M06. ETs and their activities - 2001. Updated July 2001.

ETs may have their home planets in other star systems, but some have dabbled extensively in our psychology, politics and religions. They may not have had much effect on our current technology which appears to be our own.

TELEPATHY. All ETs encountered appear to be fully telepathic and do not have the power of speech. In a telepathic society there can be little crime as everyone knows what is going on. Similarly there can be very little free will.

DOWNLOADS are groups of memes, instructions, rules, and energy depending on source, that a person may acquire from higher sources to enable them to do a job that they want to do. There is always a price in mind control and the downloader owns you. They do not seem to be time dated and obsolete downloads are a menace. Conflicting downloads are also a menace. One should look for incidents where one has appealed for help from higher sources and received it, and then ask if the remedy is still useful.

In the Church of England, would be priests are expected to have had "A call to God" or similar experience. Problems will occur if the priest loses his faith for any reason but keeps the call. Now a download must be useful, otherwise it is an evil spirit, but everything becomes obsolete in time. Problems arise when patch after patch is put on a problem without dealing with the original problem. Then of course there is a little matter of rent.

The writer received a Viking download in 1987. The objective was to "Restore the Viking Gods to their former glory" and he assumed it came from the God Thor. This got changed to "To work in the style of Thor" and attributed to Viking Spirit Guides, when he realised that Thor is an archetype. This lead into other things like Remote Viewing and Remote Psychotherapy. He removed it when he realised what it was and that it was holding him back. At least it gave him a good dose of Viking Invincibility and energy. He now gets on very well without it. The source eventually proved to be Thor who is a renegade Anunnaki who decided that things had gone too far. He does have access to Reptoid energy sources.

Downloads can assume the status of Guardian Angel, Acquired Guardian Angel or Satanic Angel. This can make the difficult to access. The Scientologists work bottom up with their E-meters. The writer wondered why he was picking up Satanic Scientologists. Downloads are held in place by Emotional Transactions and Blockages in Responsibility Flows.

Any God, Angel, download or evil spirit acts as a super meme and has the same structure as a meme. Anyone who dismantles a God must expect to have to handle the vengeance and defence mechanisms of that God. All such entities start off as energy flows and have been modified by various entities down the line, until it arrives at your door.

AS ABOVE SO BELOW - A LADY WRITES - I watched the national evening news tonight, something I rarely do because of the advertising. 2 out of 3 commercials are from drug manufactures selling their product. Talk about downloads! I'm tempted to get rid of my TV. And now on the morning radio an anti-smoking campaign is having the opposite effect; instead of keeping me from smoking, it's scaring me that I've already done the damage and it's too late.

For some time now I've noticed that our society runs on the frequency of fear. I've encountered articles suggesting that whoever controls/has ownership the planet use our fear as a source of food/energy. If true, it would be in their best interests to keep the fear factor high.

NATURAL ORDER runs on harmonics. See section S07.

FLOWS. See section S07.

OWNERSHIP. The great original mind control trick is for a mind to gain ownership of Spirit. Spirit always returns to Zero and Harmony when unhindered. Being owned by a mind blocks this. Minds then tell you that they are "Creating order out of Chaos" which is a lie.

Psychological Creation is separate from physical creation, though in the case of genetic engineering, both types of creation have taken place. As an alternative to the following, there is a scientific explanation that the original brain is reptilian, and further additions have evolved through evolution. This alternative is not without merit.

RACES of ETs. There are many races in the Galaxy, but only 5 seem to have any major effect on Man.

THE ANUNNAKI (otherwise known as the Elohim and Nefilim including Jahweh, Jehovah, Venus and Hercules) appear to have created Man in their image as slaves to mine for gold (Sitchin's scenario). Enki (Lord) may have been the scientist and genetic engineer, but Enlil (Jehovah) was the the master of mind control and memes. Satan in the Bible is the one out of favour. They are expert in control memes. They are the legal owners of our Solar System at the Galactic Federation Supreme Court. Conventional religion and the black arts gravitate towards the Anunnaki mind. It says in the Bible and in Enoch "The sons of God slept with the daughters of Man", which is unlikely to have been reported if children had not been produced. Thus they must be of the same basic genetic stock as ourselves, as we can not even make a monkey pregnant.

The Anunnaki planet is the Twelfth Planet in the Solar System according to Sitchin's translations of the Sumerian clay tablets. It is on an elliptical orbit of about 3,600 years in the wrong direction and the closest it comes to the Sun is the Asteroid Belt beyond Mars. In remote viewing the writer found an empty planet which glows in the dark. The remnants of the race seem to be in the Badlands of the Asteroid Belt and one of the moons of Mars. The rest appear to have gone native and intermarried with Man.

