M01.14 - Logic, Astrology and the Left Hand Side of the Brain
Notes August 2010.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again.

The more psychological junk one can handle consciously, the more one can handle sub-consciously. In this way one can keep one's own sector clean, even if it is not as big as one thinks it is.

Astrology looks a very man made system, so the probability is that it was either made by man or by ETs. It only applies to the Solar System in its known form. If one looks at the primary Zodiac, it has twelve houses to fit star systems in the sky, as viewed from Earth. Our findings are that it is another god machine, based on the graves of the Greys, with those concerned working from beyond the grave. They appear to have graves on the exoplanets such as Pluto and Chiron, which form the base of astrology. Any grave on Mercury, Venus and the gas giants would not last long, as they would be either incinerated or mangled up in a high gravity gas field. This just leaves the Earth, Moon, Mars and the exoplanets. Graves on the exoplanets are least likely to be found.

Now the Greys are very logical and have a survival problem mainly due to a lack of genetic variation. Thus a system of variation like astrology is very logical to them. Man has a very diverse genetic variation, and so one more system of variation is just illogical. Most men prefer free will, though not all, and some people prefer free will for themselves but predestination for other people. This is all logic based, left hand side of the brain stuff, as opposed the the right hand emotional side of the brain. The Fires of Purgatory blow hot, while the Fires of Logic blow cold. No doubt numerous astrologers have added to the system, parked themselves after death on various planets. What is written in S02 and S03 concerning zodiacs and the chains of goals which makes them up should still apply, but here we are trying to take an overview. One's meditational procedures may need updating to deal with logical material.

It is just possible that the exoplanets were convenient places for cemeteries for Grey space casualties, and the astrological system grew up by accident and not by design.

God Machines. The best known one is the Black Rock of Mecca, which gives an emotional download to all who visit it (non Muslims not allowed). It is not the only right hand brain god machine. The Communion of God Machines includes both the logical and emotional, left and right brained. Thus if one targets the Communion of God Machines, it is like putting a few tom cats in a sack and shaking it, thus forcing them to fight each other for survival. Tell them that only one can survive. Targets include -

The Reptilian Brain. Might is right is the main line of thought of the primitive reptilian brain at the base of the skull. There is little indication of logical or emotional thought. It includes the pineal body and is source of telepathic communication. It is also the operating system which controls both the left hand and right hand sides of the brain, and can override both. Thus there is little logic or emotion here, only brute power, with the survival of the fittest taking command. The reptilian brain appears to be the seat of intention, and when intention becomes fossilised, it becomes raw power. It also appears to be the seat of telepathy. Necessity and intention are closely connected and may be one and the same.

Thus if someone sends you a telepathic download, and your defences are not good enough, that download will take effect. There is a good analogy here with computers. Most people use anti virus protection. If a computer goes crazy, then most people switch it off and restart it. Being able to switch off parts of the brain and restarting them may be an aid to flexible thinking, intelligence and genius; every little bit helps. The left hand side of the brain may control logic, language and mathematics, while the right hand side controls emotion and imagination, but the reptilian brain controls both.

Intention. The reptilian brain appears to be the seat of telepathy, and for those inclined in that direction the seat of magic.

Telepathy. The writer may have got that wrong, allowing vexatious telepathy to swamp out all else.

Targets include the following. One must be prepared to tackle the Galactic Federation (real or imagined).

Most psychic ability appears to be completely negative, and should be dragged screaming into real time. Thus any true believer in any mainstream religion is far more psychic than the writer, but the writer dispatches negative ability. The so called immortal soul is in equal need of cleansing, being largely made up of memories of dead ancestors. Entropy applies to everything and can be speeded up at one's discretion. Thus there are many psychic entities around today who have lost their source and authorisation to exist

Schizophrenic Technology is based on the technologies of the dead in association with the reptilian brain. Mercifully this can not be studied academically as it disappears on inspection, and can only work sub-consciously. Jehovah was the great past master of schizophrenic technology, and thus established himself as the Lord God Almighty. The writer is still unsure whether the Galactic Federation Supreme Court is fact, illusion or delusion. This could be galactic religion or the galactic inquisition. This could also be the case of psychic entities claiming so much authorisation that no one can dismantle them.

The Universal Sub-conscious is similar to God, and for many purposes is identical. Like God it is not one but many, each claiming to be the one and only, and each at each other's throats. The sub-consciouses of individuals aggregate together into larger units, and aggregate again into still larger units, till one gets to a universal sub-conscious, which is usually a racial one. On inspection, individual units and their larger counterparts turn into cesspits. At the root of them all are reptilian brains. There is still plenty of fossilised anger.

Reptilian Brains, Memes and Goals. Everything appears to reduce to these. Reptilian minds contain engrams, memes, zodiacs, goals and other things of similar nature. The material can be very heavy until one's own reptilian mind has been handled. Goals are a particular class of meme, and tend to exist in zodiac chains (see section S03).

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