M01.11.- Cycles of Imagination and Enlightenment - Notes July 2009.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again.

Engrams do not have to be the result of specific events. Concepts, illusions and delusions can also have embedded laws and retribution (or anger) to prevent them being dismantled.

Imagination and ability to think outside the box is generally regarded as useful. Personal, group and social schizophrenia come from people pulling in memories of the dead, which people think will help them in their survival. There is too much state worship of the dead and thus necromancy. Judging by the Credit Crunch of 2008, and the antics of various bankers, mortgage lenders and politicians, there is plenty of social schizophrenia around.

Cycles of Imagination. All cycles follow a basic cycle of Start, Change and Stop, and imagination is no different. If one gets stuck in the middle, then one can not escape. If one repeatedly gets stuck in the middle, and starts new cycles from the middle of the last cycle, then a mighty Tower of Babel gets set up. This appears to be the basis of schizophrenia, especially if cycles are started from memories of the dead.

True Enlightenment comes when one can handle all junk and spam telepathy automatically or subconsciously. It also helps if one has no handles within on which such junk can hook on to. There is plenty of Akashic law to prevent one developing such ability. Inspect the following.

Games can be described as engrams without the law, fire and retribution. Once one can really handle engrams, they become games. In a true game, everyone knows the rules. In a conspiracy, the rules and contents of the game are only consciously known to insiders. A conspiracy is a game where most people are ignorant of it. There is no clear dividing line between engrams, conspiracies and games. The more covert a game is, the more vulnerable it is to being inspected and observed. The UK currently has 14 million surveillance cameras; who is watching the watchers.

Epigenetic Games take over from Akashic games, and confidence tricks lie at their roots.

Systems. There appear to be a number of competing systems.

False Enlightenment. Every alter-ego believes they have the answer to everything. However they are all the remains of blood ancestors, and if they did have all the answers, they would not stick around.

Engrams of the Law. One may have to go a long way back into the hole in our history, and pin back one's boggle barrier, in order to get at the source.

Telepathy comes into its own from alter-egos and past memories. Anything from the past has laws and retribution to protect it. Most telepathy is sub-conscious between sub-consciouses. There are laws to prevent conscious minds reading it. If a conscious mind reads it, it is liable to be laughed out of court and discarded. Thus for sub-conscious telepathy to exist, it must never be consciously read, remote viewed or understood. It is a different matter if any of this serves a useful purpose. The barriers between one's conscious and sub-conscious minds are worth investigating.

The Universal Sub-conscious is made up of poltergeists, and things which must never be violated.

Karma is very heavy as it contains mass, and both epigenetics (blood ancestors) and past lives.

Beingness depends on memory. We all wish to be today 99.9% of what we were yesterday, and this depends on memory of what we were yesterday. Such beingness maintains our family life, interests and jobs. Then there is obsolete beingness based on memory of Akasha, Karma and things which no longer exist.

Illusion and Delusion All is illusion and delusion, except the physical universe. If we know what Akasha forbids us to know, then the whole of Akasha collapses as it is based on illusion and delusion, and there is nothing worth knowing.

The Laws of Survival are there to help the victors control the vanquished and new races, and to keep them in order. This is survival for the victors and the older races of ETs. This is not quite the same as as the normal definition of survival. Our ET friends have been around longer than we have. Check them out. The Greys appear to know too much about the origins of zodiacs and astrology. There has been plenty of dabbling by ETs in Earth history.

Schizophrenia takes over from Akasha. If there is a difference between akashic schizophrenia and medical schizophrenia (clinical or sub-clinical), it is very hard to tell. For everything in Akasha, there is a parallel in schizophrenia. The probable scenario is that those of schizophrenic disposition tend to sub-consciously necromance the dead, which becomes medical only if things get out of control. Peer pressure imposes their views on everyone else.

The Law. We are dealing here with fossilised law and not the law of the land. However the two do get confused, especially as British judges will insist on wearing fancy dress. There is a lot of fossilised law which seems to override all else, and which we are not supposed to violate or remote view, if they are to survive. Some samples are -

Engrams lie below the law and keep it in place. Fire and epileptic engrams have the most power as they have the greatest powers of retribution. Epilepsy is the medical name for Fire when it gets out of control. Zodiacs can behave as both engrams and dead entities. Astrology is not natural. It must have been contrived by man or ETs or both. Pisces is still awake, but the other houses are asleep. This will probably change with the Apocalypse, which according to certain Egyptologists (Ambilac), is 22.00 hrs, 21st December 2012, Cairo time.

Laughter. The limitation of anger is that it can not work above anger. Laughter can.

Energy. Eventually all emotion, engrams included, turn into energy. There is no logic here. It pays here to pay attention to personal exercise. There is plenty of vampirism from the dead, epigenetic and otherwise.

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