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The Pineal Body at the base of the brain is normally regarded as the seat of psychic activity. The pineal body is also sometimes called the Third Eye. It is one of the 7 chakras. It is now possible to strip away all unwanted memes, engrams, zodiacs, matrices and entities answering to Australian names from all available pineal bodies and chakras. Inspect the primitive reptilian brain as well. The reader should not need further instruction. The pineal body appears to be the main anchor point for all matrices not anchored on grids. The energy flows of of the chakras is generally called the kundalini.

Chaos and Human Rights. Universal free will at the top of the Matrix is fine until people start doing things and exercising their rights. Then the result is chaos. Also there is a common belief that "Your freedom ends at the end of my nose". This is a restriction on your rights and freedom and creates a dichotomy or duality. In order for me to have rights, rights must be taken away from you. In virtually every religion it says "God created order out of chaos". However the same can be said for Communism, which is currently out of favour. The probable answer to this problem is that chaos worked very well in conjunction with dynamic rules but not static laws.

Blood Ancestors are the result of memories written on our chromosomes, genes and DNA. These appear to be the key to all mental entities not directly connected with the body. Blood ancestors work together to form a genetic entities. They act as Trojan Horses for every glamourous mind available such as Akashic entities, legal, control, conflict and vexatious entities, and also Books of the Dead. Now the World is full of escaped slaves, who are busy enslaving, genetic engineering and mind controlling the next race of primitives as slaves. If ETs practice genetic engineering by giving the slaves some of their genes, then we can easily have genes (and thus memories) from half a dozen ET races. This gives an alternate route back to the Galactic Federation Supreme Court, where ETs lodge their claims on primitive races, gold mine style.

Now if a person has vexatious blood ancestors then so do some of their parents and grand parents. This does mean that one may have to clear a family of blood ancestors and not just the target. Living parents can act as a lock on the dysfunctional behaviour of their children.

The Neanderthals disappeared 30,000 years ago, being replaced by modern man. However if the differences between the 2 races were located on only one pair of chromosomes, then the change over could have been by interbreeding. If the difference was as small as this, then the chances of finding hybrid fossils are next to impossible.

The 7 Chakras are the interface between the psychic world and the body. It is not much use giving house room to discordant entities if one wants to live one's own life. The model of the Chakras used here is -

The Kundalini (Fire flow) flows from the base upwards. There are also more subtle energies which flow from the crown downwards.

The God Gene has been discovered by geneticists. It occurs in 50% of the population and makes them more spiritual than the rest. This gene can be targeted and switched off by clearing down the rubbish attached to it. It probably acquires more rubbish than most genes. This gene probably came from the Elohim. One can go looking for things attached to all our genes such as Sons of Satan, Daughters of Satan, Elohim Blood Ancestors, Obsolete Gods, Obsolete Goddesses, Obsolete Satans, She-devils and Obsolete Charismatics. Then there are auras, personal universes and the games we play in them. If we wish to run our own lives, it is unwise to play other people's games. Invoke the Ragnarok or the Apocalypse.

Total Responsibility for Thought is a difficult concept to aim for, but can be very useful for silencing enemies. All aspects of mind are made of thought.

The Reptilian Brain is at the top of the spinal cord and between the higher parts of the brain and the spinal cord. It may have changed little in the past 200,000,000 years, and is a relic of our pre-mammalian past. The higher parts of the brain are more recent additions. It appears that all thought must go through the reptilian part in order to get to the spinal cord. The 7 chakras appear to be part of an even older mind, and probably go back to the first animals with a nervous system.

The Boo-Hoo. If found, this is probably the earliest ancestor of man. It appears to have existed in 2 emotional states, surviving in comfort and in distress. This leads to grief charges coming up to the present. It can also have law and retribution attached to it!!!!! It contains the prototypes for the brain of a baby and of identity, anchor points, ego and schizophrenia.

The Attributes of the Reptilian Mind are rather different to those of higher more recent minds and conscious minds. Conflict between brain parts can lead to trouble. Akasha is missing, as are the Akashic elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth, which probably all belong to dead attachments. Also all logical thought is missing. Hierarchies may also be missing as our reptilian ancestors may have had little interest in group behaviour. This type of mind can appear very cold and isolationist.

