M01.29. The path to
Total Power without Responsibility.
Real Enlightenment
and Universal Apocalypse.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again. The information here may be in other parts of the site.

The human brain is designed to enable us to survive in the physical world. It is not designed for us to understand the physical world.

We have had a number of attempts to understand the workings of Astrology, without much success. It appears to be senior to everything else. We tried goals as an entry point in S03.. . This did not work as there were just too many goals. Other people have given up chasing individual goals for similar reasons. There have been other attempts like chasing zodiacs, which appear to be simpler, but not simple enough. We have found the mechanics of the retail view of Astrology to be incomprehensible.

We decided to look in again from the viewpoint of the Tree of Life, which is part of the Kabbalah of the Jews. This is also the Kabbalah of the Muslims, and especially the Sufis. It appears best to treat it as the Semite Kabbalah as it appears to be senior to both Jehovah and Allah, and the basis of their religions.

The Tree of Life is essentially the path a person takes from birth at the bottom to maturity and exit at the top. The retail version of the Kabbalistic Tree is near incomprehensible. This is probably intended so that only a rabbi or imam can explain it. Thus we have listed a Viking version below.

The message of the first trump of the Tarot pack, the Fool, the path between spheres 1 and 2, or Kether to Chokhmah, is that this is the Fool who gave away a kingdom. This also means that as soon as one has completed the course, one should throw it away. Few people keep their school and college textbooks after graduating, as they have served their purpose. The Vikings also had this problem, witness the Ragnarok. We had to give up on the Semite Kabbalah, as it was too misogynist and homosexual to stomach.

We repeat. The Tree of Life is essentially the path a person takes from birth at the bottom to maturity and exit at the top. Now if we duplicate this in terms of ideals or archetypes, and embellish it with a bit of folklore and legend, we finish up with something resembling the Viking version below. This makes a good prop in life, and useful for our survival. It is to be thrown away when it has passed its usefulness. If we then duplicate it again to become survival only to a male God with no female counterpart, and with no escape clause, we finish up with something like the Semite Kabbalah.


  Female side               SURT                Male side
  Beingness         Fire, Man fully awake       Beingness 
                        The RAGNARÖK
               Will, Man still needing the Gods  
                           /  |  \
        FRIGG       ----------+----------         ODIN
       Analysis         /     |     \      The Politician, tribal leader
                      /       |       \
        FREYA       ----------+----------         THOR
    Understanding             |            Intention carried out
   The alpha female           |               The alpha male
        TYR       ------------+----------        MIMIR
   Responsibility             |              Communication
    Discipline                |
           Beauty, the sacrificed God, point of balance. 
       BRAGI the student -----+----------       WEYLAND the smith
      Learning                |                Experience
                     The Mind, impulse
                        The Environment

      FROST GIANTS    THE PIT    Older Gods    All Sewage

Based on The Pre-Ragnarok Viking Gods .. on this site

What we did find about the Kabbalah and astrology, was that they had links going back to the Denisavons. The Denisovans were cousins of the Neanderthals and ourselves, discovered by DNA analysis in Siberia in 2010 on 2 small items of DNA material. They were evidently giants, which could explain the Nephilim, Frost Giants, Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman. Now human giants have the reputation of being weak in physical strength. There are hints that they hybridised to produce the Elohim. Thus selling religion to other more violent races could have been a good survival mechanism, to defend themselves against the more bellicose. We may have inherited religion and intelligence from them, but Homo Sapiens won due to being better at war. There are reports that Denisovan DNA appears in the Tibetans giving them better ability to breath thin air, and also in South Sea Islanders and thus probably Maoris.

The Kabbalah and astrology also had links going back to ET conferences on the planet Pluto. These conferences were to discuss what to do about the problem of Man. If you were an ET, how would you want to handle the next rulers of the Galaxy?. Any ETs encountered were long dead.

We are living and therefore superior to anyone dead, regardless of what the dead say. Thus we can target the following -

Total Power without Responsibility.
The Semite Tree of Life is the path to Total Power. However this is mental power only that only exists as illusion and delusion, witness orthodox religion. Therefore there is no need to be responsible for it. In fact it should be responsible to us as we are living.

The physical universe is infinite for all practical purposes. However all other universes such as religious ones have built in limits, telling us what we must not do. Why not escape into infinity. Thus we are free to manipulate, at will, the mighty Towers of Babel erected to control us.
Thus we can look at -

The reasons for us not being able to understand the workings of the Kabbalah becomes evident. It has become partly embedded in the 7 lost dimensions of quantum physics. The astrologies are even embedded more deeply. We have to investigate the reasons why we can not consciously investigate the contents of the lost dimensions. Consciousness and awareness are not possible without memory. ETs have no problem with the lost dimensions, otherwise how could they visit us. The reptilian brain is aware of these dimensions, but the higher parts of the brain are not.

Universal Epilepsy. We come up against fossilised Fire, which threatens terrible thing if it is ever disturbed. This might or might not be related to medical clinical epilepsy, but claims it is related. We choose to address it by what it claims to be. If something admits to being an arsehole, then address it by that name. This is the fossilised Fire that prevents engrams, memes, zodiacs and astrologies from unwinding.

Universal Enlightenment. We have long held that Enlightenment is being in a state of balance. Thus if one is in balance with a cesspit, then that is enlightenment. However this is not an ideal enlightenment. What we normally call enlightenment is the euphoria when we abandon the current level of enlightenment, and rise to a more survival level. Thus nearly everyone is in a state of enlightenment, but wish to be on a more survival level. Another way of looking at is that enlightenment comes from the solution of yesterday's problems. However todays solutions becomes tomorrow's problems.

Universal Apocalypse. Everything collapses down to gravitate towards pain and reptilian brains. Target the following -

Original Sin is the result of not forgiving your God his sins. As a result the sins of God get dumped on you. How can one expect a God to forgive you your sins, if you do not forgive him his sins.
Blood Sacrifice. According to art historians like Waldemar Januszczak, images of Jesus Christ depicted him as a Sun God or son of the Sun God for the first 200 years after his death. After that he became the Sacrificed God Archetype we know today. He died to save us from our sins, which we probably would not have if we were not Christians. The Viking version of the Sacrificed God Archetype is Balder the Beautiful. He dies every Autumn, but is reborn every Spring to give us the seasons. It appears that at about this time, a message went out that there was a Sacrificed God, and thus human blood sacrifice was no longer needed. However there was plenty of blood sacrifice before this for religious and other purposes like Roman circuses. This has left deep scars on the Universal Sub-Conscious.

No-Thought. The joke by the skeptics is "What does one think about in a state of no-thought?". The answer is that one becomes far more aware of the environment like the room one is in. As it can be a do-nothing state, one may also fall asleep. Otherwise no-thought and anti-thought can not be described in verbal language as this will necessitate thought. This is very much like the Crazy Zen Flow described earlier on this website.

True Monotheism contains the following -

Doingness v Beingness v Schizophrenia. Eventually everything that exists comes down to beingness, even gods and archetypes. The dynamic doingness dissolves beingness. The difference between beingness and schizophrenia is in the eye of the beholder. Some people have suggested that we need everlasting war or everlasting revolution to keep things dynamic. We suggest that even the advocates would find these states extremely uncomfortable. We need some beingness to keep connections to the past for our own comfort. What we do not want is redundant beingness that has exceeded its use by date. However no perfectly balanced person ever did anything great. Thus what is the right balance is in the eye of the beholder. The webmaster's maxim is "If it produces malice or disturbs his serenity, then purge it". There is also the maxim "Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself". These maxims save a lot of trouble with moral codes.

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