M01. Tables of Emotion for various parts of the Brain.

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A Table of Ego and Higher Brain Emotions.
This involves the left hand side (logical) and right hand side (artistic) of the higher brain. This is a combination from observation, psychiatric and other sources. This does assume that the 2 sides of the brain share a similar pattern of emotions, which may not be true once one starts looking into detail.

The above table takes no account is taken of the Fates Worse than Death like Blame, Shame and Regret, for a body cannot drop below Death.

The Emotions of the Primitive Reptilian Brain, otherwise the sub-conscious, sometimes referred to as Spirit. All these emotions have their useful and non-useful sides depending on how they are used. Assume that all emotions are there at all times, in various states of activity and non activity, static and dynamic. To complicate matters, all items may themselves be multi-dimensional. There appear to be 3 main levels, and everything can have its own fire barrier to keep it in place.

These emotions perhaps should be regarded as private archetypes, whereas the Gods are public archetypes.

All emotions for which we can not take responsibility for, become alter-egos, and thus appear to be outside the body.

Table of Beingness. These are natural to the primitive Reptilian Brain, but also to vampires. These are the emotions religions download on new entrants, and then claim to save the entrant from the download.

Psychopathy can be defined as a lack of conscience, empathy and morality, which can be a good thing. Those that land up in court are those who misuse it, and are unaware of what they are doing. As organised religions are forever trying to kill their rivals, and any followers who defect, religions are hardly good role models for morality. The Church no longer burns heretics at the stake, only because the law will not let them. Thus organised religions are themselves psychopathic. Using conscience and other people's morality is fine if one is sleep walking. Psychopathy demands a high level of responsibility, ethics and awareness. Unless one has a good sense of ethics, other people will retaliate. Thus psychopathy is at the top end of beingness, and represents anti-beingness. Beingness now looks like a load of acquired memory syndrome. Things are not all they appear to be. Who is the real psycho?

Layers of Beingness. One may find oneself going through layers of beingness like an onion. One finds oneself going upwards through exhilaration through the top of one universe. Then one is reborn at the bottom of the next universe up, through death. Now if one is saved by religion, one goes through death and into the exhilaration of the universe below. It is sometimes best to target beingness and universes as whole entities, and not as their individual parts.

Abilities and Emotions.

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