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The Rules of Psychic Warfare. See Section R5.. The Rules of Psychic Warfare and Remote Psychotherapy.

  1. No man is an island. We all interact with each other for the better consciously or for the worse sub-consciously based on dead gods and similar.
  2. Psychic warfare has been going on since before man developed religion. It is only now coming out into the open.
  3. It is a fallacy that one can do nothing about it, but that is what organised religion would like you to believe.
  4. The difference between traditional psychic warfare and remote psychotherapy is a matter of motive. The former will drag one down, while the later increase one's powers.
  5. Might is right. This can be the might of dead gods, in which case one compounds the system and drags oneself down. The other alternative is to be outside the system in the Buddhist or Zen sense, in which case there is nothing greater than oneself, as one is outside the hierarchy.
  6. One must take care of one's own spiritual purification. This means targeting I, we and you, as well as outside targets.
  7. Always take the high moral ground.
  8. Bad language, swearing and blasphemy are normally all good Zen, as they command the target to do something impossible. However they only work if used in moderation. Also they must not be confused with the name the target answers to, which can be common words of abuse.
  9. Akasha is the sum total of all the unfinished business of the dead and dead gods. Occultists and religions pull this in to give themselves extra power.
  10. Akasha is pure beingness, while the living strike a balance between being and doing. The worst thing one can do to a pure beingness is command it to do something
  11. The forces of Akasha can only work in the universe of thought. Thus the worst they can do to you is frighten you out of your wits. One just has to pick oneself up and carry on.
  12. It takes the living to activate the dead. The dead can only live on using own energy and our brains. This is the only way gods can exist beyond the grave. It pays to target their graves. They do depend on an intact body in an undisturbed grave. Check the legend of Osiris and Isis, which is a story of mummification.
  13. Attack is the best form of defence. One is less likely to be attacked, if the attacker believes that the result of attack will be retribution.
  14. Religion and Akasha are very hierarchical. On the other hand, the living are normally live within a dynamic matrix.
  15. It is usual for anything dead which is in attack mode and failing, to pass responsibility for dealing anyone who does not tow their line, up the hierarchy to the next level to deal with one, until a level in the hierarchy is reached which can deal with you. This does not work if one is outside the system and therefore superior to any dead force.
  16. In the Viking religion there is a game known as "Wagering one's head". In the case of disincarnate gods, the loser loses his mind, and as gods do not have incarnate bodies, this is the end of the loser. It is a way of removing obsolete gods. There is a parallel game among shamans, where the loser loses a piece of his mind. This also occurs in all other religions, but they keep quiet about it. It is the basis of religious warfare. One can wager one's head as much as one wishes so long as one is outside the system.
A Future Psychic Warfare Model. This is not currently used as far as we know. This could be used in Afghanistan after the main military force has departed.
  1. The analyst in this case selects the target as in the CRV model. He may also be close to the enemy target. He sends the standard 8 digit reference number together with a description of the target to the remote viewing unit manager / commanding officer.
  2. The manager gives the remote viewer the co-ordinate number but not the details.
  3. The remote viewer finds somewhere quiet to do the remote viewing.
  4. If the manager is satisfied with the results, he then releases all information about the target.
  5. The remote viewer then goes into psychic warfare mode to dismantle the malice of the target.
  6. Every remote viewer is charged with keeping his fellow remote viewers, analysts, managers and the rest of his unit free from rubbish and enemies, thus keeping the system safe to use.
  7. This system will not work if top management / top brass want to defend organised religion, gods, any cult, class system or masonics from the people. For their own safety, remote viewers must deal with any manager who steps out of line. Thus this system will only work in a matrix environment of people who wish to be enlightened. It will not work in most intelligence agencies or in a traditional military setting as these are all hierarchical.



Here is one we prepared earlier. We have been picking up some curious stuff these last few days, mostly centering around the target - The Central Hatchery.

Memories may be dependent on memories written on our junk DNA, which gets shuffled with each generation, and pulls in memories from the Universal Sub-Conscious or memory bank. Thus the above may not apply to you. You may have far worse in your memory banks.

Thought comes in varying forms and proportions.

Andrew Collins has just published (May 2014) the book "Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods" in which he suggests that the Elohim were Neanderthal Homo Sapiens hybrids. We find enough psychological markers to say that there is a high probability that he is right. History is full of probabilities, as no record is ever 100% correct. For archaeologists to find skeletons is the exception and not the rule. Thus the fact that the last Neanderthal skeletons officially found are 40,000 years old, giving a gap of 30,000 years is not remarkable. Few skeletons survive more than 100 years of burial.

Graham Hancock in his introduction to the above book writes - In the sequel to "Fingerprints of the Gods", which I am writing for publication in 2015, I make out a case for a global civilisation, possessing immense technical sophistication and a profound understanding of our place in the cosmos, that thrived in an age before a terrible cataclysm brought the world to its knees soon after the end of the last ice age.

Tolkien and other fantasy writers have proved extremely popular, suggesting that there are folk memories to some golden age. A popular suggestion is that the Age of Magic was ended by the introduction of iron, which indicates the Bronze Age. This golden age could have been very much earlier, and would have not looked so golden if we had to go back and live in it. However we could all be living in the remains of such an era.

Readers in China had better note that modern Chinese scientific folk law is that the Chinese are descended from Homo Erectus, thus explaining Chinese facial and other features. Modern genetics report that they are at least largely Homo Sapiens, but until someone can find Homo Erectus DNA, no one can say for certain what is the genetic make up of the Han (Chinese) race. It is probably advisable to be careful when discussing our ancestry with Chinese Communist officials. There may be similar booby traps in other countries. American fundamentalist creation theories come to mind.

Florence and Kenneth Wood in their book "Homer's Secret Iliad", set out to prove that the Iliad is actually a treatise on astronomy, and not as most people think a book on history. Someone once gave a lecture at RILKO (Research Into Lost Knowledge Organisation), to prove that the Odyssey is actually a treatise on how to square the Solar and Lunar calenders over a 19 year period. However this was not turned into a book as far as we know. We also hear that the sword makers of Damascus used a 16 verse poem to count, when folding the piece of steel for a sword blade 16 times. The way people think has changed drastically over the years. People can no longer memorise long tracts of prose or poems.

The relative virtues and vices of any race or social group lie in the eye of the beholder. We are all racially biased.

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