M01.9.- Schizophrenic Technology and dealing with it - Notes June 2008.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again.

There were a few things left unfinished in M01.8.

Types of Thought. There are at least 5 types.

Parapsychology runs on 90% emotion and 10% logic. Academics generally try to work on the basis of 90% logic and 10% emotion. Academics then wonder why no great advance has been made in the academic understanding of parapsychology in the last 100 years.

The Laws of Survival. If Akasha had not developed such laws, it would not have survived. The laws of survival of Akasha tend to aid its friends. They also penalize its enemies or get people not to listen to them. Look at the personal survival which means self first, then family, followed by friends and associates, and work out from there. Schizophrenia is the survival of emotional thought, without regard to personal survival. There is a lot of sub-clinical schizophrenia, which pays regard to the survival of the individual at the expense of everyone else.

Two Way Sub-conscious Telepathy. One way sub-conscious telepathy is the main tool of Akasha. Two way telepathy deflates it. Anything which can be done sub-consciously saves conscious work. Sub-consciously probably means handling by the reptilian brain. Target everything done sub-consciously or automatically.

Miasmas and Delusions. There are plenty of these. They are interconnected. They need to be targeted. They block spiritual development. The biggest illusion of the lot is that any dead or akashic entity can be greater than the living. This is an area of politics and religion. Mass hypnosis can be included in this area. Target everything or any communion which claims to be to big to handle by either man, the reptilian brain or oneself.

Two Way Telepathy of any form, needs to be targeted and developed. Do not expect that much in the form of conscious telepathy. Healthy people only telepath when in distress, or to counter vexatious telepathy. There are plenty of other things which should be two way, including mind control. Two way action deflates stout parties. In theory, there can be no free will in a state of universal telepathy, as everyone knows what everyone else is thinking. In practice, in a state of free will there is no telepathy because telepathy belongs to Akasha. However one must not rule out conscious telepathy between like people. Such conscious telepathy is in real time and does have roots in the past. Akasha and memory belong below the anger barrier. Such rubbish can be handled subconsciously provided the subconscious is above the anger barrier for the offending sector.

Theories on Telepathy. Dr Andrija Puharich (in his book "Beyond Telepathy") proposed that telepathy is transmitted when a person is in distress, and that telepathy is received by persons in a relaxed state of mind. This we find to be true, but will add that an overload will also a person to telepathically transmit. Dr Rupert Sheldrake has observed telepathy between close relatives and family groups, and "Dogs which know when their owners are coming home". Such observations should be of little surprise if one assumes that such groups are living in each other's pockets, and thus have overloads from each other. Such may be the price of love and probably worth paying. We all live in each other's pockets to a certain extent, which is the price of living in society and civilisation.

The Id, Ego and Super-Ego were proposed by Freud and are still valid. It does help if they are all in telepathic two way communion with each other.

The Communion of Betrayal is at the top end of the Akashic Matrix. It appears on the way out and not the way down. Betrayal is of great significance to schizophrenics. Anything covert must never be betrayed. Akashic entities have to betray each other for their own survival. Ordinary people expect to be dropped in the organic fertilizer from time to time, and make allowances for it.

The Communion of the Ludicrous may appear.

Schizophrenic Technologies are responsible for the whole of Akasha, and anything else based on memory which holds us back. These technologies developed the Zodiacs, probably some 13,000 years ago. This is knowledge best targeted and forgotten. Not all knowledge and technologies are worth preserving. Blood sacrifice was generally abandoned on Earth about 2,000 years ago, but may have been part of perverse technology.

Zodiacs tend to loop back and reinforce Akasha. It appears that any Galactic wars are more psychological than physical, with the losers getting the worst of it. Fortunately we are are not that telepathic, but other ETs are.

Epigenetics. The work of Wolf Reik, genetic imprinting and epigenetics are worth a look. This deals with the switching on and off of genes, to handle current requirements, and can be handed down to future generations. There was an interesting study in Overkalix in North Sweden. This implies the existence of Genetic Consciousness. Taking this a stage further, why can not Zodiacs be written on our chromosomes. What can be written can also be erased.

The inheritance of acquired characteristics is now discredited among geneticists, since the work of Gregor Mendel. Any such inheritance is below the 5% level and thus is generally debunked by science. However Lamarck (1744 - 1829) was a highly respected French biologist. Lysenko (1878 - 1976) was a good plant breeder but got too heavily in Russian Communist politics.

