M01.27. The Use and Misuse of loyalty.
In Memory of Charlie Hebdo.

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Disincarnate entities such as Gods, Satan, minds and all lesser entities are memories only. They need your energy and intelligence to bring them to life. Spirit guides do at least give something back, usually in the form of wisdom.

Loyalty. You are living and thus you are greater than any dead god. Any so called Living God is only living because it is living on your energy. You live in the 3 dimensions plus time known to science. Disincarnate entities live in the 7 lost dimensions postulated by quantum physics. The only connection we can observe is via the primitive reptilian brain. Disincarnate entities are incapable of harming anyone. The worst they can do is frighten you out of your wits. The moral is that when meeting such entities, hold thy water. There is plenty of social schizophrenia in religion, politics and science.

We have betrayed our creations and those of our ancestors. We forget that we are responsible for them. We have let them take over us. We must reverse this by taking over responsibility for them.

However these entities would prefer to be loyal to us. Although this lessens their importance, it does make for a more comfortable existence. Healthy loyalty does lead to healthy cycles of existence. As at least one science fiction writer has pointed out, "What ever immortal entity most craves is death". We wish to add that this needs to be at the due time, to end a cycle of existence.

Target the following -

The Charlie Hebdo affair. In January 2015 17 people were killed in attacks mainly on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, all in the name of Allah.

We have been using the Charlie Hebdo affair to track back the true nature of Allah. There has been plenty of noise coming out of the Muslim community, thus making this a very good opportunity. Tracking may not be the right word for navigating the Lost Dimensions of Quantum Physics, as such things only register on the primitive Reptilian Brain and not the higher areas where science prefers to work. The list is getting to be something like -

This list is liable to change. In theory, if we get rid of Allah, then we get rid of the problems of Islam. We have been using remote psychotherapy on the the various offenders when they light up. The number of offenders could be over a billion, but we are hoping there is a hierarchy here, and there are short cuts by going to the top of the hierarchy. We are living and so we can place ourselves at the top of the hierarchy, provided we dare to. Thus we can take command of all rubbish in the Cosmic Memory banks, if we dare.

It appears that all monotheist religions are control systems set up by Satan and his users. The public face of all such religions is a benevolent God, who is not so benevolent when one starts stripping away the control systems. However it does need human reptilian brains to keep these active. Atheism and Skepticism fall into the monotheist mold, as they postulate the absence of any all supreme single God. In practice there are plenty of Gods, all claiming to be the one and only God, and all at each other's throats. In polytheism, if one does not like a particular God, one changes him for another which does help to keep them all in order, and in the service of man. Also in polytheism, heresy is difficult as there are too many viewpoints that everyone has to live with.

The true nature of God.
Once one gets through all the rubbish above, the real God is likely to appear. He appears to be one's Holy Guardian Angel, and a sub-conscious manifestation of the reptilian brain. The Lord God Almighty becomes the Communion of Holy Guardian Angels. Polytheist Gods remain as valid archetypes. The results of having a mad or psychotic God on the personal, group or society level can be extremely unfortunate. Having a Holy Guardian Angel to sub-consciously protect one, can be very useful. However such an alter-ego can only function if it is kept clean, and trained to thump one's enemies. Thus targets include -

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