M01.25 - Thought, the Fire Flows and Fire & Akashic Enlightenment.
Enlightenment versus the Immortal Soul.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again. The information here may be in other parts of the site.

Thought comes in varying forms and proportions.
Sorting out the Fire Flows.

We have been dabbling with Fire Energies, the coarsest of which is the Epileptic Fire Flow, which may be coarse but does get results. Then there is Epileptic Enlightenment which is enlightenment with teeth. These fire flows only cause clinical epilepsy if blocked, and are a natural product of the human reptilian brain.

Our current attempts at a tone scale of fire flows are as follows -
Family orientated flows.

Public flows This looks more like a square than a linear table. This is the stuff which holds everything else in place, and is originally body generated.

Enlightenment versus the Immortal Soul.

The Ragnarok, Apocalypse and Enlightenment Have a lot in common. The differences lie in the eye of the beholder. They all occur when psychological systems or religious theologies break down under the weight of their own corruption, to reveal something better.

Enlightenment is essentially a state of being in balance. Thus any well balanced person can claim to be in a state of enlightenment. In practice people only claim to be experiencing enlightenment when they are moving from one level of reality to another. Thus the experience is transient and is not permanent. It also means that there are many levels of enlightenment.

You can have enlightenment for any state of reality one wants. Enlightenment is no guarantee of the quality of the experience. This can be a source of amusement. One can also take a look at Sidereal and Galactic Enlightenment.

The Immortal Soul was a Ancient Greek invention which the Greeks passed on to the Jews, who in turn passed on to the Christians and Muslims.

The Contradiction. Enlightenment involves living for the day, while the Immortal Soul involves planning for the future after death. Thus the 2 are contradictory. The Immortal Soul under its many names and aliases is totally corrupt if it is detectable or of any concern. The Immortal Soul may well exist, but should be transparent and dynamic. Thus it becomes a major target for cleaning up.

The Hindus who believe in reincarnation, resolve this dilemma by stating that only by achieving enlightenment can one escape reincarnation and thus achieve Nirvana. Thus one's Immortal Soul is also one's Karma.

Gods appear to depend upon immortal souls, and are thus incompatible with enlightenment.

The Emotions of the Dead.

The following have all got something in common. Enlightenment can be described as "Total freedom from the emotions of the dead"
Enlightenment can also be described as a clear out of psychological rubbish in the 7 lost dimensions of quantum physics.

Nirvana or the Enlightenment of Non-existence. This occurs when nothing exists in the 7 lost dimensions of quantum physics, relative to one's sector.

M01. Tables of Emotion for Body, Mind and Spirit. This still has a sound table of psychological body emotions.

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