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  1. Never fight an enemy using his rules. Minds have rules to protect their existence. Cheat like Hell.
  2. One is a spirit who at present has a body.
  3. A person rises to their spiritual level of irresponsibility. (Peters' Principle is that a manager is promoted to his level of incompetence.)
  4. Always do things as a series of small steps. That way things get done.
  5. Never do anything to other people that one would not do to oneself. What appears to be outside may also be part within. Enlightenment is a terrible weapon against those who not wish to be Enlightened.
  6. Everything one asks or commands others to do, one must be prepared to do oneself.
  7. No mind can exist without an entity to run it, in body or out.
  8. Always burn fossilised mind for energy, not one's own. If one experiences energy loss, one's methods are wrong. Energy deficits are normally corrected by using first party meditation, by restoring one's anger, or both.
  9. One cannot have what is not prepared to let others have.
  10. "This cannot possibly be true", is a statement of emotion, and the reverse may well be true. Be prepared to examine all reverse hypothesis.
  11. The terms god, creator, source and controller are different aspects of the same thing. These are all functions of Zodiacs. God is best regarded as a courtesy title towards anything to which one wishes to be polite.
  12. If one is not prepared to clean up their own God, who else is going to do it? If you are lucky, the CIA or MI5 may do it for you, but to their rules.
THE VIKING GODS. The Sagas are a series of heroic stories written by shamans and leaders to define racial objectives and to give psychological and spiritual knowledge. The Vikings originated like most Western peoples from Mesopotamia. Religion is a function of climate, so that the cold of the North and the need for survival has knocked some uncommon sense into Viking. The Viking Gods are archetypal images that can be driven by anyone in the spirit world who wishes to help. A great deal of energy is invoked by those who use the archetypes. Such energy is a magnet for all Viking friendly spirit guides who are only too pleased to drive the archetypes from the other side, to impart inspiration and knowledge. However you have to do the work. This is similar to Spiritualists using Red Indian images to communicate with the other side.

THE PROBLEM WITH CONTROL is that it is bound up with godship.

SPIRIT COMMUNICATION seems to follow similar rules to ordinary verbal communication. However there are some changes in emphasis which make it look different.

FREE, ORGONE, REIKI AND ZERO-POINT ENERGY may all be more similar than they first appear. Zero-point energy is the physical type that may one day drive your car, oil barons and bankers permitting. They all come from the Aether, the void that fills Space and cannot possibly exist under the Laws of Einstein. The Aether cannot exist under the Laws of any Theology or it is God. These energies exist regardless of whether one believes in them or not. However it is possible that zero-point energy will only work if one believes in it and allows it to work. Thus if all the cars in the country ran on zero-point energy, half of them would not start first thing on a Monday morning.

There is plenty of energy, knowledge and other things to be had free of charge from the Aether. That is provided one can kick out all the priests, scientists and bankers who wish to charge you for its use.

THE TELEPATHIC NET. Most readers will be conversant with the Internet. There is also a telepathic net or network with many variations and plenty of mass. This is a linkup of telepathic entities with bodies or without. Every entity has a mind so the net is not clean.

META LANGUAGES AND CODES. Codes can exist at many levels. A few are listed below.

Harmonics and Dynamics.

HARMONY is a state of order, agreement or completeness in the relation of things, or of parts of a whole to each other (Webster). Harmony is passive. Harmony is made up of harmonics.

DYNAMICS pertain to forces not in equilibrium, or to motion as the result of force (Webster). Thus real dynamics cannot be static or passive. Dynamics involve force and energy. RESONANCE. UNIVERSAL SUBCONSCIOUS and PERSONAL SUBCONSCIOUS. If these are kept clean, then they will work automatically for one and let one get on with more important things.

SATAN or DEVIL is the name normally given to a politically incorrect God. Who has the right to decide what is politically correct for other people? Let the Devil take the lot. Political correctness is mind control for those lacking in personal responsibility.

DARK ANGELS are entities who have lived on Earth. They are not enlightened enough to choose their own destiny. They fear reincarnation as then they would become victims of their own karma. They avoid reincarnation by shedding their karma on to the living. Farming the peculiar energy of Multiple Sclerosis sufferers is a great aid to them. They tend to use the identities of higher beings like the Elohim or Nordic ETs. They have strong links into the Acquired Memory Syndrome, MS, farming (cf vampirism), manufactured Gods, golems and secret societies. They will love you to death. They are sick and revolting.

