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This is the website of the late Edmund Meadows (1934 to 2022). This website will disappear on 30/November/2022.
Remote Viewing Targets.
All Enemies of the British People,
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The CIA accidentally rewrote the Laws of the Occult in 1980 when they started Operation Grillflame, their Remote Viewing program. This rewriting was without the permission of the US government who will pay out for science but never magic. We are continuing the good work of the CIA. See The Index Military Remote Viewing.. - CRV (Coordinate Remote Viewing)., The Index of Meditational Exercises.., The links page.., and The Index of edited obsolete pages..

Disclaimer - Read at your own risk.

Caution. If one tries remote viewing anyone with less psychological baggage than one has, then one will be mistaken for a black magician up to no good, and one can expect retaliation. This regardless of how many dog collars one is wearing, or one's Masonic degrees. Under the UK Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 one may be called on to read other people's email, but the same rules apply. Email tappers are the easiest people to remote view. MI5 email tappers are hard to remote view, but then they employ Army wives who are only interested in possible threats to their men folk.

National security is of major importance, so go for enemy hearts and minds. Target enemy soldiers, enemy agencies, enemy politicians, enemy Gods and enemy religions.

Table of contents -

YGGDRASIL, The Viking Tree of Life or Archetypes.

NB. The Apocalypse of December 2012 was the Astrological change over from the hierarchical House of Pisces to the more matrix orientated House of Aquarius. This was in the Universe of Thought and not the Physical Universe, and only man connects the two. This Apocalypse was of great significance to religion and politics, but most individuals did not notice it as to them it was of no importance.

For those still in Pisces, this is a Tree of Gods. For those who no longer need Gods or are in Aquarius, here is a good range of archetypes as guides to life. To others it may just be the path from being a baby through adulthood. Just to complicate things, the precise details of the Tree of Life will vary according to race. In Viking, Odin with his 2 ravens to see over the horizon, is the God of remote viewing. Viking is unusual as a religion as it rates action as being greater than moral codes

               Nirvana, Freedom & Enlightenment.
               Total Responsibility for Thought.
  Female side               SURT                Male side
  Beingness         Fire, Man fully awake.       Doingness
               Man who no longer needs the Gods.
                       The Destroyer.
                        The RAGNARÖK
                 The Apocalypse of the Gods.
             Free will, Man still needing the Gods
                           /  |  \
        FRIGG       ----------+----------         ODIN
       Analysis         /     |     \     The tribal leader, politician
                      /       |       \ Problem solver, Clear out rubbish
                     /        |        \
        FREYA       ----------+----------         THOR
    The alpha female,         |                 The alpha male,
      Understanding           |              intention carried out
                  The Dark Night of the Soul
               Seeing things as they really are.
        TYR       ------------+----------        MIMIR
   Responsibility             |              Communication
    Discipline                |
     Beauty, the sacrificed God, point of balance, Forgiveness.
                    The enthusiasm of youth.
          Enlightenment (where everything is in balance)
               The Completion of Cycles of Thought.
              Psychological Repair in all directions.
      BRAGI the student-------+----------       WEYLAND the blacksmith
      Learning and Education. |                 Practical Experience
                     The Mind, impulse.
       Fast reflex thought, juvenile emotions and Faith.
    The original Loki was Denisovan or Nefilim, not Homo sapiens.
                    Environment, Babyhood.

      FROST GIANTS    THE PIT    Older Gods    All Sewage

In No-Thought one is either in Observation Mode or asleep.
Conventional Wisdom says "Aim for the top". Practical wisdom says "Yes, but return to the balance point afterwards".
The above represents the Dynamic Universe, as opposed to the Ordered Universe of Monotheist Religion. If you do everything your priest tells you, little should go wrong, but life may be a bit boring. Socialism is taking over from Monotheism, but has similar virtues and vices. See Emotions..

The correct use of swearing. A British form of Zen. Standard Advice for anyone needing psychic self defence.

Zen is the art and science of commanding entities to do the impossible, and the more impossible the better. The British counterpart is known as swearing and bad language. Unfortunately the more one uses it, the less effective it becomes. You must to be prepared in private to use ungentlemanly language into the telepathic net to tell your psychic enemies just what you think of them. Target say 'Everyone who wants to attack us' and tell them what fates you are going to make them suffer. You need to develop a very bad temper and plenty of anger, but reserve it for those who deserve it. It does pay to name one's targets. The only reason we have been able to survive in remote viewing for 19 years, is that we have always given psychic self defence priority over remote viewing.

Be prepared to shout into the Telepathic Net 'Stuff your XXX up your YYY'. This may be the height of rudeness and blasphemy, but it is very good Zen. There is no need to suffer in silence.

