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M11. Psychotronic Enlightenment.
Psychotronics is a Russian term for psychic research, usually involving mechanical and electronic aids for mind control and other purposes.

James Spottiswoode (mathematician and scientist) has observed from mass mathematical analysis of scientific experiments on psi, that the optimum time for good results (about 400% of the minimum) is 13.47 hours (13 hours 28 minutes) Local Sidereal Time. The Earth apparently revolves on its axis 365.25 times per year. It actually revolves 366.25 times when one allows for its revolving around the Sun. Sidereal Time works on the 366.25 day per year cycle and is necessary for astronomy. The Sidereal Day is about 4 minutes short of the observable day. The 2 sets of time are in phase every September 22nd at 12 noon GMT (Greenwich Mean Time or London Time). In working out Local Sidereal Time one has to take longitude into account.

Joe McMoneagle (Ex US Army remote viewer) points out that at 13.47 hours local sidereal time one is facing the centre of the Galaxy.

The writer has noticed no effect of sidereal time on his work. This is probably due to scientists experimenting with live psi (and getting weak results). Most of the writer's work has been in removing old fossilised psi which is now independent of sidereal time of day. Spiritualists also report that time of sidereal day is irrelevant.

Thus we can assume that there is a stream of psychotronic rays or particles streaming out of the Centre of the Galaxy. This is a weak force which has considerable effect as it is continual and long term. Much has been absorbed by the Earth over time.

M13. Overrun. The Curse of all Religions, Philosophies and Cults.
All religions, philosophies and cults suffer from overrun if they are used wrongly or to excess. This web site is no exception. There are many Christians who would be better Christians if they stopped going to church and stopped praying.

The Law of Increasing Returns comes from Economics and normally applies at the start of a cycle. If you do not put enough money into a business when starting it up, it will probably fail. If one is over 40, then one will probably benefit from a multi vitamin supplement at the dose rate as recommended on the bottle.

The Law of Decreasing Returns applies to the middle of a cycle. Pouring money into a business will not necessarily make it more profitable. Taking double the recommended amount of vitamin pills is unlikely to give double the results. This applies to all religions, philosophies and cults.

The Law of Negative Returns comes when one loses more than one puts in. This applies to the end of a cycle. This is unusual in commerce as accountants try to see it coming. However when the money is borrowed there can be some spectacular bankruptcies. The people who rarely see this coming are in religions, philosophies and cults. All things are poisonous in excess. Do not eat polar bear's liver or you will die of vitamin D poisoning.

Overrun. The writer is coming to the conclusion that all fossilised minds are the result of overrun. Because one has overrun something in the past, a mind is formed which persists into the present. Where the original overrun was of a telepathic variety, the result is likely to be a contagious telepathic mind. ETs are the biggest offenders at creating contagious telepathic minds. Black magicians are the most likely people to pick them up and use them. Ordinary people are their victims.

Illusion and Delusion. Suspect that all is illusion that one can not sense with the 5 physical senses. All minds are illusions and cease to exist when their bluff is called. This includes all so called Gods, Satans and demons.

Telepathy tends to follow the rules laid down by Dr Andrija Puharic in his book "Beyond telepathy" (1962). In the cases he investigated, the receiver was in a relaxed state of mind, while the sender was in extreme distress like being half buried in a collapsed trench. Now if an occultist can put you in distress, then he may be in a position to read your mind. However the occultist is usually so predatory that he is compulsively telepathing in order to gain mind control over new converts. This puts him at a disadvantage to anyone working on the lines of this web site, so that his mind can be read. All immortal minds are predatory, they have to be for their own survival. Entities within (as in schizophrenia) have to communicate with each other by telepathy, as to do otherwise would admit that they are within and not outside as they would like you to think. The greatest telepaths are probably all locked up in secure hospitals.

Types of Thought. There are at least 5 main types with any number of variations. People generally use a mixture, even if they they claim only to use one. It is best to use as many types as possible.

Telepathy is a substandard form of communication as compared with the written or spoken word. It can only effect a person if it is around for long enough. However it does add colour to other communications. In the case of group telepathy and minds, one has to fight one's way past all the junk put out by the paranoid schizophrenics and criminal lunatics.

Remote Influencing. There is an old jibe about remote influencing, "12 months high pay followed by the rest of one's life in a lunatic asylum". This is due to most of it being practiced for dubious and covert reasons, which invites in old static mental rubbish. If one can keep remote influencing dynamic and in positive ground, then it is nothing more than active telepathic communication.

Wagering one's head is a shamanic dueling practice mentioned in the Sagas. When the contestants are disincarnate Spirits (or Gods), the result is lethal to the loser as he loses his mind. Where the contestants have living bodies, the loser loses his mind but not his life. It would be very difficult for the Law to bring a successful prosecution for this game, as they would be no marks on anyone's body. Use positive remote psychotherapy if one wishes to play this game to win. This is very much a male game. The female version involves wagering their bodies. This follows more sophisticated rules, and is a version of the Battle of the Sexes. Other wagers to look for include engrams, zodiac, and both heterosexual and homosexual games.

Poltergeists - Consider the following concepts.

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