M01.12.- The Secrets of the Universe, the ones no one wants to know about - Notes July 2009.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again.

The Secrets of the Universe revolve around fossilised schizophrenia from our blood ancestors, held in place by fossilised epilepsy also from our blood ancestors. As no one wants to know anything about this, they survive in an unresolved fashion. Schizophrenia and epilepsy only become medical when they get out of control. The trick is to raise one's game to a point where one can use the real time epileptic fire flow, which burns out the rubbish left by our blood ancestors.

Schizophrenic Technology. In theory, it should be possible to turn this around for the purposes of the living and not the dead. In practice, modern humans do usually prefer logic to emotion, love excepted.

Telepathic Zapping is psychic warfare, but it can only affect those people rely on schizophrenia, fossilised emotions and Akasha. It has no effect on logic. If there have been psychic wars, then they must have been between societies based on telepathy. Modern DNA analysis suggests that we have inherited the power of speech by hybridising with the Neanderthals. It looks as though we may have inherited the logical left hand side of the brain from them as well. There a number of puzzles left unanswered. We only do things if we feel like it, and thus doing is as emotionally based as being.

Memes are the basic building blocks of engrams, zodiacs, epigenetic memories and anything else akashic. Even memes have dead creators complete with graves, which must never be inspected if they are to survive. The threat of remote viewing makes a good wake up call, better than playing them at their own game. The graves of astrology gods on their respective planets are also worth a look. All memes claim to be greater than the living, a bluff which needs to be called. They are memories without any intelligence. There may be real time memes, but we have not encountered any. The following appear the most basic.

Schizophrenia and remote viewing are mutually antagonistic. Being able to handle akasha, leaves schizophrenia naked. Akasha is the product of generations of schizophrenics. If any universe around one is not to one's liking, it is probably heavily schizophrenic. The problems of schizophrenic universes can be dismantled by remote viewing them. Epigenetic remote viewing and telepathy is very one way, and conscious remote viewing puts in the return path. These entities do not like the idea of being remote viewed by their peers and rivals. This subject is very politically sensitive, so maybe it is probably time to stop.

As above, so below, or visa versa according to one's viewpoint. Thus Akasha and Schizophrenia are duplicates of each other. Thus the methods of dealing with institutional schizophrenia are very similar to the methods of dealing with Akasha. Make sure one is through all Fire barriers. The categories of fire barriers are only limited by one's imagination.

Infinity should be outside all schizophrenic and private universes which are finite.

The Living are necessary to activate the dead and Akasha. Target offending members of the living by what ever name they answer to, regardless of one's personal beliefs. The basis of Akasha appears to be schizophrenia, epigenetics, psychological necromancy and the psychosis of fossilised anger.

Cycles of Imagination. All cycles follow a basic cycle of Start, Change and Stop, and imagination is no different. If one gets stuck in the middle, then one can not escape. If one repeatedly gets stuck in the middle, and starts new cycles from the middle of the last cycle, then a mighty Tower of Babel gets set up. This appears to be the basis of schizophrenia, especially if cycles are started from memories of the dead.

Schizophrenia. Eventually all Akasha collapses into schizophrenia and its derivatives. All gods have graves and anchor points, which are usually the same but not always. This leads on to psychological Big Bangs which are far more likely to be 6 - 13 thousand years old rather than 15 billion. These big bangs are best treated as racial or epigenetic engrams.

