M01.19 - The Rules of Magic, Telepathy and Remote viewing.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again.
Most of the information here is in other parts of the site in more detail, but it seemed a good idea to bring this material together.

We have just moved from Pisces with its emphasis on hierarchies and religion, to Aquarius with its emphasis on politics, matrices and rule by the majority. Thus this document may prove out of date in places.

The Rules of Magic.

  1. Anything can only be done once, as the second time one will use a meme or memory of how one did it the first time. Magic must be new every time. One trick is to keep varying one's procedures.
  2. Intention or lack of counter intention is all important. Necessity can be an alternative.
  3. An opening and closing procedure is normally needed to set the scene, and to enclose the actual work.
  4. No one can tell you how to do it, as this is a function of the primitive reptilian brain.
  5. Magic only works in the Universe of Thought, or in the lost dimensions of quantum physics. There is remarkably little connection between the Universe of Thought and the Physical Universe known to ordinary science. Possible exceptions like dowsing and poltergeist activity will probably be explained when we know more about quantum physics.
  6. Spiritual healing may not be able to kill bacteria, but it can raise the expectations of the target. Evidently, it has been proved by psychologists that the effectiveness of any medical treatment depends on both the expectations of the patient and the doctor. Massage and magic can be easily confused as they tend to reinforce each other.
  7. Tarot cards and tea leaves work by being excellent thought breakers, thus making one think afresh.
  8. Always use the positive stuff, as the negative or black magic stuff will rebound on one and drag one down.
  9. A person's mind is their most treasured possession, and their biggest liability. One is better off without it as in Zen.
The basic Rules of Telepathy. See also Section M01.17.. A General Theory of Telepathy (2011) and Section M26.. The Rules of Telepathy (2005).
  1. As described by Dr Andrija Puharich, those in fear of death or in distress tend to send telepathy. People in a relaxed state of mind tend to receive.
  2. Extending this, occultists and so called holy men are often in distress, due to them having to defend their beliefs to the point of psychosis. The more one has to defend, the greater the psychosis. The greater the psycho, the greater the telepathic sender. People can also acquire overloads of second hand malice. It can be important to tell the difference between primary and secondary malice, as the later is not intended malice.
  3. A relaxed person can not send telepathy. However if they do detect vexatious telepathy, then they can return it to sender suitably modified, using the energy of the sender. This is the basis of remote psychotherapy.
  4. The left hand side of the brain is usually responsible for logical thought and verbal thinking. The right hand side is responsible for pictorial thinking and the arts. The reptilian or basic brain at the base of the brain (including the pineal body or third eye) thinks only in terms of emotion and concepts. Thus the reptilian brain does not communicate in either words or pictures, which is usually a barrier to understanding and control by the so called higher parts. It is the primitive reptilian brain which is responsible for telepathy. Telepathy is a primitive ability largely superseded by speech. It does look as though telepathic sending can never rise above the emotion of anger, while telepathic reception can only occur above anger.
  5. The great weakness in conventional psychotherapy is that it depends on verbal and pictorial thought, so it only deals with the higher parts of the brain. It tends to ignore the emotional and conceptual thought of the reptilian brain, and so leaves the reptilian brain in charge. Freud was quite right to be afraid of the Id or sub-conscious ever escaping. Check 1956 cult film "Forbidden Planet". This problem can be circumvented by using telepathic links.
  6. Thought generated by the reptilian brain (especially other people's) in normally incomprehensible.
  7. People normally take degrees in psychology to try to solve their own problems. As psychology is not that successful in that area, no psychologist is ever likely to have a relaxed state of mind. They also have to defend their belief systems. Therefore no psychologist can ever prove telepathy exists.
The Rules of Co-ordinate Remote Viewing (CRV). See also Section R8.. Sample Military Remote Viewing Protocols and Sessions.
  1. Standard Intelligence agency philosophy is "Get in, get the information, get out and please try not to be detected".
  2. See section R8  for details of Co-ordinate reference numbers.
  3. In military circles the person who actually does the remote viewing is a military analyst, who makes the initial request. He is the one who has the necessity to find out what that Iranian "fishing boat" is doing. What the remote viewer does is to read the mind of the analyst and what ever is linked to the analyst.
  4. There can be whole chains of links, and the remote viewer is automatically pointed to the main link of interest, or the most corrupt.
  5. In the military model, there are 2 sets of psychic filters, one in the analyst, the other in the remote viewer. This renders CRV reasonably safe to use.
  6. Remote viewing should only be regarded as 50% accurate, and should never be used in a court of law. More reliable pictures can be built up with time. Even so, remote viewing should be backed up by other evidence.
  7. One must expect to be detected from time to time, depending on the quality of the target personnel. In cases of detection one must be prepared to apologise and withdraw rapidly, or one will have to go into psychic warfare mode.
The Rules of Solo Remote Viewing.
  1. When in solo mode, one only has one's own set of psychic filters. One set is not enough, and so one has to go into psychic warfare mode.
  2. The world is full of crashed psychics who do not know how to defend themselves.
  3. The rules are similar to that of CRV.
  4. One of the best ways to get a link to a selected target is to tell the email tappers who you are targeting. As they are mostly cult members and therefore in distress defending their cult, they will usually give you a link to the selected target. Provided one takes the high ground and is reasonably dynamic, the less dynamic have to pass on the link. This will not work if no one is bothering to email tap you, or the target is actually virtuous.
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