M01.13.- Wagering One's Head
Notes January 2010.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again.

Wagering one's head There is a constant battle between akashic entities, where they wager their heads against each other to see who is top dog. The loser ceases to exist as a psychic entity. There is reference to this in the Viking Sagas, where the gods wager their heads with older obsolete gods and win. We are living beings, so when we do it, the loser loses a chunk of obsolete mind. This keeps karma and akasha moving forward in time, and helps clean it up. However if we choose to be outside the system, and wager our heads with the system, the result is that the system is slimmed down. In practice this means challenging all offending parties to wager the graves of the dead, or their blood ancestors. Psychiatrists would probably prefer reference to wagering alter-egos, which has similar roots. Blood ancestors are a principle cause of schizophrenia. What makes schizophrenics so hard to cure is that what ever they say, they do not want to be cured. They just want a more comfortable life, and will wager their blood ancestors against anyone who tries to cure them. There is plenty of sub-clinical schizophrenia about. However to deal with other people's blood ancestors, one does have to deal with one's own.

Longstops are always useful. Entities are liable to tell one "You can not touch me as I am authorised by the Source", so one has to purge the Source as well. Our favourites are the Galactic Federation and the Galactic Federation Supreme Court. These may be real or imagined, but purging these does mean that one is is prepared to go to the absolute limit. Authorisations usually turn out to come from blood ancestors and can be very important.

Reality Maps. The ego contains a person's map or view of the universe and reality, and if this map is corrupt, then a person is liable to have problems. The moral here is that one should be constantly amending and updating one's view of reality in line with the physical universe. Reality maps tend to collapse when one has a spell of enlightenment as in Buddhism, and one has to rapidly restore one's reality based on the physical universe.

Dead Psychics who are also blood ancestors lead to a lot of compulsive behaviour, both positive and negative. On the positive side one has psychics who can not stop spirit coming through. On the negative side one has the compulsive behaviour of atheists and sceptics. Blood ancestors who were not psychics are usually harmless. Any psychic ability which needs the graves of dead psychics is not worth having. All unwanted entities whether ancestors or disincarnate had blood ancestors at some point. Look at the following.

The origin of zodiacs and astrology appears to be lost in time. Thus all available theories may be valid. The original basic zodiac may have originated outside this planet and got added to later to fit. We put the blame on the Galactic Federation.

The actions of the 2 sides of the brain tend to equate to the barbaric emotions of epilepsy and schizophrenia. The left hand side of the brain deals with control and logic, while the right hand side tends to deal with imagination and emotion.

The Pineal Body or Third Eye is a gland at the base of the brain and is common to both sides of the brain. It is the seat of all schizophrenic, occult and psychic activity. Fire is a great cleanser to clean out all rubbish. Anger is better. There are also links to the kundalini at the base of the spine and the chakras in-between. Together with the reptilian brain, these form the body operating system. Target the following.

Problem Solution Chains. Today's solution to yesterday's problem tends to become tomorrow's problem. Thus there tends to be long chains of problems and their solutions. These can be such things as wars, peace treaties, and the next war that peace treaties create. These chains stretch back in time, the time limit depending on one's boggle barrier. Subject to one's boggle barrier, these may start on other planets. There seem to be no limits, but do they matter. All religions have the statement that God created order out of chaos, but unfortunately both the gods and their solutions are now past their sell by date

The Immortal Soul certainly has retrospective immortality, but then so does the body. In practice, it is the sum total of one's blood ancestors, plus a few additions like engrams and dead gods. It should be treated in the same way as the ego. It can not be destroyed, but can be cleaned up and if necessary it will automatically regenerate. Psychotic immortal souls are at the source of schizophrenia, which is why it is so difficult to cure.

The Original Creation or Original Transmigration of Souls is the Jewish take on what we have called the Penal Colony, and is another view of the same thing. The immortal souls in question are incapable of forgiveness, and yet desperately crave it. These vampires can only achieve peace by being forgiven. As the sins involved are over 6,000 years old, there is little point in refusing to forgive, and plenty of point in forgiving them to put them at peace and so get rid of them. In law, there are various statutes of limitations, and all personal legal liability ends with death.

Apocalypse is at the top of Akasha. It is painful to go through. Hence it is often referred to as the Fires of Hell and the Fires of Purgatory. One must be prepared to go through it in order to be free. In the Bible it says that Jesus Christ descended into Hell and on the third days he rose again. If in theology, he can do it, so can everyone else. A complication is that apocalypses also occur between various layers of Akasha.

Sources. Your opinion is probably as good as any one else's on things which happened over 6,000 years ago. Include alter-egos as these have separate identities.

Excommunication is the worst possible threat to any true believer, but irrelevant to anyone who could not care less. In practice, religion is based on chains of excommunication, the latest excommunicant developing the next religion or anti-religion. The original Original Sin is trying to escape from one's slavemasters.

Anger is still the best cleansing agent. In order to be above anger, one must be able to use it when necessary. One is emotionally below any anger charge one can not handle. All paths lead to schizophrenia of some sort or other, and the way out is through anger. Everything about human psychological conditions appears to gravitate towards necromancy of the dead and the resulting schizophrenia. The graves of the dead may not be the only cause of clinical schizophrenia, but is the cause of most social schizophrenia and organised religion.

Telepathic Reception is probably far more important than remote viewing, and largely done sub-consciously. However leaving things to the sub-conscious will not take one up to the next level. There is no gain without work. If enough people work in a positive direction, we will get there. Incoming telepathy must be processed if it not to take control over us. Telepathic reception is the passive version of remote viewing.

Clearance of blood ancestors, or being clear. Challenge all akashics and schizophrenics to wager the graves of the dead. This leads to a state of being clear of blood ancestors, and being able to automatically or sub-consciously process the blood ancestors of other people. Like all states concerning akasha, the state of clear is always there; it just has to be activated. Losing the emotional highs of schizophrenia may cause people to experience loss of reality or depression, but emotions and reality do have to be in line with the physical universe, and can be regenerated in line with the physical universe. Elation and depression are natural states of emotion and the two need each other to balance each other out. The natural balance point is boredom, and thus boredom is the natural emotion of being clear. In order to wager one's head, one must have one's own blood ancestors under control.

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