R3. Remote Viewing. CRV versus Locating by Emotion.

CRV or Co-ordinate Remote Viewing was originally based on locating by map co-ordinates but is now based on random numbers given to a project or target. This is based on the premise that emotional interchange between viewer and target does not take place. This is not always true to the cost of both viewer and target.

Remote Viewing is a psychic activity and is best regarded as either a sub section or allied activity to telepathy. Telepathy works best on the emotions of Love, Hate and pure Malice, to which must be added Cries of Distress, Howls of Rage and rolling around the floor laughing. The downside of using emotion to locate is that one must be able to handle all emotion received. One must do this without resorting to the use of drugs prescription or otherwise, as this is a sign of failure. However CRV cannot be used purely solo. Location by emotion can be used solo and there is no shortage of targets giving off dubious emotion.

All forms of remote viewing are used mainly in the physical universe which is a very hard taskmaster. Any mistakes tend to be found out quickly, which is a great advantage. Some people shun the physical universe, praying for a better life in Heaven. Some claim that all is unreality. Shunning the physical universe just stores up trouble. Anyway in Zen, it is not the physical universe which is unreal but our perceptions of it.

The sections - Viking Psychic Self Defence - have been written to cater for the hazards of remote viewing by locating on emotion. They have been labelled Psychic Self Defence as most emotion coming in from outside is liable to upset one's serenity. Self preservation comes first. There are plenty of people trying to control you, especially if you go out of your way to annoy them. All the World loves and can sense a willing sucker to bully. If one goes on the offensive, one is no longer a willing sucker and will be left alone. This is almost proof of telepathy.

Those with experience of dowsing will recognise the use of the body as a tool for detection in meditation. Anyone coming in from Scientology may recognise the body being used instead of a psycho galvanic meter. Meditation works best in either conscious or brisk walking observing the environment, which is not helpful to the use of a dowsing pendulum or a PGM and anyway they are quite unnecessary.

It is necessary to take responsibility for one's own actions. It is then possible to turn the procedures around to command other people to take responsibility for their action. When anyone beams malice at you, they lower their defences, which in turn enables one to use remote psychotherapy on the target. Also in this mode, a certain amount of information will travel back to one, as telepathy and other phenomena, which can be of great interest.

To return malice for malice is bad for one's karma and lessens the ability of both sides. One must take the same attitude as the Salvation Army in that no man can fall so low as be beyond help. Also if a person or organisation can beam malice at you, then they are not short of ability but just misguided. If you know the name of the local drug baron, then no doubt the police do too and are waiting for firm evidence. He cannot be short of ability, otherwise he would not be the local drug baron. Why not as a taxpayer, avoid the high cost of prison detention and use remote psychotherapy to get him to mend his ways. You will be repaid in good karma for any such actions (and lower tax bills).

Intelligence agencies are paid for by you the taxpayer to defend your country. Why not help them at a safe distance on one's own terms? It is first necessary to neutralise any malice being beamed at you the taxpayer. Beaming malice at its country's own citizens is an unfortunate vice of every intelligence agency in the World. You can do something about this at least in relation to yourself. One may not play with intelligence agencies and be a willing sucker at the same time.

The usual pattern with intelligence agency is that only 10% of the malice beamed at the citizens of their own country originates from them. This is a case of taking it out on willing victims, a situation easily handled using the methods here. The other 90% is second (or third) hand, and comes from other intelligence agencies, and other sources who can make the CIA look like the Virgin Mary. You can help your national intelligence agencies and raise their efficiency by neutralising the malice from their enemies. It is surprising what one can find out in the process. It also helps to lower tax bills.

The Eleventh Commandment. (Thou shalt not be found out.) One must take responsibility for the results of one's action. This simply a variation of not doing to others what you would not like done to you. Many ethnic and religious groups do go in for mind control and remote influencing, and shout blue murder and racism when found out. The writer is quite convinced that two thirds of all race hate originates in the alleged victims. People like the British National Party (renowned for muscle and not brains) pick this up unconsciously, and retaliate against the wrong target.

Using CRV one can locate a terrorist and his target. Using Location by malice one makes him lose interest. Which is cheaper for the taxpayer?

Regardless of method, the type of information picked up will depend on the expertise of the viewer. Army personnel are good at viewing military targets. Courtney Brown in his book Cosmic Voyage (remote viewing ETs) has followed the line he knows best, which is sociology. The writer spent 30 years in computer systems analysis and programming, so it is not surprising that he has an interest in deprogramming the mind and removing its viruses. When it comes to science and technology, remote viewing seems nearly as bad as spiritualism for gaining data. This is probably simply due to lack of expertise on the part of the viewers. If you want someone to remote view a UFO, then pick a quantum physicist.

In a situation where everyone is helping everyone else towards enlightenment and responsibility for their actions, there can be no losers.

THE ACQUIRED MEMORY syndrome is now quite well known. The typical case is where a patient remembers sexual child abuse while under hypnosis, and the incidents are direct cribs of recent TV programs. Acquired memories are probably extremely common. Acquired minds are practically universal and are the basis of religion, education, advertising, brainwashing and propaganda. One can not be free till the last acquired mind has been purged.

The Japanese martial arts were originally designed to allow unarmed monks to defend themselves, when stepping in between opposing armoured war lords to stop them fighting. The analogy to this work is a good one, except that we do not believe in celibacy. The truth will not set one free on its own. Truth with a battery of the right procedures and methods will do so with a bit of extra hard work. This book is very much a skeleton with a lot of detail missing. It is assumed that you have enough intelligence or low cunning to fill in the gaps, suitable for your requirements. You are an individual and so any assumptions made about you by the writer are dubious. This is not a conspiracy web site and the writer is not going to tell you what to remote view. Hopefully most of the benchmark subjects are there. No one is going to hold your hand, but there is no one to stop you going to the limits. Also no one will know if you bend anything to suit your own requirements.

Viking Remote Viewing and Psychic Self-Defence.

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