Zodiac Imprinting implies massive engrams. However if the original engram was quite small, imprinting a small zodiac, then this becomes more believable. Feedback from zodiacs could create ever larger zodiacs. These in time could become quite massive. Add in present day schizophrenic zodiac imprinters, and we have an ongoing system. Mind wiping or the wiping of memories off our chromosomes is a high level of consciousness. Target the following.

Master Cappers. Cappers drop part of their mind on one to protect their own interests. Target the cappers at the top of the hierarchies.

There is a saying - "Use a long spoon when you deal with the Devil". If you were an ET, how would you deal with the next masters of the Galaxy? Epileptic Flows tend to neutralise schizophrenic flows. The two cancel each other out.

Apocalypse and Enlightenment must be at the top of the Matrix of the Universal Subconscious. The Fires of Purgatory are also in this area. However as Enlightenment too is a level in the Matrix of Akasha, this again is dissolved by two way telepathy.
Acknowledgment of Existence is important. Unacknowledged entities can hang around like unacknowledged communications. Acknowledgement can put them to bed.

The Universal Subconscious. There are many and not just one. A few will be in one's sector.

Hexes, Laws and Archetypes. These have a lot in common and have links to zodiacs. Hexes and archetypes have strong links to the penal colony.

Creation. Anything claiming to be greater than Man is an illusion. This is the creation of the psychological universe and not the physical universe. One may have to go out into the Galaxy. Target the following.

Emptiness. Nature abhors a vacuum. The emptiness caused by Akasha being handled subconsciously, can be handled by living in the physical universe. This does mean that one has to redefine one's goals and objectives.

Mastery of all Universes. No universe should be greater than the people. There are many universes, but do include the following.

Natural Religion. There are 5 main hierarchical authoritarian religions in the UK at present. These are Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Socialism (aka Labour) and Scientific Atheism. None of these want you to hug a tree, as that means respecting the Physical Universe. They want you to hug them instead. 2012 is coming up with the change over to the Aquarian Age. The Aquarian Age brings the end of all artificial hierarchies, or the end of the World as we know it.

Anger Barriers. Akasha seems to based on fossilised anger which claims to be greater than the living. This is a delusion. If one runs into overrun, then it is time to move on to emotion in general and emotional barriers.

The contents of a person's mind is of great importance to that person. It is of little importance to anyone else. Thus if another person's mind is received, then it will be ignored as mere noise, provided the receiver is above the appropriate anger barrier.

Mind Wiping is a variation on "Wagering one's head" in the Viking Sagas. It is the method by which Akashic entities gain dominancy over each other. Dominant Akashic entities get most incensed when it is done to them. They call it mind rape. However Man must also use this if he is to be dominant over Akasha. The result of mind wiping is to wipe out obsolete minds. Targets include -

Universal Remote Psychotherapy. In this state everyone is dismantling the Akasha of everyone else. Thus Akasha can no longer exist. Check the following series.

Brain. Things tend to move over into this area leaving Akasha behind. There is still plenty who will tell you they are are too big to handle, which is an illusion. Inspect the following.

Telepathic Nets. There are plenty of these. They need to talk to each other. A few are mentioned below.

Enlightenment is below survival and living. Check the following.

Black Mass is made up of engrams, zodiacs and other forms of Akasha which have congealed into something solid. Even masses can be targeted and turned into energy.

Incineration burns up all rubbish. "Incinerate" can be a good alternative to "Telekine" as a tool.

Hierarchies. There are hierarchies of just about everything in the Akashic world. These can be accessed as wholes and not just their individual levels. Most things turn from almighty entities into schizophrenia.

Automatic and Sub-conscious Processing. Using this as a target raises everything which falsely claims to be too big or forbidden to handle. It also handles lesser psychological rubbish automatically. This is good for keeping down any crime around one. Let sub-conscious processing handle sub-conscious telepathy and other psycho villainy.

Harmonics. Epigenetics behaves as a series of wavelength, and thus to be being handled as harmonics and discords. Whether these wavelengths can be detected by science, is not known. Perhaps talking about harmonic frequencies might be more appropriate. Talking about wavelengths does assume we know the speed of such transmissions.

Universes. There are many within the Physical Universe, and they exist in hierarchies, down to the private universes of individuals.

Patronage. This is something everyone wants, from patronage of a god to that of their bosses and social peers. This is the basis of hierarchies.

Communication is king. Inspect the hierarchies and communions of telepathy and communication. Telepathy tends to be sub-conscious while communication tends to be conscious.

