M26. The Rules of Telepathy - Notes August 2005.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work.

Rules and Laws are worth inspecting.

Dr Andrija Puharich reported that in most cases of natural telepathy, the sender is agitated or in distress, while the receiver is in a relaxed frame of mind. In his book "Beyond Telepathy" published in 1962 and 1974, he gives examples. His typical example is that of a man digging a trench which collapses and traps him. A friend sitting quietly at home picks up his telepathic cry of distress, or perhaps for no apparent reason comes across to find out what is going on and digs his friend out.

There are also reports of telepathy between close family members. This is probably a case of telepathy above the anger barrier and is rarely a problem to people, nor can it be dealt with here.

The Rules of Telepathy as we know them.

The Rules of Dynamic Telepathy apply to telepathy above the anger barrier and are similar to the above, except anything dynamic overrules all static minds.

The Rules of Thought.

The Rules of Energy. The Rules of Physical Telekinesis. The Laws of Abreaction, Humour and Laughter are worth inspecting as these items (like anger) dissolve anything unwanted. They have to be suppressed for static items to survive.

The rules of everything else are worth targeting as there might be something there. However most psychic activity other than telepathy appears to come from the primitive parts of the brain which do not recognise logical thought. This may be fortunate or unfortunate for us.

The Law.

The Laws of Memory. This is where the laws of logic go out through the window. The reader should draw his own conclusions. The Laws of Enlightenment. As Enlightenment is definitely an emotion there are laws but not rules. The Laws of Everything else. Any subject or emotion can be scanned to see if there are any laws available for inspection. The Circularity of Minds. All minds are circular to deliver the sucker back to where he started. Thus we finish up back with the laws of bodies. Games. Laws and rules are needed to make games work. If we get rid of the laws, then we may find out what the games are. A good theory on memory is still that it is being constantly recreated in a manner akin to that of dynamic computer RAM. Charisma appears to be more important than serenity for our own wellbeing. This appears to concern our sovereignty and godhead within. Games of Life. We come back to bodies in the circle of minds. Bodies are the entities who are really responsible for minds. Telepathic Emotions can be extremely powerful especially when they contain pain. Continuous pain can build up into meme and engrams. The Ether. At last we have discovered that the main media on which immortal memory is written on is the Ether. The Ether is not an easy thing to study as its existence is denied by science. There are probably one or more telepathic engrams which tell scientists that they must not study the Ether. Egos and Law. Everything is an ego before death it but becomes a soul or a God after death. Thus egos are very basic and they also have may levels. Laws and rules need cleaning up but unfortunately at this level they are beyond logic. Take the law out of memes, engrams and zodiacs, and there may not be much left. Memes and Zodiacs. It is possible to look at Zodiacs in more detail when a lot of the law has been taken out of them. Now Zodiacs appear to be chains of goals. However a goal is basically a meme. Therefore Zodiacs are chains of memes. The writer usually blames the creation of Zodiacs on the Nordic / Pleideans. However it could just be that loose memes have combined or coalesced into aggregates or structures by themselves. There are many parallels in the Universe of this sort of thing happening. Do we really need old and obsolete memes to preprogram us?
Forgiveness is very useful since who cares what becomes of rubbish as long as it disappears and does not come back. Gods dump their minds on their worshippers, call their worshippers a load of miserable sinners, and then tell them to sort things out. Here we are getting back to the real source of sin. Life Engrams. On a personal level, these are likely to be remnants of engrams in this life time already handled, and also engrams which have interacted with zodiacs. These can also be any engram in a third party which becomes apparent. Unresolved Problems are basic to the human condition and need not involve the normal suspects. All real problems have their start in the physical universe, before acquiring goals, engrams, mass and other rubbish. Check out unresolved problems.

Dynamic Memory We have a problem about the media on which memes are written. This can be resolved by thinking in terms of computer dynamic memory where the memory is refreshed say a million times a second. This would allow for the replication and propagation of memes. We have plenty of static memory which does not have to be refreshed in the same way in the brain. If these dynamic memories can be brought under control, then the brain should be able to sort out the rest. Dynamic memories contain all engrams, memes and zodiacs, and thus are senior. We may never know the true mechanism as this may be beyond human understanding. A working hypothesis makes a good substitute.

Anchor Points and Co-ordinates. The anchor points of every vampire are the space time co-ordinates of its grave. Similarly, every mental item has anchor points in space time, otherwise it would not remain connected to the physical universe. There are no exceptions, not even engrams, memes and zodiacs. Some links to anchor points may be indirect. Time tracks and histories are lists of anchor points Free Emotions and Free Ability remain top objectives. We need to get rid of any no-go areas and blockages. The Psychic Warfare Barrier. Might is right. Just make sure that one is might. Psychic warfare dissolves all laws and minds. It is far more comfortable to be above the psychic warfare barrier, but one remains a slave to the system if we remain below.

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