M01.7.- Archeo-Psychology, Telepathy and the Power Series. Notes November 2006.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again.

There is a Hindu saying "When God the Creator meets God the Destroyer will be the end of the Universe". May we hasten the end of obsolete universes.

Apocalypse is the breakdown of all unwritten law, order and retribution to protect the law. We now live in a society of the written word. We no longer live in a telepathic or verbal society. Anything in writting can be argued over, amended and kept dynamic. We no longer need the laws of the dead.

Religion exists to necromance dead blood ancestors, especially the Elohim, and to bring them back to life. This is the main function of any religious children's school. This is especially true of monotheism, and sometimes true of polytheism. Restimulating the dead gives them life, power and food. The dead need this to live on as vampires. One may wish to give ancestors house room who one has known in life, but the line should be drawn against earlier entities.

Necromancy provides the chain by which obsolete systems and entities survive. Warmongers do love necromancy. All obsolete systems like Akasha are maintained by living human beings. Gods are maintained and owned by humans and not visa versa. There are plenty of apparent circularities and loops where A owns B who owns C who in turn owns A.

Law and Retribution (Fire) exist to keep obsolete systems from being destroyed. Let all law be written so that we can conserve what is useful and dispatch what is not. Purposes and objectives underlie laws and retribution.

Telepathy. Normal people do not telepath unless they are in distress or have an unwanted overload. Normal people can and do receive telepathy, even if they do not consciously realise it. Necromancers and people with vampires are in a constant state of distress, and thus indulge in vexatious telepathy. Any law or retribution can be telepathed. Allow for the following.

Social Telepathy. Rupert Sheldrake has written quite a bit on telepathy, especially animal telepathy. The title of one of his books "Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home" says quite a bit. This is the telepathy within a family or social group. Man is not that telepathic and uses telepathy to colour verbal communication. We must assume in the case of social telepathy that no malice is intended by any party.
Vexatious Telepathy. Sheldrake also deals with people's sensitivity to being glared at. However glaring is usually regarded as an act of malice. As he points out, any wild animal which senses being glared at or otherwise observed is probably being observed by a predator looking for a meal.
Telepathic Enlightenment is a state of no vexatious telepathy or laws or laws of telepathy. The various states of telepathy are defined by the emotions and purposes of those involved. No law can survive the anger barrier. Look around for local telepathic pools.

The Hierarchies of monotheism, occult and akasha put God or Satan at the top and Man at the bottom. In contrast, the more secular view is a matrix where Man tends to rank high, and Gods may be consulted. One is the reverse way up to the other. As the greater the occultist, the greater the telepathic sender, we must assume using the Puharich model, that the occult hierarchy is the wrong way up. The Akashic Universe is upside down too. This would account for the way that Akashics can be overridden provided one believes their powers are simply based on illusion and delusion.

Anger. When one's anger or other applicable emotion is greater than that of the obsolete fossilised entity, then that perverse entity will vanish.

Thor is essentially a Viking archetype with a very bad temper. However he knows when to use it and when not to. In the sagas, he goes through 4 stages on meeting a Frost Giant or obsolete god. (Men are generally quite happy to be angry, while women prefer love.)

  1. He meets a Frost Giant.
  2. He is taken in by the powers of illusion and delusion of the Frost Giant.
  3. He then sees the Frost Giant for exactly what he is.
  4. He then loses his temper with the Frost Giant, and throws the Hammer of intention carried out, which despatches the Frost Giant.

Entropy is in constant operation. Any system which is greater than a lesser system, will cause the end of the lesser system. Let one's anger and other emotions be greater than anything from the past. Matching emotion for emotion does keep things dynamic.

The Power Series. Not all levels will be active at any one time. This is best taken bottom up. There is plenty of law and retribution to keep old systems from being dismantled. Even Love has perverse laws to protect perverse forms of love, and love for obsolete entities. It is a mistake to think that any one emotion on its own will solve all problems. What is needed is a range of emotions working together. Love on its own has no teeth. Anger on its own is destructive. Laughter on its own is cruel.

Handles. The styles below may be useful to prefix individual items in the Power series. Obsolete systems. Best taken bottom up. These all claim to be too much or too big for man to handle. This is not true as long as one is prepared to match emotion with emotion. The Matrix. Observation, communication, understanding and intention belong to the upper levels of the Matrix of Akasha. They will not take one out of the Akashic system on their own, and will cause one to loop back into Akasha. However they do have their uses when used in conjunction with the Power series and life.

