M01.8.- Cleanup and the Akashic Engram - Notes June 2007.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again.

There were a few things left unfinished in M01.7. Thus this section is a check list plus a few important new topics.

The Cycle of Control. runs as Creation, Control, Destruction. There is little point in creation without control. Control has a number of sub-attributes. The list appears as follows

The General Cycle of Creation. As all Akashic entities eventually turn into emotions, it may be more correct to refer to creation as an emotion. Thus creation becomes the "Creation of Emotion". No beingness can exceed the Akashic Anger Barrier, which caps everything, and prevents Akasha from being undone. Akasha works as the volume of emotion created swamps just about everything else. However human anger will clean up and dismantle Akasha.

Akashic Anger Barriers and Communication Barriers prevent Akasha from discharging. In typical monotheism, the dominant blood ancestor has to block all others. Natural religion and Spiritualism allow blood ancestors to communicate with the living, and thus discharge anything vexatious. Look at flows and channels. (There is an interesting reference in Genesis 6, 1-4.)

Disincarnate entities, acquired entities and past lives exist but are of minor importance as compared with blood ancestors. They all seem to to depend on blood ancestors.

To break out of Akasha one must look at concepts rather than communions, even if this does mean taking a very secular approach. Communions sort out discord in their ranks. Communions may appear as books of the dead. Concepts take a more detached view than communions.

Check list.

Akashic Memory is not the same as brain memory, though there may be links. All Akashic entities turn into emotions and then into memories.
Dynamic Memory as in a computer has to be constantly refreshed. Akashic memory appears to have similar properties.
Six Way Memory Flows. This is another way of looking at Zodiac chains of memes as mentioned in section S03.
Genetic Memes do not sound that logical. However we all get sexual dreams due to our endocrine glands. The mechanism for genetic memes may be very similar. Our chromosomes and endocrine glands can act as hooks for akashic memory.

The Original Akashic Engram. To get to this, one must sort out anger, pain and energy. These 3 are closely linked. There is plenty of suppressed pain. In the communion of energy, the various Akashic energies cancel each other out. The original engram is from the Pleiadean penal colony, some 13,000 years ago. Its purpose was to keep the convicts in order. The Pleiadeans may be out in space, but are of the same Earth stock as ourselves. The convicts interbred with the natives, and so we have inherited the engram from our ancestors. The engram deals with religion and the creation of the Zodiacs. This is one's inheritance.

Schizophrenia. These engrams would have probably worn out long ago, but for schizophrenics who insist on maintaining them. Most people can live with this sort of engram. In the case of schizophrenics, it takes them over completely. They act as epicentres for the survival of these engrams. They cause more problems than the actual engrams. They do love creating their own universes and expect other people to live in them. Basically schizophrenics are criminals who seek to control. They seek to convince you that they are virtuous and you are not. They seek to convince you that you need their leadership and guidance. They fear losing their mental possessions. Allow for ongoing battles between blood ancestors including members of the Penal Colony. These battles may be in the same person or between rivals. These may include schizophrenic, paranoid, psychotic, criminal, lunatic and poltergeist wars.

Logical Telepathy. The Akashic engram appears to inhibit the telepathy of logic, in favour of emotional subconscious telepathy below the anger barrier. One can expect improved filtering of telepathy, but not the telepathing of telephone numbers, or belief in politicians. This is the next level up and gets one out of the mire of engrams. It opens the way to useful psychic activity and positive thinking.

Human Ability, Capping and Placebos. One knows one has been capped. One is at peace with the world, and one knows one should not be. The remedy is to purge the capper of his malice. The psychological placebo appears to be the self inflicted version of capping. This parks one in a state of beingness, one level down. Capping and the placebo effect hold schizophrenia and blood ancestors in place. Beingness sets limits on human ability. Why bother about beingness when one can have ability. The ultimate blockers are the fires of schizophrenia and the fires of telepathy.

Communions v Enlightenment. Everyone probably has plenty of blood ancestors from the penal Colony. It is time to clean up the minor entities in one's sector, including those in oneself.

The God Gene (VMAT2) is believed by some geneticists to exist in half the population. It has many sins to answer for if it exists, such as those below. VMAT2 may answer some questions but not all of them.

Imagination. Everything exists regardless of whether it is real or imagined. Imaginary items can only have an indirect effect outside an imaginary universe. Eridean Engrams. The Erideans and other ETs before them are unlikely to be our blood ancestors. However they did enslave the Pleiadeans. Hierarchies are very important in Eridean culture. They are also psychological fire entities. They do make a wonderful model for the archetypal Satan. Blood ancestors drop in importance as compared with other past entities. Look for - Gaia Goddess of the earth pre-dates Akasha and ET rubbish. She is probably the communion of our original blood ancestors. She pre-dates monotheist masculine homosexual religion. Investigate Conscience and Green Conscience.

Clinical Schizophrenia. There is plenty of this around undiagnosed. One can get into this once one is able to handle blood ancestors. Do not expect too much success from anyone who is paid to be schizophrenic or is paid to work in a schizophrenic environment. Similar comments apply to anyone with a hormonal imbalance. Blood ancestors tend to disappear in favour of engrams, memes and zodiacs (one's inheritance). It may be that memes and zodiacs are all that is left of them. Check the list below for whatever is active. Anything left in oneself is liable to get in the way.