ANUNNAKI ZODIACS. The writer has labeled all ET mind control systems which affect Man as Zodiacs in this work, which may a bit naughty. The GPM (Goal Problem Mass) was discovered by L Ron Hubbard. The Scientologists pay great attention to these, and the writer tends to ignore them (perhaps because he do does not think much of Scientology). These are the lowest form of Zodiacs. When Jehovah (Elohim / Nefilim / Anunnaki - See pages on Zecharia Sitchin) created your psychological universe, he was working in the universe of his psychological creators. Thus he was not able to create anything better to control Man. He was working within the Astrological Zodiacs created by the Nordics / Pleideans (to keep the Elohim under control) and could not create fresh ones. GPMs are made up of a few thousand goals or objectives, each with at least 6 states, positive, negative, and all tenses one normally uses as in Hamlet (D3). With this number of goals, one will have problems even if only 1 goal and one state is normally active. If one has problems, one will have black masses overhead. Add in the locks from higher Zodiacs and the whole thing can be difficult to unpick. Hubbard has plotted this out in plain English but not the writer. The writer's attitude is to cheat wherever possible. Thus he advocates taking responsibility for all goals in general and not for individual goals unless they are obvious. Memes are common right up the Zodiac chain. Take your choice.

PSYCHOLOGICAL DOWNLOADING at BIRTH. There is a natural period of about 2 days after the birth of a human baby when it is wide open to psychic influence. Nature intended that the Morphogenetic Field or mind of the human race should be downloaded to allow any human to be in reasonable harmony with the rest of the species. This is the human animal Universal Subconscious, and all other animals have a similar mechanism. This was hijacked by Jehovah to download GPMs and thus links into the higher Zodiacs. We would be better off without any Zodiacs at all. This allows the Astrological Zodiacs to work on humans.


ANUNNAKI PSYCHOLOGICAL DOWNLOADS. THE NORDICS or PLEIDEANS appear to have created the Anunnaki in their image out of an earlier ape, to mine for radio active minerals on Planet X (Twelfth Planet). The Anunnaki acquired meme and mind control technology from them. The Nordics created the Zodiac as known to astrologers to keep the Anunnaki playing useless games and to keep them going around in circles so as not to cause trouble to the Nordics. New Age religion gravitates towards the Nordic mind. They claim ownership of Jesus Christ. The Nordics acquired, stole or were mind controlled into taking meme technology from the Reptoids. A source of confusion is that while the Nordics may look Scandinavian, their thinking is more Jewish, but Jews may think otherwise. Their sexuality is very suspect by Earth standards, probably due to them being totally telepathic. They seem to have provided us with quite a few "Goddesses".

Like most technically advanced civilisations, the Nordics come from an unstable planet. The damage done by volcanos and earthquakes is good for speeding up genetic development and civilisations. Thus the pyramid is one of their favorite architectural forms.


NORDIC PSYCHOLOGICAL DOWNLOADS. THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN (or should it be the Queen of Hell) is a Nordic Pleidean entity or group of entities in charge of Anti-Spirits. This seems to have Reptoid roots. Anti-Spirits are mental entities designed to look like Spirit as substitutes for true Spirit. These are to control the peasants and collect the rent. They exist in hierarchical chains with multiple levels. thus at the top one has the Nordic level with the Anunnaki level beneath with various human levels below. Suspect the existence of Anti-Spirits when ever one sees substitute words for Spirit in any cult or theology. Man has a patriarchal society while the Nordics have a matriarchal society. Thus Nordics attempts to impose their spirituality and sexuality (the 2 are closely connected) on Man fit about as well as American foreign policy on Arab states. Anti-Spirits are highly proselytising and can not stand reincarnation. They must travel from person to person in order to survive. They are also highly contagious if one goes into empathy with a carrier. Paranoid Schizophrenics are very prone to acquiring Anti-Spirits. Pedophilia is a common means of transmission from one generation to the next. Thus the Laws of Man conflict with the Laws of God.

THE REPTOIDS are usually described as 12 foot (3.6 metres) high crocodiles who walk on their hind legs and are the great experts in anything to do with psi. They are one of the oldest races. As they are biologically primitive, they have to defend themselves from the more biologically advanced ETs. They defend themselves by drenching unwelcome visitors in the Fires of Purgatory, which maybe psychotherapeutic but not generally appreciated. It is just possible that they decided that improvement to their species was not possible and so started to upgrade other races as a vehicle for Spirit, but on their own terms. It may be our turn one day to do the same. All minds known to the writer are of Reptoid origin, which is why other entities are sometimes seen as reptilian form changers. When viewing other entities by psychic means, one is just as liable to see a mind form as a body form. This accounts for reports by witnesses (maybe under the influence of illegal drugs) of various notable parties turning into reptiles. This has lead to quite a few burnings at the stake in the past.


REPTOID PSYCHOLOGICAL DOWNLOADS tend to get sent to human VIPs to protect Reptoid interests. This is one explanation of the New World Order phenomena. These downloads are of Reptoid Zodiac type material.

THE GREYS seem to be independent of this chain, but may have kindly donated a few memes to us. If anyone genetically engineered the Greys, they had better keep quiet as they did not do a very good job. They appear to be expert in ownership memes, as a Grey's body is not the best vehicle for Spirit, and they are such a clone that free will is not available. As the Greys are commonly believed to be slaves of the Reptoids, they probably got their minds from the Reptoids, which may also account in turn for some of their genetic problems. The Greys also give willing assistance to anyone who has had his gods purged. They will willingly buy your soul, but you will be a Grey in your next life. Humans who were Greys in their last life are regarded as escaped slaves under claims lodged with the Galactic Federation Supreme Court. The Greys do not seem to have that much influence on Man in regard to politics and religion.

