M01.18 - Sexuality, killer memes & enlightenment, and on to neurology.
Notes September 2012.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again.

The more psychological junk one can handle consciously, the more one can handle sub-consciously. In this way one can keep one's own sector clean, even if it is not as big as one thinks it is. Go for the biggest targets you can find.

The Id was the name Freud used for the subconscious. He was afraid of it ever escaping, a scenario dramatised in the cult 1956 film "Forbidden Planet." See Google for the plot. Modern psychotherapy has moved on a long way since Freud. However there is a general weakness with all psychotherapy in that it only cleans up the conscious mind and shallow sub-conscious. Most work in psychotherapy involves bringing unresolved incidents one vaguely remembers and consciously clean them up. This can leave the deep sub-conscious unfettered by the conscious mind because the ego is too clean or weak to control it. Thus the sub-conscious can take over from the ego. Psychotherapy can be too successful as is apparent in at least one cult. The answer is to telepathically integrate the Ego and the Id with conscious thinking. The rude name for any entity within a person which has existed before this lifetime is VAMPIRE.

The Fifth Commandment in the Bible has long puzzled people, the writer included included.

However it is alright in Christianity for people to kill the enemies of their God and their nation, and very few people believe in pacifism. We are now of the opinion that the original intention was that it should be understood as - This sounds a bit like King John and the Magna Carta. The nobles only intended civil rights for themselves, but could not think of a suitable definition of a noble that a clever lawyer could not break. Thus to protect themselves they got King John to sign for human rights for all men. Now one can not kill the dead the second time if they are truly dead, but one can kill them if they are living on in vampire mode, as is the case with all dead gods. Thus we have the simple injunction against killing to cover all eventualities.

It also appears that it is impossible to kill anyone by black magic or any form of hex, unless they are already on the border line, and just a little extra stress will kill them. To the recipient for black magic to work, he must feel his life is under severe threat. Thus killing by psychic means is a complete illusion, and having people believe in it, especially after a psychic attack is proof of its power as an illusion. A god can be killed as he has no body to back him up. This is much like the Gods and the Frost Giants wagering their heads in the Viking Sagas. Losing at wagering one's head is terminal for a God as he only has a mind, but for a shaman or other living human, losing just means losing a piece of one's mind or being brain washed.

In order to survive, a god or religion must have the killer instinct to protect itself and to destroy all rival gods and religions. This is certainly true of monotheistic religions. This killer instinct is imposed on all its followers, but is fossilised. To be truly free, we must wake up the killer instinct in ourselves in dynamic form for our own survival. This leads to the paradox that anyone with the dynamic killer instinct is more capable than anyone with the fossilised version of killing, but as the killer instinct is modified by conscious thought they are less liable to do so. We must be as vicious, mean and nasty as those who wish to control us.

Thus for conscious dynamic survival we must make the killer instinct dynamic, and kill everyone by psychic means who wants us to be their slaves, even if we know that we can not kill another living human being, only minds.

The Forgiveness of Sin is another incongruity. People ask their god to forgive them their sins, but no one ever talks about forgiving their god his sins. How do people expect their god to forgive them their sins, when they will not forgive the sins of their god.

Vampirism and Charisma are closely linked, the link being worth investigating. Energy trading is not necessarily a bad thing as long as it is 2 way.

Beingness and Memory are also closely connected as any beingness is based on memory. Beingness and doingness tend to be mutually contradictory, as beingness and memory are static, and doing and action are dynamic. Doing shakes up memory and everything based on it.

The God Reptilian Brain is worth investigating. It may be just a physical representation of alter-egos which can be hard to get at at the best of times.

The Acquired Memory Syndrome now appears to be the cause of most UFO sightings and meetings, and also the cause of much of religion. Psychologists have proved that 25% of the population can "remember" completely fictitious events under hypnosis if suitably prompted. This leaves us wondering what is the percentage of people who can remember fictitious events without hypnosis.

(Wikipedia) "The 'Lost in the Mall' technique is an experimental procedure that was used to demonstrate that confabulations can be created through suggestions made to experimental subjects. It was first developed by psychologist Elizabeth Loftus as support for the claim that it is possible to implant entirely false memories in people. The technique was developed in the context of the debate about the existence of repressed memories and false memories."

What really intrigues us is the consistency of possible false memories and the common patterns involved. Meetings with the Greys (ETs) involve lost time, say about 2 hours which can not be accounted for, and are generally considered unfortunate. Meetings with the Nordics /Pleiadians are generally considered fortunate and involve gained time. Groups of people can see UFOs, which can not possibly exist according to science, but which can exist in Quantum Physics.