Alter Egos should be controlled by the ego, which in turn should be controlled by the reptilian brain. Now that blood ancestors have been orphaned, it is now easier to look at more recent ones. Judging by the evidence, alter egos are the result of dead members of the family of the target, living on in vampire mode. Obvious syndromes make good entry points. Target their graves and dis-information. These are dead ancestors which were known to those currently living. There may be exceptions going back one generation. It will not be possible to look at other people's families if there is any trouble in one's own. Target alter egos not in communication with other alter egos or the reptilian brain of the host. They are also liable to have separate zodiacs.

Base Engrams. All alter egos turn into engrams. Look out for self replicating, alter ego, hypnotic and charismatic engrams. They all have graves and may not know they are dead. It takes schizophrenia, real, culturally acquired, or acquired through one's family to maintain engrams and Akasha. Real schizophrenics are most unlikely to be reading this web site.

Base Schizophrenia tends to behave as an engram complete with pain and law. Those who can not forgive their Gods, blood ancestors and schizophrenia remain stuck in Akasha and schizophrenia.

Universal Telepathy and personal telepathy are worth investigating. However there is a telepathic pain barrier. Subconscious telepathy which is tied with Akasha, and conscious telepathy are 2 different things. The graves of the NWO from the Penal Colony may also get in the way. The New World order is starting to look like a collection of engrams rather than a collection of individuals.

Memories of Pain are the basis of Akasha, Karma and schizophrenia. The highest level of Akasha is being a Living God, which is not as great as most people think. Akasha acts as a lock on Karma. Anger is still the best cleaning agent and wipes out subconscious pain. Most things turn into Zodiacs of some sort or other, not all belonging to this planet. Remember to check for one's own vampires. If one purges everyone else's vampires and leaves one's own, then they will be last Gods left standing. This is in their interests.

The Epileptic Flow. Epilepsy must be an aid to survival, else it would have been bred out long ago. It only causes medical problems if it is frustrated or blocked. It is a Fire Flow necessary to keep schizophrenia in order and to balance it out. It is the medical equivalent of Fire. It is the destructive element in the Cycles of Creation which terminates them, so that new ones can be started. Epilepsy has the advantage of being in the physical universe. However look out for fossilised epilepsy especially in zodiacs. Handling Akasha demands barbaric remedies. Let epilepsy and schizophrenia cancel each other out.

Black Holes are a useful concept. Everyone and group of entities has or can create black holes, into which all obsolete rubbish can disappear. These must be recreated and destroyed to keep things dynamic. Black holes work well with two way epileptic flows.

A Psychopomp is traditionally someone, usually a God, who collects the souls of the dead and helps them to move on. The psychopomp within, and everyone else's, can be enabled. The enabled psychopomp can help all lost souls, members of the Penal Colony, blood ancestors, engrams, memes, zodiacs, akashic law and Books of the Dead to move on. This ends their cycles so that they can accept the Rapture, return to the Pleiades, go to Heaven, or do what ever else they want to do. Thus they can leave the living to live in harmony. This activity may be called "Psychopomposity". All the rubbish of yesterday fear the psychopomp without exception. This must be the top end of the matrix. Every level of the matrix is there, it just has to be enabled.

Automatic and Sub-conscious Processing now comes into its own. An akashic psychopomp can not touch a living schizophrenic, but a living psychopomp can. Automatic processing goes on all the time. The problem is that most automatic processing is akashic and quite negative. The chief human offenders appear to be living law makers.

The Secrets of the Universe ultimately depend on blood ancestors with unfinished business and telepathy. Those who worship their blood ancestors or have an Akashic overload, produce telepathy. Telepathic receivers either neutralise telepathy received and neutralise the source, or get swamped and capped by it. Whether a receiver gets swamped, ignores or neutralises the telepathy sent, depends on the level of enlightenment of the receiver. Human telepathy is very much about the transmission of emotion and not about the transmission of data like phone numbers and personal details. One can develop higher levels of Telepathic Enlightenment, and neutralise the unfinished business and rubbish of the past.

Two Way Flows belong to matrices. Hierarchies favour one way or restricted flows. Anything can flow two way, even the law and legal flows. Big Brother, as in George Orwell's book "1984", makes the mistake of thinking that he can put everyone else under surveillance, without people observing his antics.

The Law. Examine the laws of observation, communication, understanding, intention, enlightenment, charisma, enthusiasm, work, serenity, etc. These all tend to be biased in one direction only in society.

The Poltergeist is at the top of the hierarchy of illusion and delusion. The poltergeist in adults deals in mind control. It is not quite the same as the poltergeist of 14 year old boys who send the crockery ballistic. The poltergeist is the highest creation in schizophrenia, and is used to defend the works of schizophrenia. One has to create a dynamic poltergeist within which is greater than any other akashic poltergeist. This is a matter of posturing, as we are dealing with illusion and delusion. All poltergeists are fat windbags in need of deflating.

The Id was postulated by Sigmund Freud as the "I want" precursor to the ego. The ego interacts with the physical universe, while the pure id does not. The id is the precursor to the poltergeist. It belongs to the primitive reptilian brain. The id wants toys, and satisfies this craving by pulling in zodiacs, blood ancestors and other such entities. This sounds like another view of the baby brain.

Everything that man has created can be uncreated by man.

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