M01.10.- Overrun - Notes June 2008.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again.

The Universe Within v the Universe Without.

Overrun means trying to fix a problem after it has been fixed, or trying to fix the wrong problem. Yesterday's solutions can become today's problems. This is another possible mechanism for epigenetic type rubbish perpetuating itself. Solving problems by quick fix may make a problem worse in the long term. Examples are:-

The main targets:-

Emotions. These can be overrun too, especially as most things turn into emotions. One can only sort out one's own sector, so there will always be rubbish from elsewhere.

Egos. These all appear to have their roots in the Penal Colony. The component of anger appears to be the key. Allow anger to run away and one will have high blood pressure. Target -

Archetypes and Zodiacs. Zodiacs tend to look like bundles or rings of archetypes. A person will always have unfinished business while these are active. Unfinished business is the main cause of ghostly hauntings. Archetypes are the basis of personality and do not know when to stop. An archetype ceases to be if it stops. Astrology may be a good place to start looking at zodiacs in general. Look at the following, especially those within.

Emptiness. All Akasha is illusion and delusion. The reality is that it is just an empty box. Call its bluff.

The Law claims to predate everything else and claims roots in the Galaxy. Maybe it does have roots in the galaxy. Look at its emptiness and delusion. What may look like mighty lions, turn out to be pumped up mice. Remember the story of the emperors new clothes.

Pain. As one moves out of Akasha and epigenetics, so body pain becomes far more important than anger. The targets remain remarkably similar.

Physical Exercise is a good remedy for anything untoward, even if the problems object.

Physical Telekinesis may not exist, but the illusion or delusion that it does does exist, does exist.

Angels should they appear are most likely Pleiadean memories. This is Galactic War and Penal Colony stuff. The Pleiadeans have blond hair and blue eyes, and are thus too human not to be another branch of the human race. Look for -

Satans are Eridean memories. They are black reptilian fire entities. They abducted humans from Earth for slaves, who escaped to become the Pleiadeans. Some of our ancestors were Pleiadeans in the Penal Colony. Thus Original Sin is the crime of escaping from slave masters. Look for -

Creations Engrams. There is a theory that if one adds up everything in the physical universe expressed as energy, the result is zero. The same may be true about Akasha. Look at the following -

Duality. If one has sin, there must be something to sin against. This infers a duality. If there is a law, then there is something to be protected, which is again a duality.

Books of the Law. These are the laws of the dead, but are probably carried by living humans, behaving as a living book. These are many and various.

Telepathic Silence. Most religious gurus aim at this to to cut down unwanted telepathy from within and without. The concept of telepathic silence cuts down the noise of the market place.

Hormones. A workable theory is that there are say 100 hormones in the human body unknown to medical science, as they do not produce significant medical effects. These hormones and their interactions produce archetypes and emotions. A hundred should be enough to account for all archetypes. One will need more to account for Zodiacs. The hypnotists have proved that man can give an explanation for absolutely everything. Such explanations often bare little relation to absolute reality, hence the acquired memory syndrome. Epigenetics and the experiences of blood ancestors would account for the switching on and off of the genes controlling these hormones. Look at the following.

Telekinetics. Physical telekinetic activity is notorious for not working under a person's conscious control. When it does occur, it rarely works in the interests of the host. The physical telekinetics of 14 year old boys activating poltergeists, has its counterpart in adults as mind control. Telekinetics form the highest activity in fossilised minds. Look at the following.

Unfinished Business (Underrun) is the great cause of hauntings and people apparently returning from the dead. This also applies to the living especially as Akashic unfinished business. This is more probably the unfinished business of blood ancestors and epigenetics.

The Graves of the dead. Disincarnate Gods run in parallel to epigenetics, and can overlap. They also reinforce and defend each other. Now to purge obsolete Gods, one must must purge their graves and any other anchor points they may have. Dead Gods are also Books of the Law. Some Gods are remarkably recent; they only have to be dead to live on in vampire mode. The story of Osiris, Isis and the "evil" Set is a story of 3 Egyptian mummies and the priests serving them. The following are all linked.

Power and Charisma. Schizophrenics have total power in their own universes. They have power and charisma over everyone who buys into their universes. Charisma has a very dark side to it and operates from beyond the grave. The dead are greater than the living until the living take over. It is all a matter of postering and bluff, and deciding what level one wants to be at.

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