Enlightenment as in Buddhism comes when ever one makes a sizeable shift in reality towards the physical universe and real time. Enlightenment can be described as "Enlightenment is a case of mind over matter; I don't care and what else matters", or in the case of enemies "Enlightenment is a case of mind over matter; I don't care and you don't matter". However please do not forget one's friends and family. Also as Eugen Herrigel points out in his book - The Method of Zen - enlightenment can be a short term spiritual disaster. It may take a little time to re-establish one' reality. There at least 4 versions or definitions of reality. Morality is probably far more important and follows a similar pattern. There are many false versions of enlightenment, and one must chew through them. This is the bases of capping, where one gets a download of a false enlightenment, which makes one feel fine but within the reality of the capper. Targets include -

Epileptic Enlightenment is the key to unlocking Akasha and psychology. The epileptic and schizophrenic flows are natural flows, and only cause medical problems when blocked and frustrated. The graves of dead epileptics lock Akasha in place, and can be unlocked by real time epileptic enlightenment. Thus the origins of Akasha and religion lie in the medical and psychiatric nature of the body, held in place by the graves of our blood ancestors and their fossilised flows. Thus the Akashic elements now become -

The History of Man. The official Chinese view of their ancestry is that they are descended from Homo Erectus and not Homo Sapiens. This is claimed to account for the very distinctive facial characters of the Chinese race. However geneticists have found that the Chinese male Y chromosome marker to be out of Africa. One explanation is that Homo Sapiens is a very aggressive race, and killed all the Erectus men and raped their women. The same could be true of encounters with Neanderthals and other extinct races. Such things are too politically incorrect for scientists to investigate properly. Zodiacs appear more basic and older than other rubbish. They contain more fire than emotion. At the base of this fire is a load of fossilised epilepsy. One may have to go back further in the history of the human race. Look for the graves of their creators,

The Basic Archetypes are those of Fire or epilepsy and emotion or Water or schizophrenia. All others are derived from these. They all have graves of their creators. Air or logic is still a derivative whatever academics say. Other archetypes include knowledge archetypes and surveillance archetypes. They are all locked down by fossilised anger in a similar way to engrams. Archetypes are liable to turn into engrams. Probably archetypes are engrams which are capable of evolving. Purge the graves of their creators. Religious archetypes can be particularly difficult to handle due the amount of fossilised epilepsy they contain.

Archetypal Law. There is plenty of law here to protect archetypes and archetypes to protect the law. Purge all laws which protect the law. One may even have to go into the laws of the Galaxy.

The Alleged Creation. As this is over 6,000 years ago, anyone's theories are as good as anyone else's. Nothing is likely to be proved or disproves in our lifetimes. Although Dr Courtney Brown has been ridiculed, he might have been right when he said that the Greys (ETs) were the technicians for other ET races. Purge the graves of all creators, real or imagined.

Games outrank archetypes. Expect more law and even possibly epileptic games. Zodiacs can behave in a similar way.

Anger and Enlightenment are the best cleaners. Try the enlightenment of the dead and of archetypes and the law. Enlightenment tends to disappear as Akasha disappears. There is still plenty of Akasha out there in the world waiting for an opportunity. This leads on to -

Universal Epilepsy. In a state of mutual 2 way epilepsy, Karma and Akasha can no longer exist, as all epilepsy is in real time and is not the epilepsy of the dead.

Apocalypse is the ultimate firewall and contains law and epilepsy. Allow for living apocalypses. Also allow for sandwiches of epilepsy, schizophrenia and apocalypse, and also real time problems.

Epigenetics. It looks like the mechanism for transferring data forward from one generation to the next is via information and ability genes. These must be capable of being programmed, written, erased and re-written. There is plenty of junk DNA to suit the purpose. This mechanism is essential in a bee hive, probably useful in a dog, but quite unsuited to anyone who claims to have intelligence. This reminds one of the book by Richard Dawkins, "The Selfish Gene", where Prof Dawkins suggests that survival is more to do with the survival of genes than the survival of a species.

Genes are not contagious. Memes (self replicating units of thought suggested by Dawkins) are contagious. However memes need suitable programmable genes to attach themselves. Memes and genes act as locks on each other. However Dawkins is an atheist and Atheism is as simplistic as any other religion.

14/Aug/2009. The actions of the 2 sides of the brain tend to equate to the barbaric emotions of epilepsy and schizophrenia. The left hand side of the brain deals with control and logic, while the right hand side tends to deal with imagination and emotion.

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