R10. The Code of
The Guild of Psychic Vigilantes.

  1. The Guild of Psychic Vigilantes is dedicated to destroy all evil, criminality, obsolete religion, obsolete Towers of Babel and all other obsolete rubbish from the past, that clog up modern life.
  2. The Guild is an invisible college.
  3. As an invisible college, the Guild has no written constitution, no membership list, no committees, and no records on paper. Thus it is not a legal entity.
  4. Anyone can join who believes they are fit to join. However they may be called on to prove themselves by fellow members.
  5. Members are expected to be loyal to their countries and the countries in which they reside. This is to remove confusion over national loyalties.
  6. Every member is expected to support every other member, provided there are no national disagreements.
  7. Every member is expected to purge the psychic rubbish of every other member, and especially that of new recruits.
  8. Every member is expected to purge any rubbish they detect dumped on the Guild.
  9. Every member is expected to help everyone who calls on the Guild for help.

This came to light when the webmaster was asked to check on a Hungarian remote viewer who had contacted an Italian colleague. The gentleman in question probably was genuine and not just a hatchet man. However he was carrying excess psychic baggage due to his belonging to a race and religion who consider themselves of being the master race. This gave rise to doubt about his motives. This did however give leads into the Hungarian Army, and their creation of the Guild.

Hungary has the Russians to the East. It has Germany and the EU to the West. It has the Muslims to the South. Has it really got the manpower to defend the Hungarian peoples? The answer they came to was to mobilise the Hungarian people. We also think this is a good idea on an international basis, so long as there is a clause concerning national loyalties. There have been enough misunderstandings between the British and Americans, in spite of us both speaking the same language.

The British police do not have the man-power to stop silly school girls going off to become brides in the Islamic State. If they did have the man-power, everyone would be shouting about loss of civil liberties. East Germany tried total control under STASI, but collapsed along with the Berlin Wall. The Guild is probably the best substitute.

There is talk about Psyops coming out of the Australian American scene. The British Army is recreating the Chindits as cyber soldiers. There is a lot of change about, and some people are biting the bullet.

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