M01.4. Blood Ancestors, Chakras and Kundalini. - Notes April 2006.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again.

The Pineal Body at the base of the brain is normally regarded as the seat of psychic activity. The pineal body is also sometimes called the Third Eye. It is one of the 7 chakras. It is now possible to strip away all unwanted memes, engrams, zodiacs, matrices and entities answering to Australian names from all available pineal bodies and chakras. Inspect the primitive reptilian brain as well. The reader should not need further instruction. The pineal body appears to be the main anchor point for all matrices not anchored on grids. The energy flows of of the chakras is generally called the kundalini.

Chaos and Human Rights. Universal free will at the top of the Matrix is fine until people start doing things and exercising their rights. Then the result is chaos. Also there is a common belief that "Your freedom ends at the end of my nose". This is a restriction on your rights and freedom and creates a dichotomy or duality. In order for me to have rights, rights must be taken away from you. In virtually every religion it says "God created order out of chaos". However the same can be said for Communism, which is currently out of favour. The probable answer to this problem is that chaos worked very well in conjunction with dynamic rules but not static laws.

Personal Responsibility. It appears that the existance of any unwanted entity is 50% the responsibility of the entity for owning and controlling the host. The other 50% is the responsibility of the host for owning and controlling the entity. The result is a deadly embrace which can be broken by personal responsibility. Think in terms of targeting the following.

Blood Ancestors are the result of memories written on our chromosomes, genes and DNA. These appear to be the key to all mental entities not directly connected with the body. Blood ancestors work together to form a genetic entities. They act as Trojan Horses for every glamourous mind available such as Akashic entities, legal, control, conflict and vexatious entities, and also Books of the Dead. Now the World is full of escaped slaves, who are busy enslaving, genetic engineering and mind controlling the next race of primitives as slaves. If ETs practice genetic engineering by giving the slaves some of their genes, then we can easily have genes (and thus memories) from half a dozen ET races. This gives an alternate route back to the Galactic Federation Supreme Court, where ETs lodge their claims on primitive races, gold mine style.

Now if a person has vexatious blood ancestors then so do some of their parents and grand parents. This does mean that one may have to clear a family of blood ancestors and not just the target. Living parents can act as a lock on the dysfunctional behaviour of their children.

The Neanderthals disappeared 30,000 years ago, being replaced by modern man. However if the differences between the 2 races were located on only one pair of chromosomes, then the change over could have been by interbreeding. If the difference was as small as this, then the chances of finding hybrid fossils are next to impossible.

Satan. There are 2 aspects.

The two sides of the brain should be in harmony with each other. The left hand side handles logic, control and mathematics. The right hand side handles art, imagination and intuition. The pineal body acts as a link for psychic purposes. The emotions of the 2 separate sides can be demonstrated by manipulating photographs. Vampire minds have to distort the balance between the 2 sides in order to survive. Restoring the balance between the 2 sides knocks out unwanted mental entities. One explanation of schizophrenia is that the left hand side fails to (or is prevented from) controlling the imagination of the right hand side. Some control is necessary.

Pleasure centres make good targets to restore to their full function.

The 7 Chakras are the interface between the psychic world and the body. It is not much use giving house room to discordant entities if one wants to live one's own life. The model of the Chakras used here is -

The Kundalini (Fire flow) flows from the base upwards. There are also more subtle energies which flow from the crown downwards.

Blood Ancestors take priority over past lives. Past lives are always high status or interesting, and thus appear charismatic. Blood ancestors are never obviously charismatic. Thus they tend to be ignored and act as Trojan Horses for other things. There is also the problem with past lives of various people acquiring the same past life. There are fewer such problems with blood ancestors. One can run into trouble with Elohim blood ancestors with most people. Go back to our Ape blood ancestors to carve through any Elohim. The Elohim too are descended from the Ape, otherwise the Sons of God could not have slept with the daughters of Man. (There are various moans in the Book of Enoch about such unions and the sins of the offspring.) It appears we are all descended from such unions. Thus we may find dead Gods as ancestors. We all have reptilian ancestors if we go back even further in evolution. Even David Icke has reptilian blood ancestors. It is far more glamourous to have an Eridean reptilian past life than to have a lizard guarding her eggs as a blood ancestor. The lizard can solve this problem by disguising herself as an ET past life. One always gets better results targeting the right entity rather than the wrong one. Target the owners of dead gods and god chakras.

The God Gene has been discovered by geneticists. It occurs in 50% of the population and makes them more spiritual than the rest. This gene can be targeted and switched off by clearing down the rubbish attached to it. It probably acquires more rubbish than most genes. This gene probably came from the Elohim. One can go looking for things attached to all our genes such as Sons of Satan, Daughters of Satan, Elohim Blood Ancestors, Obsolete Gods, Obsolete Goddesses, Obsolete Satans, She-devils and Obsolete Charismatics. Then there are auras, personal universes and the games we play in them. If we wish to run our own lives, it is unwise to play other people's games. Invoke the Ragnarok or the Apocalypse.

Telepathy is the medium for all psychic and psychological activity. Conscious telepathy may not be available to us. We can however try to keep all subconscious telepathy positive, and purge sources of negative telepathy like dead gods.

Total Responsibility for Thought is a difficult concept to aim for, but can be very useful for silencing enemies. All aspects of mind are made of thought.


Group Consciousness is logically the next target. A group is always more powerfull than an individual. In a parallel to science, psychic mass or form is interchangeable with psychic energy.

Raising the Poltergeist and Natural Ability. Impossible problems demand impossible solutions, and raising the poltergeist is one of them. Raising poltergeists is a natural ability, even if a poltergeist is a weapon of war. The Laws of Responsibility. (See section S04.) Anger may the best way of clearing away rubbish, but responsibility is still the best way of keeping parasites in order. Enoch. Taking the book to its logical conclusions, try targeting the following.

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