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THE NOISE OF THE MARKET PLACE. There comes a point where one decides that one is as enlightened as they are ever likely to be. The problem is then the noise from the market place and the antics of various black magicians. This leaves no alternative but to play God. On no account must one be God as that will loop one back into minds. There is no help here from the Christian Church as they are only concerned with the celibacy or homosexual purity of Joshua Ben Joseph. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Joshua was not married, and the title of Rabbi implies that he was. The poor old Church of England is just spiritually incompetent. The Orthodox Jewish rabbis do very much better but they do lean towards a tyrant God and the New World Order. Thus it is up to we Vikings to provide clean Gods for everyone else.

META LANGUAGES AND CODES. Codes can exist at many levels. A few are listed below.

Meta languages open up the basic levels of all levels of Spirit, mind and body, and turns the lot into demons. One is liable to find more demons than an American evangelist. A demon is simply an entity that is not doing its job properly. It is the duty of the body to keep all demons in order, so that the body can function properly. If all demons are commanded to be responsible for their actions, then they will do their job properly and cease to be demons. This may seem like management from the bottom. It is better to regard the whole system as a matrix. Each part is expected to do its part towards the quality of survival of the whole. Cleaning up the appropriate meta language is useful in remote viewing for getting into areas that are otherwise barred. However there are dangers of getting into the wrong area.

GAIA is the concept of Earth or the Universe if one wishes.

PSYCHIC ARCHEOLOGY. In times past mind machines have been laid down to control Man. The latest is always the God Machine, and as Satan is yesterday's God, all older machines are Satan Machines. These machines are best made responsible for their actions. At the turn of of the Millenium, we should take responsibility for our own actions and make our own destiny. The anatomy of such a machine is as follows.

THE EGYPTIAN GOD MACHINE was made by the Pharaohs to control the known World and keep political order. This may be first known example of the New World Order. Sir Flinders Petrie climbed the real Mount Sinai in 1905. At the top, some 2,500 foot up, he found a temple to Hathor and various artifacts. His work was disowned by the archaeological authorities as it did not illustrate the scripture. Thus he published his work privately. Thus it seems Moses climbed the mountain to visit the temple, and was given the 10 Commandments. Legend has it that he was also given the Cabala from the Archangel Metatron. What is more likely is that the Egyptian priests wanted to pass control of the God Machine into safe hands. Since this time the machine has been forgotten by the Egyptians, and is now maintained by the Jews, occultists and magicians. The original epicentre may be a block of stone somewhere under the pyramids. Its goals and objectives are defined by the Cabala. It controls all religions where there is a single God and all number 1 Gods in other religions.


THE WORLD ENERGY GRID is described on other web sites. See Google under "World Energy Grid, Bruce Cathie and Buckminster Fuller list" CHAOS.

for better detail. Basically this is a grid of energy lines which criss cross the globe. It is physical enough for Captain Bruce Cathie to work out the mathematics of the harmonics of this Grid. He has worked out where and when you can explode a nuclear device and where and when it will go off with a dull and dirty thud. Ley lines are probably part of this. This is probably quite physical and unlikely to affect anyone by means of malice. It is either a natural phenomena, or laid down by ETs or an earlier civilisation without malice, perhaps to provide free energy. The problem appears to be that various ETs and people have observed the Grid, and laid their own psychotic grids on top to farm and control the human race. The is also at least one race trying to farm the rest.

CLASS STRUCTURES IN ETs and TELEPATHIC RACES. This class structure is akin to a SF story written about 1960. In this story of an ET race, everyone had a control grade of 1 to 10. Thus a 2 could control any number of 1s. A 3 could control any number of 2s (and those 1s under them) and so on. A 10 was king. Anyone could challenge a higher grade, and if successful swap grades and take over all those controlled by the ex higher grade. A person's power was the sum total of all those he controlled multiplied by their grades. In such a scenario it is natural to be controlled by a higher grade without question. A person's responsibility is to the higher grade, not to the state or god. (As above, so below, but why be a member of the Hive?)

  • RING-PASS-NOT. (Limit to imagination.)

  • FIRE is the cleanup element, but as it cannot see above the Ring-Pass-Not, it cannot clean up Atma, only the elements below. This ensures that everything below goes around in ever decreasing circles. Fire is essential to Atma as it rejuvenates all below. What is below does not normally appreciate this cleaning and refers to it as the Fires of Hell or the Fires of Purgatory. This is below the level of systems and universes start here. The tools to use in meditational command lists are Incineration, Destruction and Telekinesis.

  • AIR. This is the element of logic. Give a man any situation and he will find a logical explanation. This the element of the Gods who create order out of Chaos. The tool to use in meditational command lists Synthesis.

  • WATER. This is the element of emotion which is an insane reaction to Atma, Fire and Air. The tool to use in meditational command lists is Responsibility.

  • EARTH is the happy dumping ground for all rubbish and where everything remains the same. There is nothing dynamic here.

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