THE ACQUIRED KNOWLEDGE SYNDROME is similar to the acquired memory syndrome. Knowledge of how a computer chip works is instantly forgettable, but people know where to find it again if necessary. Knowledge is only useful if one can use it and make it one's own. Most religious and occult knowledge fails the test of having any practical use. Then there is the knowledge given by spirit guides which may or may not have any use. Then there is the knowledge given by Dark Angels, especially to secret lodges. Most of this has to be stripped away if one wants real ability. Ultimately enlightenment and spiritual knowledge are of little significance, but personal responsibility is everything.

ANGEL is a general term for Spirit as viewed by a body. The Dark Angels mentioned above are without body, but most people have a Spirit attached and this is the type described here. Dion Fortune reckoned that she had met some bodies without Spirit who had "The morality of the farm yard". Decide which angels are required and add them to one's list of subjects. Spirit is one or many, and does not follow the same rules of identity as say bodies. Thus Spirit as one is God, as one of many is your Guardian Angel, and for the Gods of any religion is somewhere inbetween.

Restoring Harmonic Order out of Chaos.

Restoring harmonic order out of chaos would not be needed, if ETs, mind controllers, priests, and clever theologians had not been imposing artificial order to suit their own requirements. Zero is a point where we are nothing, do nothing and have nothing. From Zero, we can reach out and do what we wish, and return to Zero when we wish. Minds are some thing and therefore have a hard time existing in Zero. Minds are blockages in flows. The range of types of flows and minds is only limited by one's imagination. When a woman sends a man her love, she is sending a flow. When a man answers such a flow with action and protection, he is sending a flow back. Remote psychotherapy runs on such flows. Spirit is one or many, and does not follow the same rules of identity as say bodies. Thus Spirit as one is God, and as one of many is your Guardian Angel. He who owns Spirit, owns all mind control, perverse influences and discordant flows. Natural order in the Galaxy runs on:-

FLOWS can be categorised under at least 3 dualities. OWNERSHIP. The great original mind control trick is for a mind to gain ownership of Spirit. Spirit always returns to Zero and Harmony when unhindered. Being owned by a mind blocks this. Minds then tell you that they are "Creating order out of Chaos" which is a lie.


VAMPIRISM, PROFIT and LOSS. There is a lot of vampirism at the heart of current mentalism, with a chain of vampirism coming down via ETs. What is the point of going for psi, if any energy produced is going to be vampired. All the vampires on Earth are the height of respectability and half of them are priests. Anyone trying to name and shame this lot will fall foul of the Establishment, scientific establishment, orthodox religion, the British Blasphemy Act, the Race Relations Act, any act covering freedom of religion, and the ethnic propaganda machines. They all want you to be good little peasants, even if they get caught in their own trap.

A VAMPIRE in literature is a being who can live for ever living on your blood. There are a number of immortals who remain stuck in one game by sucking your energy. There are reports of entities who have died, but fearing reincarnation try to put off the evil day by vampiring the living. They may have bodies of some sort or other. Followers of Zecharia Sitchin will not have far to look. A body may take many forms and could be such a thing as a zodiac or an Astral Body. Reincarnation applies to games as much as bodies. In a dynamic environment, everything should be recycled, including gods and games.

There is nothing for it to fight fire with fire and vampire the vampires. The procedure below may be rather short lived, and one will have to change "Vampire" back to "Destroy". Vampirism will run out when we have total control of vampirism. Only try vampiring those who are trying to vampire you. Trying to vampire friends and associates will make one as popular as a Jew. Find out who is currently vampiring who. If anything is fossilised or comes from the past, it can not be dynamic and should be purged.

FAIR TRADE. If one exchanges excess energy or energy one does not want for goods and services one does want, that is fair trade. If one gives up energy one does want, that is vampirism. What is fair trade is largely in the eye of the beholder. If there were no profit in it, there would be no point in anyone maintaining obsolete mental systems.

The Creation of Psi.

A body can not create psi. A Spirit can if it feels like it and it is safe to do so. What a body can do is to help knock out the blockages. Consider the following.

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