R2. Using remote viewing.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY is the best basic form of self defence. Make sure this is in order before starting any remote viewing. If it is in order, then what ever the disaster, it is easy to repair and update one's responsibility. The next best form of psychic self defence is the intelligent use of one's own anger.

THE WRITER has reached a high level of enlightenment, higher than the normal Buddhist definition. He has never been that strong on pictorial thinking. Thus he tends to work on the conceptual level, spirit to spirit. The writer has little interest in other people's secrets. Most of his work is done by locating on malice and mis-emotion, and neutralising it.

THE SUBCONSCIOUS. Using the drills listed in other sections it is possible to link into other beings. The chances are that the first time one tries remote meditation on an outside target, 1% will get to the target and 99% will take a chunk out of one's own subconscious. The psychological satisfaction from going on the offensive is roughly the same, regardless of whether one gets beyond the subconscious or otherwise. As one reduces the subconscious, so one's ability to reach an outside target increases. The link to the target is all important. One will not get beyond the subconscious if the target is on a higher responsibility level.

LINKS. Once the link is established, it is possible to ask questions and get replies. It is also possible to send commands like "Be totally responsible for your actions". Enlightenment is a terrible weapon against those who do not want it. A friend who is an adept, tried enlightenment as a weapon for the first time, and wondered why he got screams from the other end. There is a limit to this sort of telepathy, so links do have to be refreshed by running drills again. It is also possible to give commands and questions like "Tell me ...", "Show me ...", and "Who are you?". The writer usually concentrates on neutralising malice using remote responsibility and the drills themselves.

MULTIPLE LINKS. There can be considerable chains of links. Recently the writer realised he had been remote viewed by person A. He linked back and cleared away a little rubbish in a friendly way so as not to upset A. He then found that B had remote viewed A, so he cleared a bit of rubbish there only to find that C had remote viewed B and had been using memes. Now C is a nest of villainous academics, a worthy opponent for any Viking. B is said to be unsinkable, but the same was said about the Titanic.

ELECTRICAL BRAIN WAVES range in frequency from 0 to 40 cycles per second. They are commonly known as EEG (electroencephalogram) waves after the name of some hospital hardware. Names and frequency bands vary according to which source one consults and one set is given below.

Popular belief is that the lower the brain wave frequency, the healthier the subject. However a perfectly balanced person never did anything. Ask any expert what range one should be in for remote viewing and the answer will be theta, as that is the obvious sane answer but is rather suspect. The writer does most of his work while conscious walking on the foot paths of busy main roads. The military has produced audio tapes (generally stereo binaural) to give frequencies in the 14 to 40 range to accelerate remote viewing training. Judging by rumours, the casualty rates are too high, while successful users report "electric shocks" when coming out of session. Why not let meditation sort this out.

NOISE TO SIGNAL RATIO. Much is made of this in scientific literature, but this is a much older problem. The signal is the material one wishes to receive. Noise is made up of signals from every other source.

MEMES AND DEFENDERS. LOCATING BY LIST. Using check lists is the easy way to build up a matrix. If one gets blips on 2 separate lists, it makes the search easier. Say one wants to check one's company for trouble, then the check lists will be on the lines below. If there is no malice and everyone is doing what they are paid to do, nothing will be found. Lists must be kept down in size, otherwise they are unworkable. Often the most obvious targets are innocent. Check the unlikely ones as well. When a real villain comes along, one will often change sides and work on behalf of some strange bed fellows. REVENGE may be sweet, but it does not pay the rent. There is no profit in getting anyone sent to jail. The only people to profit from legal action are lawyers. If trouble cannot be sorted out by remote responsibility or the normal company channels, consult one's legal adviser. The legal adviser can act on a basis where the client is anonymous, and he can settle things quietly. He may even be able to reclaim his expenses from the company's external auditors. No one loves a whistle blower.

Viking Remote Viewing and Psychic Self-Defence.

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