M01.21 - The Reptilian Brain, Chakras and Raising the Kundulini.
Psychology from the viewpoint of the Reptilian Brain.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again. The information here may be in other parts of the site.

Reptilian Brain Emotions, Energies or Flows. It becomes apparent that the following emotions belong to the reptilian brain (including the pineal body) as opposed to the higher left and right hemispheres, and not as we thought to spirit. This is to aid the survival of the family, working outwards from there. There is no logic and thus no morality. This list is not linear, is probably a combination of lists, and is probably in the wrong order anyway. These emotions are the drivers of telepathy, and all other psychic abilities. Need drives all psychic abilities flowing outwards, while a relaxed state of mind is needed to receive them. Sub-conscious reception can lead to brain washing depending on the level of unconsciousness of the target.

These are very primitive emotions and their misuse leads on to other emotions previously attributed to spirit. One is naturally programmed to be responsible to one's family, to love one's family and forgive all their transgressions. These emotions are hijacked by politics and religion, which is the price of civilisation. Your government looks on you as a cash cow, and may object to you escaping.

Imagination and Intelligence. There is an increasing body of opinion suggesting that mental illness is the price we pay for intelligence.


Energy Flows. There are plenty of barbaric flows here.

The Astrological System now appears to a product of the Erideans, modified by the Elohim to suit Earth conditions. Blame this on Jehovah, though it may have been modified again since. The Eridean prototype could have been borrowed in turn from the Galactic Federation, who may have borrowed the prototype from an earlier ET civilisation. See section M06.. on ETs. This in turn means that the astrology we know can be neutralised by targeting Elohim or better still Eridean astrology. There may also be an Eridean Cabala. These systems do not like Fire.

Raising the Kundulini looks the best schizophrenia killer available. If this does not work, then the victim is best left to the psychiatrist as the causes are medical. However there is such a thing as helping others to live with their weaknesses, and turning them into useful abilities.

Spirituality has its origins in the reptilian. The projected image that it comes from a higher source is very good camouflage.

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