Thus the thing that strikes us as incongruous is not that people can remember fictitious events, but that there is a great pool of memory that people can tap into. If you want past lives, they are there to be had. If you want predestination or a plan for life, then there is astrology and the zodiacs to tap into. There is talk of the Great Book of Akashic Records. If you want any religion, then there are plenty of entities to channel. If you want original sin, then there is plenty for the asking. The list goes on. The writer has certainly been part of this. There is plenty on this web site which refers to this sort of thing. We seem to remember that at a conference in 1999, he told a man he believed to be MI5, that the invasion of Earth had been delayed yet again, and the more it is delayed, the less likely its success. There is plenty of dreamworld there for the asking, and this dreamworld contains engrams, memes and zodiacs.

Mutual Psychotherapy leads into mutual or 2 way telepathy. The bulk of human psychotherapy is done by social intercourse and remarkably little is done by psychotherapists. Following on from "Thou shalt not kill", there appears to be a strong injunction against killing anyone else's engrams, memes and zodiacs, the exact list depending on one's belief system. However if we take the high enough ground, then it should be possible to sub-consciously purge rubbish in other people. If everyone does it, then everyone will be clearing up everyone else's rubbish. This could help sort out a load of religious (theist and atheist) crap, intolerance and terrorism. There also appears to be a convergence between rubbish and psychotherapy, in that rubbish influences psychotherapy, as well as visa versa, thus the tail can wag the dog. Targets include -

Enlightenment. All Religion tends to turn into the acquired memory syndrome. It looks like enlightenment is to be had, even if if this is temporary due to to high quantity of acquired memory system that is around. Be prepared to do unto others before they do unto you. Targets include -

Apocalypse, Killer and Anger Memes. We have already established to our own satisfaction that one can not kill anything living by psychic means. Thus if you really want to kill another person, you will have to use methods known to the police. There is also the problem when setting up memes to do ones work, and that is that anger dissolves all psychic rubbish. Thus for a psychic meme to do ones work, the target at least, must be below anger. Try setting up memes in the following style and do not be surprised if you find they already exist as a goal in some zodiac. A meme is a self replicating unit of thought, so it needs at least 2 components, a message and a means of reproduction.

The Telepathic Pain Net. As one's ability rises, so everything in the Universal Sub-conscious or Akasha tends to turn into pain. This pain can not exist above anger. It looks as though telepathy is a variant on pain.

Universal Anger. This leads on from pain.

Universal Enlightenment. Who cares!!!!! This is enlightenment over all psychological rubbish from the past, regardless of source. History is bunk. One's personal history is even more irrelevant. However Universal Enlightenment can be even less tolerant than the Killer Meme, and also demands that people pass it on. This sounds like the start of a new religion, as the new always has to kick out the old. This time however, it means kicking out the past without bothering to replace it by fresh rubbish.

Sub-conscious Enlightenment. The less we have to do consciously, the better.

Telepathic Enlightenment. This drastically cuts down the telepathic noise of the market place. It is not so hot when dealing with psycho amateur email tappers who are paid to email tap.

Killer Enlightenment. It appears that we have to be as intolerant of old religions, gods and psychological systems as they are of any competition. We have to be as viscous, mean and nasty as they are.

The Epileptic Meme. As epilepsy is a fire flow, this has the advantage of being non verbal. The epileptic flow only gives medical symptoms if it is blocked.

The laughter Meme is similar in style to the killer meme. The limit to the number of enlightenment memes is one's imagination.

Sexuality - There is life and there are emotions above enlightenment. Unfortunately everything turns into suppressed and frustrated sex, homosexuality in particular, in the present or long distant past. Now if one is run over by a bus and survive, there will undoubtedly be an engram that a psychotherapist can handle. However most of one's psychology and religion has roots which are either current with the living, or belong before conception, 2 separate time periods. It does take the living to activate the dead. The great male problem is how to play the game of "Big Willie" when one is not an alpha male. All this is too politically incorrect to discuss further, but no doubt the reader can fill in the gaps.

The Sex Barrier. It looks as though unsuppressed sex is above, and suppressed sex is below. This is very much a non-verbal non-pictorial area, but there is plenty of emotion.

Neurology. This appears to be the next level up. It is even more devoid of all logic and the emotions are proving very curious. However it does appear to be in current time.


Check Lists. Unfortunately we are finding ourselves in areas which are forever changing in detail. Thus one's own intuition is far superior to any check list. Always go for the top of the hierarchy. Always take the highest moral ground. Having said this, a good basic list to add to the above (subject to your boggle barriers) is -

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