GREYS' DOWNLOADS and ZODIACS. The writer does not know of any Greys' Zodiacs. However they are such nasty little blighters that any contact however slight is liable to appear to be an abduction.

THE ERIDEANS seem to be of Reptoid origin but can be mistaken for human on a dark night. They seem more technically advanced than the Reptoids but have less psi ability. This does not stop them defending themselves with the Fires of Purgatory when anyone gets too close. In this respect they resemble the Reptoids. Where the Erideans have had an influence is in anything to do with energy. The Erideans like most ETs are expert in war memes. As all ETs are in constant psychic war with each other, quite a few memes land on Man.

ERIDEAN ZODIACS contain anything to do with technology. They all have an element of slave control. They become your owner if you use any of them and escape is not intended.

THE SOURCE appear to the link or collection of links back to the Original Creation. Little information is available, except that it is a Spirit World.

THE ZODIACS of the SOURCE contain -


ENERGY. There is plenty of energy around. The problem is that various entities have claimed ownership of it. This in turn means that energy can only be used for specific authorised purposes, and one's purposes must be in line with the owner. Energy without responsibility is as dangerous as belief without responsibility. If one is to believe the New Testament, then the 11 remaining disciples received a bolt of energy in the form of the Holy Ghost. This apparently did them no harm. It seems to depend on responsibility levels and objectives. If the objective is to grind the faces of the people for commercial, theological or political reasons, then the result of an energy download will take the form of some type of Satan. Other aspects of the Eridean Devil include Abramelin the Mage (Masons and occultists), Opus Dei (Catholics), and the Anti-Christ (Fundamentalist Christians). Download these immortal minds at your peril.

HOW TO RECEIVE AN ENERGY DOWNLOAD. Anyone silly enough to get a download from the Anunnaki will either finish up as a Jew, Mason or black magician. The only decent sources to ask are the Reptoids and the Erideans. We will make the following points.

THE BACKWARDS CHAIN. Unfortunately this does mean than to undo our memes, we have to go back up the chain and purge the Reptoid sources. This does mean that we have to go backwards through the Reptoid mind in ourselves, hopefully to produce a dynamic mind more suitable for our requirements. All ETs believe that your memes are all legal and registered with the Galactic Federation Supreme Court. This court registers all agreements between the various races of ET, and statements of how to treat their own kind. Man has no rights as he has not registered any, but there are dubious agreements on how to handle Man. This court is strictly for winners. The writer gets the impression that this court and the War Crimes Court at the Hague could quite happily try, convict and hang each other's judges. This court can also be regarded as a mind, say the Universe of Justice, which is on the side of minds to keep Spirits and bodies in order.

VAMPIRES. If God or lesser being is working from beyond the grave instead of from the Spirit World, then they are probably a vampire. A vampire draws energy from the living to put off its reincarnation. Outside Transylvania, most vampires have most respectable names and some have been canonised by the Vatican. Jehovah was a vampire before he reincarnated. If one suspects that a so called God is actually a vampire, then look around for its grave or tomb. They are easier to deal with once the tomb has been located.

ENTROPY. The whole of mentalism is a system of entropy, with one decaying universe inside the next higher one. A chain is a good analogy as each universe acts as a closed link to keep one going around in circles, while linked to the next highest link. Why not go for the whole chain up to the top and ignore individual links? It does appear that we have been programmed by our creators to discover the Secrets of the Universe for them. This sounds like the old practice of burning down a few villages of a rival nation to get them to come to a friendly conference.

No mind controller wants the whole system to collapse. Most of them devise systems to clean up the system, but not so much as to upset the control by the Mind controller. The suckers being controlled must be sent around in circles. However there is quite a bit of conflict among mind controllers over just what to allow.

MORPHIC MINDS are the natural minds of human beings and animals. They exist as individual minds for the individual and group minds for the species. The expert on Morphogenetic Minds is biologist Rupert Sheldrake. He has written quite a bit on animal telepathy and animal group minds. There is a window at human birth when a baby is wide open to the natural downloading of the natural human group morphic mind. This window has been hijacked by mind controllers to download zodiacs and other rubbish.

SPIRIT GUIDES. Do not expect too much help here as Spirits are singularities. Duality is needed for constructive thought, left hand brain versus right hand brain, Spirit versus brain. Free Spirits need our brains in order to think. No comment will be passed on the quality of our brains. Memes are also singularities which makes them very vulnerable if challenged.

ASTROLOGICAL ZODIACS There seem to be a number of different zodiacs, possibly by different creators. If you are interested in astrology and dislike the current interpretation, try another system. You may have downloaded the wrong zodiac. Systems like numerology look very similar to zodiacs but this is for people to check for themselves as to their creators. The writer has no knowledge on these zodiacs and similar. The 3 main ones are -

The New World Order and One World Government are essential if ETs are going to remain in control of Man. Otherwise as Man is biologically more advanced, he is going to end up in control of all other ETs. That is until a superior race comes along.

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