Archetypes are the templates and models by which we like to live and for living. There are plenty to choose from if we wish to change our identity and way of life. However all archetypes have laws and retribution to prevent them being dismantled, including one's own. A concept worth looking at is that of messages written on our chromosomes, independent of our genes. Chromosomes are inherited and we have about 23 pairs. There is enough junk DNA for messages to be written computer style on our chromosomes. Unlike our genes, these messages can be changed.

Exorcism. The problem with most so-called exorcists is that they are themselves possessed. This is especially true among monotheists. Thus they have agendas.

Illusion and Delusion follow on from archetypes as the top of the chain.

Memes are self replicating units of cultural thought. These were described in M04 and M05 in 2001. We will bring them up to date. They appear to be yesterday's solutions to earlier problems, often by obsolete entities for their own survival. In present time, once one has done a job once or found a solution to a problem, one creates a meme to do things a second time. This defeats a principle of magic that every act of magic has to done fresh each time.

You can sit back and relax, as memes will do all your thinking for you, if you let them. The main components appear to be as follows.

Mutual Psychotherapy. If all laws and retributions on mutual psychotherapy are purged, then everyone should be able to subconsciously purge the overloads of everyone else. This brings psychotherapy back under the Puharich model of telepathy and also mutual telepathy. This is worth investigating.

The Right to Reply to Telepathy appears to be the missing element in telepathic communication. This also applies to memes. Without it, telepathy is one way only and is not true communication. Purge all meme law which prevents it. This may be a variant on hierarchies among telepaths.

Betrayal and Sin. Betrayal is what disincarnate entities fear most. Yet they are the biggest betrayers of all. They and all their slaves and zombies have betrayed the human race. Sin can be defined as guilt without known reason. This occurs because disincarnate entities and laws download their guilt for their actions on to man. If a sin is committed by the body, then the body knows all about it, and thus it is not a sin. Therefore sin must come from acquired entities. Original Sin comes from slaves disobeying the laws of their masters. It does take two to sin.

Planetary Archetypes and Zodiacs are chains of memes and each meme has its own identities, realities, laws, retribution, objectives and rights. Every political and religious leader tries to impose his zodiac on his followers. When successful, this is a great aid to their own success. One has to go back through the chain of zodiacs, back to ETs if necessary. One may even have to go back to the Galactic Federation, regardless of whether it is real or an illusion. This may be a case of one proving that they can go to the limit. Zodiacs are maintained in real time by living schizophrenics. With so many zodiacs, it is a wonder that birth zodiacs have any effect at all.

For further investigation. We will not pass further comment as these are politically sensitive.

Zodiacs and ETs. (See Section M06.. ETs and their activities - 2000. Updated August 2001.) If one assumes that the Nordic / Pleiadean ETs are some of our blood ancestors, then the problems of Zodiacs tends to fall out. They are reported as having fair hair, blue eyes, and with big breasts in the case of females. Thus it is reasonable to suspect that they come from the same ape stock as ourselves. If they back bred with Man, probably via the Elohim, then we will all have some of their genes and junk DNA. Thus it appears that the prototypes for all Zodiacs are written on our junk DNA. Junk DNA is DNA which appears to serve no known genetic purpose.

It appears that the Nordic / Pleiadeans were schizophrenic enough to create these castles in the air. We now pay the rent. Handling this removes the excuses for current schizophrenics. The ancient Egyptians believed Heaven was in the Pleiades. Perhaps they knew something we no longer know.

Nordic / Pleiadean Abductions involve gained time and are usually regarded as favorable by the abductee. (Abductions by Greys involve lost time and are regarded as unfavorable.) As the Pleiadeans appear to be some our blood ancestors, then these "abductions" are probably our blood ancestors breaking through into current time.

Zecharia Sitchin has probably got a few things wrong. This is due to him translating the clay tablets of what the Elohim told the Sumerians. It looks as though the Elohim claimed a lot of Nordic / Pleiadean history as their own. They also manufactured a load of propaganda.

The Rapture is not quite what Apocalyptic Christians expect. They believe it is when the souls of the virtuous are taken up to Heaven. Actually it is when Nordic / Pleiadean blood ancestors are allowed to return to the Pleiades. This conjures up visions of a Nordic / Pleiadean penal colony set up on Earth say 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. This would have been before the Great Flood and before the pole shift, when the North Pole was still in the Hudson Bay.

