M04. Memes, Zodiacs, Creation and Destruction.

MEME - DEFINITION. The term first appeared in the book "The Selfish Gene" (1976) by zoologist Richard Dawkins to describe a unit of imitation or cultural transmission that can replicate itself.

Thus a meme is a contagious idea that can override critical thought. Memes normally coalesce into chains of memes. On this website the writer has described all such chains as zodiacs which is a bit naughty. Not all such chains can be associated with planets or astrologers. Some chains claim to be gods or minds. They all claim some title which makes them superior to Man and Spirit; they have to in order to survive. A bit of flattery always pays when purging. Give them glamorous names and they will come out to play. The more telepathic and glamorous a meme, the greater its survival. The greater the responsibility level of the creator, the greater the survival of the meme.


THE STRUCTURE of MEMES. Zodiacs, gods and minds behave in a similar way to their component memes. Memes appear to have 8 major levels.

  1. A MASTER who owns the meme, which may be human in body, a spirit, a god, or another meme or zodiac.
  2. An IDENTITY which states what the meme may be called by the master and its slaves.
    BEINGNESS may be a better alternative.
  3. A CONTROLLER who says what the slaves of this particular meme may or may not do.
    PROGRAMMING. This expresses itself as RIGHTS and AUTHORISATION. This is the right to control you and not visa versa. This may also contain the right to control others as in various religions.
    ABILITIES the slaves are authorised to use. These are psychological abilities and are unlikely to contain psi. Most are best quickly forgotten.
  4. ADVERTISING and DISTRIBUTION. Spread the word in case your neighbour is not so inhibited. Memes are always glamorous. If something is unglamorous, then suspect that it is not a meme.
  5. RETRIBUTION, REVENGE or an Avenger to punish anyone who violates this meme and to protect it from enemies. This is latent retribution from the original creator, and only works if he was on a higher level to oneself.
  6. An OWNER who states the slaves or other memes owned by this meme.
  7. The SLAVES of this meme.
  8. A SWITCH mechanism which can be on or off.
  9. PAIN. The mechanics of brainwashing as appropriate to the situation.
PROBABLE SAMPLE MEMES. Put yourself in the position of a race of ETs who wish to create a race of slaves from an ape to mine gold for them (Sitchin's scenario). The new ape has both a mortal body and acquires an immortal Spirit. If there is truth in the list below, then it has been hijacked by the religion of True Science. The list might contain the following which are all examples of legal memes. BLACK MAGIC should be compared to advertising. The main significant difference is that one can not sense the message with the physical senses. Now an advert will only have an instant effect if one half wanted to do the thing anyway. A sign for a cafe will only work if one is hungry. Thus the idea of an instant knockout meme is just not on. For most people, the most powerful of memes may make one instantly irrationally irate, but will need a week to take root. A weak meme year after year will eventually wear one down. Time is generally on the side of the meme.

The Mental Energy Series. There is a series as shown below so that depending on the level one is at, the levels can be interchangeable in command lists. Energy here does not seem to have any direct links with physical energies, but does have links to such things as Earth Energies and the World Energy Grid as proposed by Bruce Cathie. This series does have other dimensions. The trick is to keep what is useful and dispatch what is not. Emotion is a lower form of energy. Pure energy does not lend itself to emotion or logic.
BODY and SPIRIT. These have their own separate versions of minds and other things.
POSITIVE and NEGATIVE. Learning how to ride a bicycle is normally regarded now as reprogramming nerves in the brain but may be due the creation of memes. Such things are useful and positive. Those caused by accident and illness which cause knee jerk reactions are normally regarded as negative and we normally wish to be rid of them. What is positive and what is negative can be subjective with opinions being in the eye of the beholder. Negative energies can be awkward. Emotion is normally a lower negative energy. Psi and energy do not lend themselves to logic. Psi does not lend itself to conscious action.


March 2003. Whenever one hears of of retribution (eg Divine Retribution) suspect the revenge of an engram or meme being violated or purged. Divine Retribution probably comes from Divine Engrams. This is a source of Akashic Fire, designed to keep the peasants in place with such things as the Fires of Hell. To fight Fire one must use Fire (or something more powerful like humour?).

Paranoid schizophrenics can behave as engrams or oversize memes. Perhaps this is best termed a Human Engram.

Zodiacs and engrams are collections of memes. Collections of engrams cam make up perverse matrices.

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