M01.15.- Quantum Physics, Virtual Universes and the Machinery of the Universe.
Notes August 2010.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again.

The more psychological junk one can handle consciously, the more one can handle sub-consciously. In this way one can keep one's own sector clean, even if it is not as big as one thinks it is.

Quantum Physics. The latest simple explanation we have is listed below. The lost dimensions are worth investigating as people have left a lot of junk on them, presumably sub-consciously. Conscious use of the lost dimensions appears illusive.

Many usual suspects resurface with the expansion of the physical universe, so check the following.

Fire. Taking a look at the universe of quantum physics helps to free up the fire element. There is a lot of fossilised fire in the lost dimensions. If one adds together the energies of the 4 elements, earth, air, fire and water, then the result appears to be zero. If allowed to, the elements will cancel each other. Fire protects the other elements from being dismantled. Now a meme is a self replicating unit of thought, and if there are logical (air) memes, then there should also be memes for the other elements. Thus there is no reason why we can not create fire memes to take out fossilised elements, memes and minds.

The Galactic Federation come back again, but sound like events of 6,000 years ago rather than the present time. Zodiacs start to behave as minds, except as they tend to be mathematical strings of goals, they bear no relation to any mind known to psychologists. What ever the nature of the material here or who set it up, it underpins the human universal sub-conscious. One may meet up with creators and memes who have never heard of the human race.

Fourth Dimensional Energy Flows. We are faced with lost dimensions and energies of the quantum physics universe, which are impossible to visualise. We may be able to detect what goes in and what goes out from the viewpoint of the conventional universe, but not what is in the middle. We can not put things into the lost dimensions, but apparently people have put stuff in probably very slowly over thousands of years. However the rubbish in the lost dimensions can and does affect us via the universal sub-conscious, and this rubbish can be purged, provided we can rise above it. Fire is the face of fossilised energies which need purging. The reptilian brain can understand this stuff, while the logical brain can not.

The Machinery of the Universe. It is becoming increasingly clear that the higher left and right hand sides of the brain can only work in a 3 dimensional Universe. The reptilian brain, at the base of the brain including the pineal body, can work in 4 dimensions and possibly more. A 4 dimensional universe is very hard for the higher parts of the brain to understand. We are beginning to wonder if the reptilian can only work in the 4th dimension and not the 3 that we know. There is plenty of junk in the lost dimensions, put there by slavemasters. It is best to assume that all such junk has fire and the graves of its creators, that they object to being remote viewed, object to the threat of betrayal (paranoia), object to being reminded that they no longer exist, do not love themselves and certainly not the human race. They also object to being reminded that they are not the one only, and that only one can survive. The current source of zodiacs points to the Erideans (see section M06) as their creators and the major source of slave masters. However all this junk belongs to 6,000 years ago to the alleged creation or before. The reptilian human brain is necessary to activate it. If such ETs were that active today, this webmaster would have been wiped out long ago. We are dealing with virtual universes within the lost dimensions, that can be wiped out and recreated as necessary. Virtual universes may be necessary for civilisation, but they do need to kept dynamic. We are dealing with cesspits of memory in the lost dimensions.

Zodiacs are best redefined as groups of memes with a purpose, as we are probably no longer dealing with anything to do with astrology. There may be problems with dealing with mass, which is probably everything undercut by purging the Big Bang.

Locations and Anchor Points. We may not be able to consciously put machines into the lost dimensions, which is probably just as well. We can consciously clear junk out of the lost dimensions and use the lost dimensions. We can be in 2 or more places at once provided we use the 4th dimension, and possibly other dimensions, and thus remote viewing and other psychic abilities become possible. It also becomes possible for an engram or zodiac to be attached to any number of willing hosts, but be rejected by unwilling hosts. To remove such entities, we must purge their source. It does appear possible for entities in the 4th dimension to have anchor points in the 5th dimension, and so on, which can make things complicated. There could even be hierarchies of dimensions. Another possibility that has to be allowed for, is that as one goes up the dimensions, so the rules change.

For an akashic entity such as a zodiac to be in multiple locations, it must have multiple anchor points, at least one of which must be in the lost dimensions. We use dynamic anchor points when remote viewing, which are or should be discarded after use. The ultimate anchor points appear to be sub-atomic particles in the lost dimensions. These sub-atomic particles probably do not exist in the 3 dimensions we love and know. Entities which do not have anchor points in the lost dimensions must have an anchor point in something which does. Thus to remove such entities, we must purge anchor points and junk in sub-atomic particles. Should we find that only one sub-atomic particle is needed to anchor an akashic entity, then this will be very bad for man's ego.

Convergent and Divergent Probabilities. We can not predict a lot of the behaviour of a single human being, as they are influenced by a near infinite number of near infinitely small minor events. Weather systems are notorious for such behaviour, making weather prediction difficult for forecasters. This has lead mathematicians too develop chaos theory, where one of the original lectures on the subject dealt with how a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil could trigger off a chain of events to cause a storm in Texas. Equally the behaviour of a single atom or atomic particle can not be predicted. These are examples of divergent probabilities.

Once one gets a population to a sufficient size, probabilities start to converge. Thus political and other opinion polls become possible. Even weather systems converge in their behaviour in the long term. Get enough atoms together and they will make an apparently inert object. Thus a £20 note in your pocket is subject to wear, tear and aging, but not to spontaneous combustion or any other behaviour not associated with inert objects.

The Big Bang. It becomes evident that the Big Bang is the original engram, and at least one of the lost dimensions is a dimension of memory. Thus God becomes the creator of the Big Bang, but this is not the god taught in Sunday school. Everyone is liable to have a copy of the Big Bang engram which is best purged. It may well be that this dimension of memory is what holds the Universe together. It is also the dimension of the immortality of memories.

Ownership. Slavery is endemic in Akasha, as it is so hierarchical. However if one can turn around and own whatever wants to enslave us, then that entity gets neutralised. It is also possible to claim ownership of other people's Akasha with similar results.

Lost Dimensions and Pseudo Dimensions. One can attempt to look at each of the lost dimensions, but one may well run into pseudo dimensions, which are psychological mirrors of the real ones.

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