When were the Zodiacs created? To the authorities on the year 2012, it is the antithesis of the start of Leo. This would put the creation around 13,000 years ago. According to astrologers, the start of of the zodiac is with Aries. This would put the creation at 4,000 years ago, which does not fit as it is after the Biblical creation. As the zodiacs work on a 26,000 year cycle based on a wobble in the Earth, the next date back is 30,000 years ago. It looks like the zodiacs are self destructing and thus can not last more than 26,000 years. It is quite possible that the zodiacs were created to control a penal colony, and the effects on man were not considered. These dates are speculative.

Archeo-Psychology breaks all the laws of blasphemy, heresy, science, astrology, academia, the Race Relations Act, and may be high treason as well. Yet it is only by understanding the past that we can understand the present. The Laws of Archeo-psychology have to cleaned down if we are to purge the Laws of the Dead. Archeo-Psychology is the great breaker of vexatious law.

Memories. We have a choice. We can go back in time, through the chain of slavery of new races. These in turn escape and repeat the cycle, with brainwashing and prison camps for disobedient slaves. Insanity can be a great aid to survival in such circumstances. This sounds like a trip through past lives. It is better to look at the wretched Boo-Hoo, our original blood ancestor. This is now represented as part of the reptilian brain.
The other option is to tackle all memories. Memories exist in the now and real time. They can be erased or reprogrammed. What is written on our chromosomes or whatever is far more important than actual history.

The Energy Centre of the Reptilian Brain is the best thing for sorting out the overloads and unwanted memories of the higher brain.

Egyptian Mummies. The legend of Osiris being cut up and dispersed by his brother Set and then put back together by his wife makes good sense provided one assumes that they were all mummies. To operate from beyond the grave in vampire mode, an entity needs to have an anchor point, the ideal being an intact body. If the mummy is cut up dispersed, then the entity loses its anchor points and thus it power. This can be restored by putting the mummy back together again. We must assume that all physical work was done by various priests. Anchor points are essential for vampire entities to operate, and to hook into their victims.

The Natural Soul is the unit of awareness of the reptilian brain. One's conscious unit of awareness belongs to the higher brain. Any immortal souls are liable to be acquired or inherited.
Natural Zodiacs are a function of the reptilian brain. They are the minds of the reptilian brain. Anything else is a vampire entity.

Free Will versus Agreement is the most common source of the human condition. Fossilised agreements cause most of the problems. Some agreement is necessary for society to function, but it does cut down on free will. Inspect the following.

Energy. All items of mentalism are based on energy and energy trading. Look at the identities, realities, laws, rights, objectives, retributions and barriers of energy. The energies of ley lines are worth investigating.

Harmony. All items of mentalism rely on creating discord. Here again we have to deal with the identities, realities, laws, rights, objectives, retributions and barriers of harmony and discord.

Energy. Ultimately everything turns into energy. This does allow one to inspect personal and group energy fields, the Earth Energy Grid and it anchor points and centres, and also ley lines. There also perverse energy grids. There are a few things to be cleaned up.

The Responsibility of Man. Do the so called Gods own us, or do we own the Gods? The answer appears to be both. Thus if we take responsibility for owning the Gods, we collapse Akasha. Target owners, downloaders and controllers of Gods, Akasha, blood ancestors and delusions. At the base of it all appears human group schizophrenia. Target creators of Gods, Akasha and schizophrenia.

The Id. This was postulated by Sigmund Freud. It is really a function of the reptilian brain in conjunction with other entities. It behaves as the god within. This is the natural id when the reptilian brain works in conjunction with the higher brain. The akashic id is created when it works in conjunction with blood ancestors and disincarnate entities. Freud was quite rightly scared of the (akashic) id breaking loose in an uncontrolled fashion. Inspect the communions of ids, reptilian brains, illusion, delusion and transparency. Reptilian brains do not wish to be found out.
Towers of Babel. The biggest of these is probably a person's own pyramid of blood ancestors leading up to the id.

Statics and Dynamics. One does need to adjust these to suit current requirements. Too much change is undesirable, but so is too little.

Human Body Emotions are far more important than those of Akasha, the Matrix or Schizophrenia. Anything below anger is probably the result of an old mistake. Sort out any borrowed or acquired emotions in one's enthusiasm and interests (including observation, communication, understanding and intention). Beingness tends to be a static, and can always do with repair.

Natural Energies and Psychic Emotions are all above the anger barrier, starting with human anger, and should include human and Earth energies. All Akashic and schizophrenic energies are below the anger barrier and belong to the dead. Clear all anger, telekinetic and poltergeist barriers in one's sector. Psychic emotions are similar to normal emotions, but on a slightly higher level.

Future Targets. The Communion of the (Akashic) Law, the Communion of Telepathy, and the Communion of Anger.

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