M01.32. Total Freedom = Chaos = Total Freedom = Anarchy.
How to live with it.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S08 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again. The information here may be in other parts of the site.

Serenity can be very suspect on an individual level, but first one has to work through psychic warfare.

Chaos and Risk. We all try to limit chaos, which is fine as long as our efforts are kept up to date. We insure our houses against the risk of fire, but it is chaos and risk which keeps life interesting. This website is devoted to dealing with obsolete solutions which now get in our way.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This becomes very real.

Identity. This marks the top of the table of beingness. It is time to look at the identities we use in politics, religion and our nationalities to make sure they are our own. While beingness is natural to the Reptilian Brain, parasitic influences do not help.

Psychopathy is usually defined as a lack of conscience, empathy and sensitivity to others, which can be a good thing. Those that land up in court are those who misuse it, and are unaware of what they are doing. As organised religions are forever trying to kill their rivals, and any followers who defect, religions are hardly good role models for morality. The Church no longer burns heretics at the stake, only because the law will not let them. Thus organised religions are themselves psychopathic. Who is the real psycho? Using conscience and other people's morality is fine if one is sleep walking. Psychopathy demands a high level of responsibility and awareness. A good sense of ethics is needed, otherwise other people will retaliate. Thus psychopathy is at the top end of beingness, and represents anti-beingness. Things are not all they appear to be.

Euphoria. This appears to be a variation on the Psychic Plague, but this variation tastes of honey and self satisfaction. This appears to be one of the top emotions to be transmigrated. This appears to be a variation on enlightenment. It makes one so smug and self satisfied that one feels one has got there, and therefore no further work is needed.

What is one's sector? We are now of the opinion that one's sector in which one operates is only a piece of the telepathic net area. The rest attached to it is like an iceberg with 99.99% submerged. There are plenty of icebergs about. If we are to get into other sectors, then we must blast our way through this euphoria.

The VMAT2 God Gene appears to have many sins to answer for. As it appears in half the population, it must have survival properties. However judging by the number of religious and idealogical wars going on, it is only survival for the individual and his tribe. It is non-survival for every other tribe, when combined with our warrior genes. We appear to have inherited it from the Neanderthals and Denisovans. On its own, the VMAT2 gene does nothing. It does however cause human imagination to create vast Towers of Babel. Look at the following -
       Networks of God genes.
       Genetic networks.

Astrology. We found the current path in remote viewing back in time to be -
Astrology in current time > Crusaders ??? > Semites > Denisovans and Neanderthals > Pleiadean ETs > Eridean Reptilian ETs > Homo Erectus!!!!!!
This would be difficult to prove or disprove.

We have tried to interpret the above path.

Anger is the enemy of mind control.
Mjolnir - The Hammer of Thor now looks less like a physical weapon, and more like his anger; an anger capable of scrambling the minds of the Frost Giants or Denisovans. This could have links to the shamanic practice of Wagering One's Head, where the loser loses a piece of his mind.
Anger, Energies and Sources must be kept clean at all times.
War, Energy Wars.
Doingness (extroverted) v Beingness (introverted). (Both appear to be mental constructs.)

Apocalypse. There is a Hindu saying "When God the Creator meets God the Destroyer, the Universe will end". We are God the Destroyer, since we are living, and all Gods are dead. Every apocalypse caps a universe to prevent people escaping back to Chaos. Every universe, religion or political system has rules to tell people what they can and can not do. Large sets of rules need large apocalypses to keep the lid on the system or universe concerned. This keeps them very restrictive and boring. Chaos is far more exiting. Apocalypse occurs when systems become overloaded, too far from reality, and break down. Check the following and expect fireworks. There is too much obsolete junk lying around.


The Dawn of logical thought. Homo erectus, or our very early blood ancestors crop up again. Perhaps it should be the dawn of human time. Anyway when man first looked around and realised he lived in a universe, he attributed God properties and personalities to the planets and stars. This in turn developed into Astrology, and then into monotheism. Local area places of awe developed local God personalities and properties. Local Gods and archetypes developed into Paganism and polytheism. Such Gods are concerned with the protection of individuals in exchange for energy. Existing parapsychologies and similar abilities developed into shamanism and witchcraft.

This time period also appears to be the source of schizophrenia, which can be defined here as the inability to throw away obsolete ideas. The fact that Man started to think, does not mean he started to think in anyway that today we would regard as logical. Old ways of thinking are still with us.

We interpret all this as a period when genetic mutations occurred, controlling what we regard as modern conscious thought. Some mutations are positive. Other mutations are negative, but hopefully do not survive.

Thus we are looking at our genetics and how they modify our individual psychologies and parapsychologies. This looks like a case for SWOT Analysis. This is a matrix of the interactions between our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. To this we will add assets and liabilities. SWOT Analysis is a basic tool of both commercial business and Chaos Magic.

Godship. It is time to exercise Godship again, and see if it is actually worth anything. Use affirmation. Let intuition be your guide. Flex your imagination to the limits of your delusions of grandeur and blasphemy. Your claims have to match and be greater than the delusions of existing psychic entities and Gods. In the ordinary way, if they did not bother to make such outrageous claims, no one would bother to respect and worship them.

The Source. The path of the Source now appears to be as below. Every entity and sub entity has its own apocalypse to prevent you escaping.
       The Big Bang.
       The Machinery of the Galaxy
       Galactic astrologies.
       The Machinery of the Universe.
       Earth astrologies.
       The Works of Man.

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