The same Zen principle is also invaluable in personal meditation. Psychic entities prefer you to use logic, theirs of course, as Zen is liable to bring them screaming up into real time. Do not use swearing in company or in public as this is just a waste of resources. Also if an entity answers to the name of a******e, then that is probably exactly what they are. Anger is the enemy of mind control from outside.

The Witchcraft / Voodoo version of all this is to make a wax doll or picture of the target, and then stick pins in it. Be careful what you wish for, as you might just get karmic retribution instead.

While remote viewing, one is liable to meet everything your professor of psychology says can not possibly exist. Also one will meet all the things you vicar warned you about, as well as the truth about organised religion. Thus psychic self-defence is all important.

Telepathy, the basis of Remote Viewing.

We live in a sea of telepathy.
In 1962, Dr Andrija Puharich told everyone in his book "Beyond Telepathy" - People in distress tend to telepath, while people in a quiet state of mind tend to receive telepathy.
A General Theory of Telepathy.. Reconciling the works of Dr Andrija Puharich and Dr Rupert Sheldrake together with Dowsing and Remote Viewing. Notes November 2011.
See also Quantum Physics and the Big Bang - 2010..
To which we will add -
People with an overload from people in distress also tend to telepath.
The greater the villain or holy man, the greater the telepath, as they have their Towers of Babel to defend.
There are plenty of people out there who want to telepathically mind control you.

Telepathy contains plenty of emotion, but very little logic or data.

Telepathy is a product of the primitive reptilian brain, and not the higher left and right sides of the brain. It deals with automatic, sub-conscious and pre-programmed behaviour, and fast thought. It is the home of faith and religion. People who know the emotional scale which goes from work at the top, through play, enthusiasm, interest, boredom, anger, fear down to apathy and death, will find emotions greater than boredom or contentment are missing. However one will find the Fates worse than Death like blame, shame, regret, and also all forms of mind control.

The higher left and right hand sides of the brain does have full access to the emotions above and conscious thought. However there is usually so much chatter caused by unresolved problems in the reptilian brain, that the reptilian brain can not be heard.

Conspiracy Theory. Most that we have encountered are due to self perpetuating loops. Thus people with religious or political clout arrange to email tap other people, to find out what is being said about them. Ordinary people pick up the malice, and write rude emails about the supposed villains. Due to lack of accuracy in reading such malice, your local vicar is liable to labelled as the NWO, operating from your local church. There are plenty of variations on this type of loop.

Remote Viewing.

In the military model pioneered by the CIA, CRV (Co-ordinate Remote viewing), 2 people are involved. The military analyst wants to know what that strange object is, in a photo from space. He assigns an 8 digit random number to his request, and sends it to the remote viewer. (This was originally a map reference, hence CRV.) The remote viewer gives his reading of the target.

The reality is that the analyst does the remote viewing by linking into the target out of curiosity and need. The remote viewer sits back and unscrambles the telepathy involved. Remote viewing is listening with the mind, and is best if one can go into no-thought, or can sufficiently relax.

Like any other psychic work, remote viewing tends to be 50% correct if one is a believer, and 50% wrong if one is a sceptic.
The military CRV model is relatively safe as 2 minds are involved. Solo remote viewing is highly dangerous as there are too many people out to mind control you. Thus we use Remote Psychotherapy instead as it gives the necessary psychic defence.
See Military Index..

Remote Psychotherapy.

What is the use of cleaning up one's own mind, when there are so many people out there trying to mind control you. It is better to deal with the people throwing tin cans into your garden, than to clear up one's garden. It is surprising how much data come back to one. The first casualties when one looks outside oneself, are one's own alter-egos and similar personal rubbish, a very necessary step. This is strictly for those who want to take an extroverted look at life, and not contemplate their navel.

When one is in a relaxed state of mind, it is not possible to generate telepathy. However if any come from outside, then it is possible to turn it around, and return it to sender suitably amended and with a bit of added Zen.

When the recipient is virtuous, they will put any effects down to their superior intelligence. However this approach will neutralise villains. There is a pagan maxim, "Do good to your enemies as it confuses them terribly". A far more important consideration is that one is stepping out into the telepathic world with one's psychic defences in place.

Ignore personal responsibility at your peril, but the outside universe is equally important.


This is any sort of boil off of emotion, generally in the form of laughter, but can take other forms. It is a sign of success in meditation.


See Tables of Emotion for the Ego, and for Remote Viewing and Remote Psychotherapy. A Scale of Psychic Warfare..
NB - The emotions of the reptilian brain may be in the subconscious, but in practice can be more important than the conscious emotions of the higher brain.
The above link also deals with the connections between remote viewing and the emotions of the ego.

God (Singular).

