M25. Astrology, Predatory Schizophrenia & Telekinesis - Notes January/2005.
(From a remote viewer's point of view.)

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If one experiences the Fires of Purgatory and can not take it, then go back to earlier sections. The Akashic element of Fire incinerates all rubbish and those who are not used to it. Akasha does not appear to affect anything of reptilian nature, and thus such entities revert to the natural state of Fire or "Total Freedom to be Angry".

Harmonics. These are discussed in S07. They are still valid. The current check list is:-

Astrology. This is touched on indirectly in S03. There appear to be 3 times that a person can receive a download in very early life. Watch out for download engrams and Trojan Horses. The writer's current view of astrology is as follows. Current Psychosis Overview. There is a check list below in more detail, but an overview is needed first. A Fart (anal wind) is something of no useful value and moderately disgusting. A fart makes a useful benchmark for hierarchies.
Hierarchies. Anyone who wants to control or own other people must convince them that the would be controller or owner is greater than the victim. Hierarchies mean little to human bodies who wish to work together, but mean plenty to minds. Inspect the following for starters. Multiple Personalities. These exist to represent every active level in the lists below. Probably few people escape a God within. Such identities and personalities are only a problem when they take over a person to own and control them. To add to the resulting confusion, schizophrenics tend to invite in past lives and every other predator available to protect their universes. These vampires take even further control of willing hosts. It is useful to remind the Ghosts of the Dead that they are dead and that they no longer exist. Another useful way of looking at things is the theory that schizophrenics draw on memories from the past and give them life. Without being brought to life, these memories would simply remain as memories regardless of their immortality.

Responsibility. Entities that take over tend to grab a person's responsibility, so that a person is responsible to the entity. These corrupt responsibilities need to be broken down. Every vampire entity is your enemy as you are the person most likely to dismantle it.

Current Psychosis Check List. The reader may wish to re-order it as it is a mixture of lists and thus the order is somewhat dubious. At the lower levels there abilities turned inwards to create a livable universe within. The higher levels are attempts to modify external worlds like the Physical Universe which have gone into stasis and stuck telekinesis. Anything in this list is an ability if one can flip in and out at will and to suit the environment. Only when they go into a state of stasis do they become psychiatric disorders. It is quite normal and healthy to modify external universes to cater for one's own comfort, and this goes by such names as creating Good Luck. Eventually the list below reverses itself back through itself as list of predators in reverse order.

Works of the Gods. It says somewhere in the Sagas, "You too can be as the Gods". What they do not bother to say is you have to do their work for them. As a corollary we might add "You too can be a Satan, and schizophrenics are doing his work all the time".

Public Enlightenment should be available when no one in the market place is greater than yourself. It does tend to silence all noise in the market place. However enlightenment at any level is a do nothing emotion. There are emotions above enlightenment like enthusiasm. Expand one's emotions and abilities to suit requirements.

Hoenir and Surt. Current personal opinion is that they are not Gods at all, but you and I exercising our full potential. What could be more harmless than you walking down the road involved in your normal legal activities. In this mode you are Hoenir, God of serenity, harmony and enlightenment, or should be as this is an optimum mode. When there is trouble, there is no greater Wind of Change (Surt) than your anger, which is far more powerful than any disincarnate entity without a body. Unfortunately there are still plenty of people and entities around who do not wish to see you enjoy your full potential, and will do anything in their power to stop you.

Interest and enthusiasm need to be re-established as enlightenment is a do nothing emotion. The necessary can be expanded to the following.

