R09. Playing God.

Remote Viewing. There is a gradient scale in remote viewing. Aim for a level to suit your requirements

Email Tappers are the most common source of bad vibes. Psychotics such as Masons tend to gravitate into such work as email tapping. Due to their paranoia, they must know what everyone else is doing, without themselves being found out. Their bad vibes betray them and give them away. Their Masonic degrees, cult degrees and ranks in the Police are no protection.

Most telephone exchanges now record a sample of telephone calls for the purposes of quality control. Add in remote interrogation of the recordings by remote telephone access, and one has phone tapping. This is a vice of the Masons in the Police and not of the agencies, and thus gives an excellent lead into local government corruption.

Often when remote viewing, one would like some extra information. The email tappers generally know more about what is going on than you do, provided they are in the target country. To get the required information, send an email to someone else listing out your results so far. Include suitable key words to make sure the email is picked up. Wait a suitable period of time and then target the email tappers in remote viewing. The required information should then be available. The time period one has to wait can be down to 15 minutes for German police and German agencies. The minimum delay for less efficient agencies is 30 minutes.

In the UK, the penalty for revealing that someone is being email tapped by the Masons is 5 years in jail under the Police RIP (Regulation of Investigatory Powers) Act of 2002. The RIP Act is God's gift to the Masons. Thus always make sure one's emails can not be read out in court. Including a few home truths about the Masons should do the trick, should one be in any doubt. Do not worry about making mistakes. The writer has made plenty and still does. Take a lead from the God Thor in the Viking Sagas. He tends to follow the following cycle.

If Thor is allowed to make mistakes, so are we provided we are prepared to follow a similar pattern and correct them.

Wagering one's head is a shamanic dueling practice mentioned in the Sagas. When the contestants are disincarnate Spirits (or Gods), the result is lethal to the loser as he loses his mind. Where the contestants have living bodies, the loser loses his mind but not his life. It would be very difficult for the Law to bring a successful prosecution for this game, as they would be no marks on anyone's body. Use positive remote psychotherapy if one wishes to play this game to win. This is very much a male game. The female version involves wagering their bodies. This follows more sophisticated rules, and is a version of the Battle of the Sexes. Other wagers to look for include engrams, zodiac, and both heterosexual and homosexual games.

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Edmund Meadows, as part of the Viking Spiritual Remote Viewing (Third Internet edition), ISBN No 0 9524450 50, April 2004.