M01.2. Table of Spirit emotions. 2004.

February 2013
Spirit emotions are what one gets when reptilian brain emotions fail - See M01.1.

Table of Spirit emotions. With hindsight in 2003, the following appears to be a far better list. Be prepared to skip this section if it appears to be incomprehensible.

The word "Engram" has had a chequered history and started as a "Deliberate injury to a frog's egg by a biologist". Here it is used to mean "The memory or acquired memory of an incident containing pain, unconsciousness and reality". It is now a general psychological term. At higher levels this tends to become acquired memory of law and retribution (energy). This indicates that Mass is the total of currently "unresolvable" engrams. In all cases it is the memory of the event and not the event being active in present time.

Comments Setup.meme. Most computer CD discs have a file called setup.exe to kick start them into action as soon as a disc is loaded. There appear to be a series of memes designed to kick start minds into operation at the slightest pretext. If these memes can be disenabled, then the minds they control will also be disenabled. Any meme that exists above pain or is outside the above table will not contain pain or unconsciousness. (See M04 for more on memes.)

The Evolution of Psychic ability. The evolution of psychic engineering probably started as a fight between two single cell animals like the amoeba. This represents the negative side of psychic ability. The minds which have been developed since would much prefer you to believe in Creator Gods and do all in their power to hide their humble origins. They must be respected if they are to control you. In current time, psychic engineering has little relation to the psychic ability of the Psychic Ego. Evolution has been a slow activity. Psychic engineering has produced some very sophisticated forms and has jumped species and planets.

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