Black Magic. The most common source of this is simple masturbation. This is an activity common in men and less common in women. It is a simple way of getting rid of excess sexual energies. Ordinary people indulge in sexual fantasies while indulging. People of schizophrenic, paranoid and psychiatric disposition tend to go in for schizophrenic, paranoid and psychiatric fantasies while indulging. This in turn arouses their epigenetics and blood ancestors, and deposits a load of akashic rubbish into the Universal Sub-conscious. A common theme among black magicians is they hate everyone's guts. Any good things in the Universal Sub-conscious are probably quite rare. Target all living wankers and dead wankers. One can not touch anyone not producing Akashic rubbish.

The Universal Sub-conscious is a communion of the sub-consciouses of living humans. The sub-conscious field of any individual depends on how many people know of them, and the height of the profile of that individual. TV and modern communication can increase the size of a person's field considerably. The law of the Universal Sub-conscious is the survival of the fittest. This means that the higher anything is in the Akashic hierarchy, the greater its effect. The greater tends to wipe out the lesser. However any living being who can see an Akashic entity for what it really is, and is prepared to look on it as an equal, will wipe out that entity. This is described in the Viking Sagas as "Wagering one's head". Anyone who picks up this rubbish and does not reject it, will fall victim to it and stoke up their epigenetics. Most of the activities described here are done sub-consciously.

True Enlightenment comes when one jumps beyond the Apocalypse, and is in harmony with everyone around. However it is not possible to be in harmony if there are any discordants in one's environment. Enlightenment is a terrible weapon against sources of discord and those who wish to remain Akashic. This is hard luck on all who wish to own other people's souls.

Change. Enlightenment is all very well but it is static, and not dynamic. We live in a constantly changing world. The ability to handle change is all important. Change render yesterday's rubbish obsolete.

The Apocalypse of Epigenetic Engrams. We may never consciously know the content of epigenetic engrams. We can however deal with their emotions and with them as entities.

The God Epigenetic Engram exists in many people especially monotheists. There are heavy links to schizophrenia, which is why it is so hard for psychiatrists to cure. As all God epigenetic engrams are in telepathic communion with each other, they tend to act as one. This is the engram at the top of all hierarchies. For this we have to go back through the various ET races who were first slaves, and who became slave masters when they escaped. Pin back your boggle barriers and hold your water. Alternatively investigate schizophrenia.

True Godship comes when one is on a higher level than God Engrams. Then such rubbish can be handled subconsciously and automatically. This applies to everyone in one's environment. Thus one is top of the hierarchy of God engrams. As states of beingness tend to break down at this level, it is not that great as a state of beingness.

Life Engrams, constraints and personal habits can be handled in much the same way. These can also be relegated to subconscious processing, once one has taken the higher ground.

Slave Engrams. This is the other side of the coin to god engrams. This depends on which side the host takes. There is a choice. One can investigate schizophrenia which is in current time. The other alternative is to go back through our ET friends, through the chain of escaped slaves, who have in turn become slave masters.

Schizophrenic Engrams. Sub-clinical schizophrenia is very common. Someone must complain for anyone to be diagnosed as schizophrenic. This is an area of contagious engrams which do not necessarily come from our blood ancestors.

The Original Goal appears to outrank everything else. However this may the case of which came first, the chicken or the egg. The original goal was probably something like "To be God", in response to a disaster situation. However with every goal there is an opposite goal, see section S03. Investigate the original versions of the following.

The Reptilian Brain. As one digs deeper, engrams and zodiacs turn into overloads and hexes. Akasha turns into a load of schizophrenia. At the real base of the whole shooting match is the reptilian brain, which is the operating system for all higher parts of the brain. Target reptilian brains and their overloads.

Anger. There are plenty of schizophrenics who are quite happy to play games with other people's minds, but get most irate if someone does it to them. One encounters their anger. Mental interaction is part of life, but is preferably played on a level field. This is much the same anger as that which prevents engrams, hexes, zodiacs and goals from being unraveled. Anger is more important than the engram it protects. We must be prepared to go back through the ET slave chain and the anger of the original slave masters.

The Anchor Points of Group Schizophrenia. Anchor points are past incidents, symbols or places to which one is psychologically attached. Trauma is usually attached. Anchor points in religion include the Christian Cross, the Jewish Star of David and the Muslim's Black Rock in Mecca. There is also a certain cult which has an electronic device of which they are fond. This device has become an anchor point. Now ETs may have started and created many things, but it is group schizophrenia which keeps them in existence. The reptilian brain should be king.

The Original Goals. These appear to be the following, and a good formulae for schizophrenia. Schizophrenic ability. Investigate the following.

Overrun comes when one generates too much anger, and one should move over to emotion in general. See the next section.

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