychic viewing of Russian activities, but they broke a basic rule of war. On inventing a new weapon, one should next invent the counter weapon, which they did not do. The counter weapon is Remote Psychotherapy, which coupled with Remote Viewing makes a formidable combination.

The key sections on Personal Psychic Self Defence are in S01 to S07 and M01.3 to M01.2. This is the place to look if one is troubled by the ungodly and wants to hit them back.

If one is short of energy, then look at the sections on the Viking Gods. They are an excellent energy source and reasonably clean.

NB. The notes and procedures on this site are for guidance only. Everyone will have to make alterations to suit their own requirements.

Viking Social Psychotherapy and Psychic Self Defence as a Path to Remote Viewing. This is for the student of remote viewing, who is not already a Zen master, and who does not wish to be roasted alive. It is a rough tough place out there. Giving a higher priority to psychic self defence than to remote viewing, is a great aid to safe remote viewing. The sections below are written with psychic self defence as priority one. There are good pickings for the Viking shaman working in the style of Thor, Defender of the Gods and Defender of the People. There are plenty of modern Frost Giants out there, human, ET and otherwise.

Index Military Remote Viewing - CRV..

Psychic Self Defence, Social Psychotherapy and Spirit Psychotherapy. Basic procedures.

The Anatomy of Minds. The above procedures will eventually run out of effectiveness. When this happens one must make up one's own procedures. There is plenty of material below to help, but one must use plenty of intuition.

Reflex, Zone or Foot Therapy.. Something appreciated by the ladies. (1998)
Remote viewing the Greys.. Extra terrestrials of UFO fame - (1996).

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