M27. Forbidden Psychology, the True Ego and the Psychosomatic Mind - Notes August 2005.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. Investigating the material here is liable to be revolting.

The Matrix of the Universal Sub-Conscious or Matrix of the Ego has had to be written to suit the current material. It has been moved to M01.3 as it proved to be a subject on its own. The natural ego will always be there as it is one's unit of consciousness. The natural ego should not be confused with inferior egos generated by minds to override the natural one. It is the inferior egos that Buddhism seeks to despatch. This matrix has been revealed by clearing away psychosomatic rubbish. As with all tables involving a Spirit element, the order is a little dubious.

The Psychosomatic Mind. The ghosts of the dead need our energy and our brains to be dynamic, otherwise they are just memories. Having anchor points in a living body has advantages over having anchor points in a grave or tomb. Psychosomatic minds are revealed when the natural ego gets in on the act. When psychosomatic minds go wrong, they land their owners in the hands of the doctor and the psychiatrist. The psychosomatic mind is definitely an ability if it exists above the Fire Barrier, as this gives us some of our best healers, charismatics and leaders. When the psychosomatic mind is below the Fire Barrier but is still successful in society, we get the Satanist. One of the vices here is to download unwanted minds and diseases on to other people. In practice this vice tends to multiply rubbish. Try to move everything above the Fire Barrier.

Hierarchies and Conscience. Hierarchies are basic to all minds. Minds can only control bodies by convincing bodies that they are greater. Charisma is probably only an admission and justification for recognising that some people are greater than others. Some people gain charisma by performing great deeds. Some people gain charisma by more dubious methods. Conscience turns out to be an emotion of the ego. Communion. This always exists but in a static and not dynamic form. Think in terms of trades unions.

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