The rights of living human beings. Inspecting our rights and the rights of everything else is worth doing as this may be the key to the whole shooting match. Establishing Mutual Enlightenment. Responsibility and Emotion. Sort out corrupt responsibilities. Responsibility is itself an emotion, and thus all responsibilities turn into emotions. There can be plenty of corrupt emotions. Akasha and the Akashic Records. Like schizophrenia, epilepsy is another ability (telekinesis) gone wrong when it causes medical symptoms. Epilepsy is a natural function of the cleansing element of Fire. When epilepsy is cleaned up it becomes telekinesis. Akasha is Elohim / Anunnaki ET and religious territory. Human memories are written on the brain. The writer has no knowledge of the medium on which the Akashic records are written, except that it no longer exists. The memories of Akasha still exist written on a non existent medium! A possible explanation is that these memories are carried via the souls of the dead and represent unfinished business. The Akashic elements now appear as follows. Zodiacs outrank Akasha. This is Nordic / Pleidean ET territory. This involves going back in human time to the raw building blocks of Akasha. As we are inspecting the building blocks of human logic using logic from the same source, material here does tend to defy human logic. Purposes. This is the territory of Fire, reptilian ETs and the primitive human reptilian brain. This is going back in human time, even before the creation of zodiacs and astrology. US Army DIA remote viewers report that the Loch Ness Monster is the ghost of dead dinosaur. Material here belongs to a similar time period. Telekinesis is a superior cleansing flow to either Fire or epilepsy. Physical Telekinesis is really the province of 14 year old boys. 14 year old girls tend to have visions instead, but these are not hard and fast rules. Being the epicentre for a poltergeist and physical telekinesis are abilities which rapidly deteriorate with age. There are reports that people who succeed in spoon bending become changed people, probably because they are using up and controlling static telekinesis. A physical telekinetic engram must convince the sucker that it will create effects in the physical universe if it is in any way disobeyed or disturbed. It can not affect the physical universe and is thus a confidence trick.

However one must aim high or one will finish up with second rate energy. Anyway who knows what may happen if even a senior citizen tries hard enough. All forms of telekinesis are the best energies for clearing away rubbish and anything which gets in the way. However no form of telekinesis is politically correct and thus it is up to the student to work out all the things which can be done with it.

Human demons outrank all other ETs and the ghosts of the dead. Humans have energy and a brain which means they are superior to anything which no longer exists. At the top of every hierarchy is a human being, but as responsibility is given over to glamorous vampire entities, this is not obvious. This is yet another example of the writer's theory that all minds are circular. Get responsibility for actions back with the host who is the ultimate demon. Total Personal Responsibility for Thought. Consider the following. Minds in Balance. The Reptilian part of the brain is the part we share with our common ancestors with the reptiles. Thus it is the part of the brain which is most heavily suppressed. It is pure action without logic, emotion or beingness. Remove all conflicts between different parts of the brain. Leave the reptilian brain in charge. In the Beginning. See section M06. The Galaxy is full of escaped slaves. Our history appears to be that someone unknown genetically engineered the Reptoids (possibly Earth dinosaurs) into Erideans. The Erideans genetically engineered our ape ancestors as personal slaves who became the Nordics or Pleideans. The Erideans are a very hierarchical society so the engrams would be hierarchical. Later the Pleideans genetically engineered our ape ancestors into the Anunnaki or Elohim using zodiac engrams in order to get the Elohim to mine for radioactive material on Planet X. The Pleideans invented zodiacs. The Elohim in turn genetically engineered our ancestors into man to mine for gold and as personal slaves. They used zodiac material to create the Akashic system. Thus to really unwind all genetic engineering engrams, we have to go backwards in time as far as our abilities will allow. Confidence tricksters outrank engrams. Confidence Tricksters lie behind all minds. When one rises above the pain of engrams, all that is left in an engram is a confidence trick. Energy. As one moves out of minds (Akashic, zodiac and dinosaur) into the natural human state, so everything changes into energy. This also means that Akashic emotions such as love, responsibility and enlightenment also disappear. For every energy there is an equal or opposite energy. Thus we have the energies of good and evil, negative and positive, etc. Thus the sum total of all mind energies is zero. Thus to collapse minds we have to reconcile all mind energies back to zero. Survival. There is no such thing as good and evil, but some people have curious ideas on how to survive. Two survivals or energies in conflict create a problem. There are also minds of various types remaining. The survival of self and family take first priority. Golem-Meisters are people who create golems. They are also responsible for the constant re-creation of genetic engineering engrams to ensure the survival of those engrams. Memes All engrams, golems, zodiacs and life goals turn into memes which are self replicating units of thought. See sections M04 and M05. S03 may give clues as to how memes can form into chains to make zodiacs. Consider the following.

Live your own life.

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