The Elohim form part of our ancestry. Whether they came via outer space (Sitchin) or not is not that material. As they interbred with the rest of man, they must have been a variation on human stock. They developed schizophrenia to such a high degree, that the universes they created lived on. Schizophrenia and inbreeding led to their extinction as a separate race. The Egyptian Pharaohs copied them by marrying their half sisters, which probably did them little good.

The Universe we live in was created was created by God 6,000 (Bible) to 300,000 (Sitchin) years ago. However it is the psychological universe and not the Physical Universe which is far older.

Now if one goes back 1,000 years at the rate of 25 years per generation, then one comes up with 2 to the power of 40, or 10 to the power of 12 (or 1,000,000,000,000 ancestors). If one goes back 6,000 years to the Creation as stated in the Bible, then we all have about 10 to the power of 72 blood ancestors. As the current Earth population is only about 6,000,000,000, this implies an awful lot of incest and inbreeding.

In the Book of Enoch, the writer complains that the Sons of God slept with the Daughters of Man, He also complains about the sins of the offspring. Thus it is reasonable to assume that we are all descended from the Elohim.

There is a Hindu saying "When God the Creator meets God the Destroyer will be the end of the Universe". May we hasten the end of obsolete universes.

The God Gene (VMAT2) is believed by some geneticists to exist in half the population. It has many sins to answer for if it exists, such as those below. VMAT2 may answer some questions but not all of them.

Eridean Engrams. The Erideans and other ETs before them are unlikely to be our blood ancestors. However they did enslave the Pleiadeans. Hierarchies are very important in Eridean culture. They are also psychological fire entities. They do make a wonderful model for the archetypal Satan. Blood ancestors drop in importance as compared with other past entities. Look for -

A Psychopomp is traditionally someone, usually a God, who collects the souls of the dead and helps them to move on. The psychopomp within, and everyone else's, can be enabled. The enabled psychopomp can help all lost souls, members of the Penal Colony, blood ancestors, engrams, memes, zodiacs, akashic law and Books of the Dead to move on. This ends their cycles so that they can accept the Rapture, return to the Pleiades, go to Heaven, or do what ever else they want to do. Thus they can leave the living to live in harmony. This activity may be called "Psychopomposity". All the rubbish of yesterday fear the psychopomp without exception. This must be the top end of the matrix. Every level of the matrix is there, it just has to be enabled.

Types of Thought. There are at least 5 types.

Theories on Telepathy. Dr Andrija Puharich (in his book "Beyond Telepathy") proposed that telepathy is transmitted when a person is in distress, and that telepathy is received by persons in a relaxed state of mind. This we find to be true, but will add that an overload will also a person to telepathically transmit. Dr Rupert Sheldrake has observed telepathy between close relatives and family groups, and "Dogs which know when their owners are coming home". Such observations should be of little surprise if one assumes that such groups are living in each other's pockets, and thus have overloads from each other. Such may be the price of love and probably worth paying. We all live in each other's pockets to a certain extent, which is the price of living in society and civilisation.

The Id, Ego and Super-Ego were proposed by Freud and are still valid. It does help if they are all in telepathic two way communion with each other.

The inheritance of acquired characteristics is now discredited among geneticists, since the work of Gregor Mendel. Any such inheritance is below the 5% level and thus is generally debunked by science. However Lamarck (1744 - 1829) was a highly respected French biologist. Lysenko (1878 - 1976) was a good plant breeder but got too heavily in Russian Communist politics.

There is a saying - "Use a long spoon when you deal with the Devil". If you were an ET, how would you deal with the next masters of the Galaxy?

Natural Religion. There are 5 main hierarchical authoritarian religions in the UK at present. These are Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Socialism (aka Labour) and Scientific Atheism. None of these want you to hug a tree, as that means respecting the Physical Universe. They want you to hug them instead. 2012 is coming up with the change over to the Aquarian Age. The Aquarian Age brings the end of all artificial hierarchies, or the end of the World as we know it.