God (Singular) is a function or emotion of the top end of the reptilian brain. This is usually projected out into a group entity. God has a duality as God the Creator, and God the Destroyer. The Destroyer is responsible for cleaning up all creations which are past their use by date, thus allowing fresh creation to suit current circumstances. Both functions should be able to work on both the personal and group basis. Thus it is a 4 way split.

If people buy your creations, then you will become a leading holy man or politician. If they do not buy, then you risk ridicule and a visit to the psychiatrist. Either way, obsolete creations answer to the name of schizophrenia. Invoking God the Destroyer clears out obsolete creations and schizophrenia.

(Old joke.) Psychotics build castles in the air, neurotics live in them, and the psychiatrist collects the rent.
(Hindu saying.) When God the Creator meets God the Destroyer, the universe will end. (Never mind, we can then create a more modern universe.)

Activating a person's God the Destroyer is worth a try as a remedy for medical schizophrenia. However this will not work if the target is paid to be schizophrenic, or has nothing to replace it.

When an item of mind becomes too much to handle or be responsible for, the ego can shunt it off into an alter-ego, thus relieving the ego of any responsibility for its existence.

Conscious walking. A remedy for a noisy mind.

Go for a long walk observing everything around you. Put your full attention on the environment. Observe and identify trees or cars. A lot of thought will come to the surface where it can be handled. Do not stop walking until one understands what conscious walking is.
Conscious walking..

Goals in life. Sorting out one's goals, Command list Adlerian style.

This is a useful meditational series, as long as it produces abreaction. "Goals in life" can be replaced by any individual goal which appears relevant and produces abreaction. Goals are tied up with astrology. Everyone who has tried this has given it up as a bad job as there are just too many goals. Thus we have lumped them all together and handled them as one.
Simple drills..

Command lists for repairing psychic ability.

Commanding a beingness to do shakes up beingness.
"We" has been used as a target, as it will cut through all alter-egos which claim to be external entities. "I" and "We" are good for personal responsibility. "You" can also be used as well as any outside entity.
There are no patents on command lists. Alter them to suit yourself. It is results which count. More simple drills..

Full blast. The writer's preferred method.

We need a beginning to set the scene which can be reasonably static, a middle to do the work which will change with requirements, and an end to close the cycle. This pattern is common to most religious and magical operations.
XXX can be any target you like, current or historic, and can be abstract.
It is surprising how many insights and how much remote viewing can be had.
This is good for neutralising enemies, and is thus reasonably safe.
Let intuition be your guide. This has to be constantly changed due to the rules of magic.
Current RV model..

Actions to use.

Reincarnate has been used above. Disincarnate spirits do not like it. There are plenty of alternatives depending on one's mood, like destroy and incinerate. Kill can be used as it is impossible to kill the living by psychic means, but it is possible to kill the dead!
The best tool of all is Forgiveness, which is totally illogical to the conscious mind, but is the highest emotion of the reptilian brain. Use whatever works best for you.
tools and actions.

Original Sin. The curse of Monotheism and the tool of the Black magician.

Original Sin can be defined as guilt without a logical cause. Most people know what they have done in this lifetime. Thus actions in this lifetime can a source of guilt. Such actions can only become sin if some priest defines such actions as sins against God. The reality is that only Gods can sin, and they download all their sins down upon their worshippers. It now appears that a God can only exist because of his sins and unfinished business. Thus if one forgives enemy Gods and foreign Gods their sins, they cease to exist to the extent they did before.

most people expect their God to forgive them their sins. However they never dream of forgiving the sins of their god. This is crazy as forgiveness is a 2 way process.

The Secret Weapon of the Early Christian Church was the Forgiveness of Sin. It wiped out the sins of all rival Gods. It wiped out Mithras and the Greek and Roman Gods. In the beginning, everyone forgave everyone else, as there was no orthodoxy and thus no heresy. There was no theology, only ideas. Everyone loved everyone else. Then the Church became corporate, and it became easier to burn heretics at the stake than to forgive them. Then Satan had a stroke of genius, and convinced the Church to take up celibacy, and thus made all sex a sin. One can not forgive natural functions. The Christian Church has now lost its secret weapon, and has thus become the victim of other more aggressive religions.
Forgiveness works best when sin is defined by the sinner, and not by any authority.
The spirit of original Christianity occasionally breaks through in the form of evangelism and the Toronto Blessing.
Thus if one wants to go back to the true message of Jesus, then one must forgive the sins of Christianity and become a true Viking.

Fire Barriers.

This is a function or emotion of the basic Reptilian brain. It is also one of the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. It keeps the other elements in place, and acts as a Ring-pass-not, and is sub-conscious anger. It is best treated as a target if one wants to have Free Will. It does appear that every reptilian brain emotion has its own fire barrier to control the higher conscious brain.
Air - Logical excuses, explanations and apologies for being held down by fire.
Water - Emotion.
Earth - Happy dumping ground.

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