G01. The Atributes of the Akashic Elements.

This what minds want you to believe.

THE ATTRIBUTES OF THE AKASHIC ELEMENTS. This section lists the attributes of the Akashic Elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The descriptions are as the writer left them, and not as he first found them. There is a great deal of difference. The descriptions given are not according to any other known book.


           ATMA --------------------- BUDDHI
                  THE AKASHIC PRINCIPLE
       |           |            |            |
    EARTH         AIR         FIRE         WATER

The Atma and Buddhi principles have yet to be discovered, so the writer will list their attributes. The Akashic Principle holds the elements together, and prevents them from fighting. Also Earth, Air, Fire and Water are all supposed to be equal.

RANKING ORDER. The whole structure revolves around Responsibility. The following is a top down list, with their crossover points:-

EARTH. In practice, this appears to be a happy dumping ground for rubbish. A few things are worthy of note:-

WATER. This is the element of emotion and of most religions (not Viking). Creation links Water to Earth through the Big Bang. Once the garbage and corruption have been cleared away, Evil proves to be nothing more than yesterdays fashionable realities. There is too strong a parallel between fashions in reality, and fashions in ladies clothing. All too often, the baby has been thrown out with the bath water. Today's God will be tomorrow's Satan. This is an ordered list, top down, or bottom up depending on one's viewpoint. This is like a snake eating its own tail. Make it eat its own head.

AIR. Air is the element of psychological ability. It contains all those attributes needed to counter the corruption of water. This is an ordered list, top down. The crossover point with Water is Responsibility. The corresponding simple infinitive verbs have been put along side each in brackets. Unfortunately some of these verbs are in no English dictionary. However they are essential for action meditation.

The attributes are very raw, and far too powerful by the standards of the body. A good example of this is free will. Viewed from above, free will is the height of self indulgence. Viewed with envy from below, it is even more proof that man is born evil, and must be suppressed at all cost. Anything at the top, is liable to be duplicated around the level of death. Thus there is strong linkage between awakeness, death and rebirth, and between beingness and identity. If one follows the paths of awakeness and beingness, then one is forever looping back to death, as soon as one reaches the top. The Ordered Universe will not be explained here. The theology of practically every religion starts with the words, "The great God M'Gumbo created order out of chaos". To explain these properly would break the British Blasphemy Act. Brainwashing and keeping the peasants in order, like homosexuality and the IRA, have many friends in high places.

Wild cards.

Survival for all.

Survival for self.

Survival for No One.

The Ordered Universe.

Each attribute has its own list of attributes, a duplicate of the list one level up, with a few omissions. Similarly each attribute in each sub list, has its own list of attributes, a duplicate of the level above, again with a few omissions, and so on.

FIRE. The attributes of Fire are all flows, and are the escape paths from all lower elements. This is not an ordered list, and the flows cut across all universes. Only Anger and Causing are in the same universe as oneself. Most of the others are at least one universe up from the one that one is in. The only reason for putting Zen at the bottom, is that it is a reality flow and not an energy flow.

The crazy Zen flow is not Fire flow. It is reality from one universe up. It is only crazy due to the clash in realities between the universe one is in, and the next universe up. The Fire Spirit is the cleansing fire of Purgatory. It should be regarded in much the same way as a hot bath. Do not bother to use the Holy Ghost, as this has been watered down too much. Perestroika or Cosmic Revolutionary Socialism comes into its own, after one has received his enlightenment. It comes after one has exhausted personal responsibility. It comes when one wishes to turn one's attention to sewerage on the Cosmic planes or in the Universal Subconscious. The attributes of Fire are at right angles through the attributes of Air. They are essentially concerned with energy and action. The Big Bang is not an attribute, but a rather high energy event. The Big Bang is only an event. The Zodiac is only a game. The roots of the God within lie in control.

CAUTION - Do not try to telekine anything useful, as this flow is very drastic. When first using it as a tool, using it in the first party will make your hair stand on end. Let something else use it first, for example:-


While most of the above is self explanatory, there are a couple of items that need expansion. Before the Big Bang, there was an implosion or collapse inwards. This is best looked at in meditation. The principle of stasis, is that everything should balance everything else, and thus keep the status quo. This makes stasis the opposite of the dynamic.

THE AKASHIC PRINCIPLE. While handling games, Akasha and the Zodiac revealed themselves. Akasha is essentially the games element, and gives a purpose for Earth, Air, Fire and Water. In any ordinary modern sport there is a the rule book. This is there to decide the winners. It prevents the players taking unfair advantage. It tries to prevent any player from injuring any other player. It inhibits the players sufficiently to make the game playable. Akasha is a similar control mechanism, except that its roots are fossilised. The games however can only be played in real time. It has been a great puzzle to the writer, why the Zodiac has twelve houses to suit the planets of the Solar System, and yet has its roots before the Big Bang. Akasha depends on the other elements for its existence. The crossover point with Air and Water is responsibility. The list is as follows:-

THE ANATOMY OF UNIVERSES. The list below leads into the creation of the Akashic Elements. It also describes all lesser universes. The following list is an ordered set. Any level at universes or below, will create the level below. It will also create inferior duplicates of any level above.

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