M01.6.- Baby Brains and their development. Notes November 2006.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again.

Baby Abilities. The best attitude to take is that one should keep what one considers is useful. If an ability is not useful, then it should be junked. Natural abilities can always be resurrected.

The Cuckoo Syndrome is a function of the reptilian brain, but may be assisted by attachments. It is a way of demanding care and attention in babies and young children. It also tends to suppress the want by the parents for more children as these would provide rivals for the cuckoo. Later in life it becomes Sibling Rivalry and Exhibitionism. If it gets out of hand, then it can lead to poltergeist effects in the family. A poltergeist child probably has to be at least 10 years old to make crockery fly, while the optimum age appears to be 14. Before this age they can still cause baffling events by influencing those around them to ensure attention.

The Baby Brain is far more important than the Boo-Hoo, but is very similar. The brain is not fully developed at birth. The baby brain contains all the abilities necessary for the survival of a baby and make it the centre of the universe. It is driven by instinct and survival, but contains no logic. It contains telepathy, mind control, telekinesis, charisma, law, the cuckoo syndrome and remote viewing. It throws anchor points or hooks into everyone around. It makes sure its parents dote on it. As there are no logical filters, it is vulnerable to alien influences like Zodiacs and past lives. All these abilities are useful in later life if properly managed. This is the root of the ego. Later in life one is no longer the centre of the universe, and one has to interact with one's fellow human beings. In the case of vexatious disincarnate entities and Zodiacs, target their baby minds. They all had baby minds once, or the entities behind them did. One can also look here for the Laws of Schizophrenia. The baby brain should sort itself out when the child learns how to be angry, naughty and rebellious. The baby brain should sort itself out as the higher brain and the emotions develop, and not let its owner become a yob.

Child Development Barriers. A child starts off as a totally dependent baby with all the emotions and abilities necessary for someone who is totally dependent. It is supposed to develop through childhood towards adulthood, where one is expected to interact with one's fellow human beings as an equal. If this changeover is incomplete, then the adult is left with a few unwanted baby emotions. "I want my nappy changed" becomes a craving for attention. In practice this changeover is never complete or incomplete, but somewhere in between. The principle barriers and sets of laws appear to be as follows.

Child Development Games. Current Opinion of the writer is that divinity is an excellent telepathic emotion for a young baby, to ensure that it is the centre of the universe. It ensures that the baby is top of the family hierarchy, which is good for its survival. Divinity has no real place in adults and disincarnate entities as we live in a matrix and not a hierarchy. Divinity in adults and disincarnate spirits of the dead is just another name for schizophrenia, as a result of baby brains which have not matured properly.

The Way Out. The following are useful, top down or bottom up. There is plenty of Zodiac law to prevent one from unravelling Akasha. Try targeting the Laws of XXX, the Fires of XXX, the Anger of XXX, etc.

Zodiacs are circular strings of memes from pre-history or of unknown origin. Look for the following.

Hierarchies contain Zodiacs and possibly Reactive Minds. Reactive Minds are full of them.

The Reactive Mind. We have an Intuitive Mind based on the reptilian brain. We have a Logical Mind in the higher parts of the brain. Then there is the Reactive Mind which is somewhere in between. The reactive mind looks after all automatic actions. It is hard to drive a car using the logical mind only as things happen too quickly. However the reactive mind does contain blood ancestors, engrams, memes, zodiacs and hierarchies. The reactive mind must be kept dynamic to keep down the rubbish.

The Womb. Life in the womb precedes life as a baby and thus is more fundamental. However it harder to get at and less easy to understand. Work in this area tends to show up the basic flaw in monotheist, which is its masculinity. Original human religion was based on the womb and goddesses, which is far more natural. Natural womb based religion undoes a lot of perverse psychology. Some people are "Taught in the womb" which is unnatural.

Magic. The existence and quality of Magic depends on the quality of minds. Control by reactive minds suppresses it altogether. So can the existence of a black magician. True magic belongs to the matrix at levels above Enlightenment, and thus it is worth pursuing.

Anger remains the best cleaning agent, and will take out fossilised anger like Fire and the retribution of engrams and zodiacs.

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