Black Magic. The most common source of this is simple masturbation. This is an activity common in men and less common in women. It is a simple way of getting rid of excess sexual energies. Ordinary people indulge in sexual fantasies while indulging. People of schizophrenic, paranoid and psychiatric disposition tend to go in for schizophrenic, paranoid and psychiatric fantasies while indulging. This in turn arouses their epigenetics and blood ancestors, and deposits a load of akashic rubbish into the Universal Sub-conscious. A common theme among black magicians is they hate everyone's guts. Any good things in the Universal Sub-conscious are probably quite rare. Target all living wankers and dead wankers. One can not touch anyone not producing Akashic rubbish.

The Anchor Points of Group Schizophrenia. Anchor points are past incidents, symbols or places to which one is psychologically attached. Trauma is usually attached. Anchor points in religion include the Christian Cross, the Jewish Star of David and the Muslim's Black Rock in Mecca. There is also a certain cult which has an electronic device of which they are fond. This device has become an anchor point. Now ETs may have started and created many things, but it is group schizophrenia which keeps them in existence. The reptilian brain should be king.

Epigenetics. The work of Wolf Reik, genetic imprinting and epigenetics are worth a look. This deals with the switching on and off of genes, to handle current requirements, and can be handed down to future generations. There was an interesting study in Overkalix in North Sweden. This implies the existence of Genetic Consciousness. Taking this a stage further, why can not Zodiacs be written on our chromosomes. What can be written can also be erased.

Overrun means trying to fix a problem after it has been fixed, or trying to fix the wrong problem. Yesterday's solutions can become today's problems. This is another possible mechanism for epigenetic type rubbish perpetuating itself. Solving problems by quick fix may make a problem worse in the long term. Examples are:-

Hormones. A workable theory is that there are say 100 hormones in the human body unknown to medical science, as they do not produce significant medical effects. These hormones and their interactions produce archetypes and emotions. A hundred should be enough to account for all archetypes. One will need more to account for Zodiacs. The hypnotists have proved that man can give an explanation for absolutely everything. Such explanations often bare little relation to absolute reality, hence the acquired memory syndrome. Epigenetics and the experiences of blood ancestors would account for the switching on and off of the genes controlling these hormones. Look at the following.

Unfinished Business (Underrun) is the great cause of hauntings and people apparently returning from the dead. This also applies to the living especially as Akashic unfinished business. This is more probably the unfinished business of blood ancestors and epigenetics.

Epileptic Enlightenment is the key to unlocking Akasha and psychology. The epileptic and schizophrenic flows are natural flows, and only cause medical problems when blocked and frustrated. The graves of dead epileptics lock Akasha in place, and can be unlocked by real time epileptic enlightenment. Thus the origins of Akasha and religion lie in the medical and psychiatric nature of the body, held in place by the graves of our blood ancestors and their fossilised flows. Thus the Akashic elements now become -

The History of Man. The official Chinese view of their ancestry is that they are descended from Homo Erectus and not Homo Sapiens. This is claimed to account for the very distinctive facial characters of the Chinese race. However geneticists have found that the Chinese male Y chromosome marker to be out of Africa. One explanation is that Homo Sapiens is a very aggressive race, and killed all the Erectus men and raped their women. The same could be true of encounters with Neanderthals and other extinct races. Such things are too politically incorrect for scientists to investigate properly.

Epigenetics. It looks like the mechanism for transferring data forward from one generation to the next is via information and ability genes. These must be capable of being programmed, written, erased and re-written. There is plenty of junk DNA to suit the purpose. This mechanism is essential in a bee hive, probably useful in a dog, but quite unsuited to anyone who claims to have intelligence. This reminds one of the book by Richard Dawkins, "The Selfish Gene", where Prof Dawkins suggests that survival is more to do with the survival of genes than the survival of a species.

Genes are not contagious. Memes (self replicating units of thought suggested by Dawkins) are contagious. However memes need suitable programmable genes to attach themselves. Memes and genes act as locks on each other. However Dawkins is an atheist and Atheism is as simplistic as any other religion.

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