M01.33. The Master Apocalypse.
Free Will v the Ordered Existence.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S08 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again. The information here may be in other parts of the site.

Apocalypse occurs when systems get overloaded or are no longer suitable for the purpose intended. Strictly speaking, apocalypse is the anger charge which prevents one leaving a system. What you see are the excuses people invent, so as not to go through a fire barrier. General elections often create apocalypse, as democracy is no friend of apocalypse.

The Master Apocalypse is hypothetical and probably does not exist. That does not stop it being useful. The concept is of an master anger charge which protects all other apocalypses from being unravelled. However if we wish to be totally free, then we must be prepared to tackle any apocalypse, regardless of how mighty it claims to be, even the Master Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse of Anger. Now the Big Bang no longer exists, except as memories. Thus the importance of the above is somewhat dubious. Fossilised anger looks far more real, and nearer home. One can only purge the mind control of people who know of you, or are pumping out mind control into the Telepathic Net against everyone in general.

Total Free Anger and Anger Memes. It becomes apparent that Apocalypses are nothing more than an anger memes. They are designed to prevent one breaking out of a lower universe into a higher universe.

Meme Warfare and Keeping the Peace. Keeping the Peace is fine as long as it is done consciously, and by agreement. It looks like we have a long history of relegating Keeping the Peace into memes.

Real Time Apocalypses keep one stuck in the past.

Thunderbolts. Medical epilepsy is the condition in which energy is released in an uncontrolled fashion. If it is released in a controlled way, either consciously or unconsciously, on to the telepathic net, then some legends start to take substance. Thus we have the Hammer which Thor uses to control the Frost Giants on our behalf, though the Denisovans have long departed. Then there are the thunderbolts of Zeus, and threats by the Christian God to strike people dead, all of which are to keep man in order. Now the Gods are long dead, and only have life that we give them. So the Gods can no longer throw thunderbolts, but their priests can. So why not join in the fun.

Conspiracies abound in plenty, and now become apparent. All Gods are long dead, and only have life to the extent that people feed them. You may wish to keep a God going for any number of reasons. You may need them as an archetype, or to give you wisdom, but that is your choice. Then there is the priesthood of the monotheist religions. These priests vampire their followers to keep and feed their version of the sole God. They then use their version of God to frighten their followers, to keep them feeding the priesthood. Thus all sects and religions are at each other's throats, to defend their version of God.

We are now in an area somewhat devoid of left hand brain logic. Let intuition be your guide. A good check list is -

Emotion. At this point, everything turns into emotion, such as the following. One may need to check tables of emotion, such as in section M01.

Astrology and Zodiacs. Now all religions and gods appear to be man made, usually by the priesthood to serve their own purposes. Astrology and Zodiacs appear to be the exception. Now Zodiacs are images of the Solar System, so we can not blame these on ETs, but we can blame the Neanderthals and Denisovans for creating the system, even if we are responsible for living in it.

Now Dr John Dee (1527-1608 or 1609), the Elizabethan spy master revised maps of Britain. Before he did so, Scotland was often shown as an island. We presume that often when travellers of old encountered a river that was difficult to cross, and had no obvious way around, they declared the other side to be an island. Now Lemuria is supposed to be a lost continent in the Indian Ocean. However modern oceanographers can find no trace, and they believe they should. Now we propose that early travellers came across some mighty rivers, and declared India to be an island. No one had told them that all seas are salty, and all rivers are not. Thus Lemuria is India. We believe astrology originated in India, with the Denisovans.

We may never know the anatomy of astrology, as it involves thought foreign to Homo sapiens. That does not stop us from purging what is available, using our anger, in the style of Thor.

The Apocalypse of Schizophrenia may be a nonsense. Everything eventually turns into schizophrenia, even the mightiest of religions, Gods and political systems. Thus even apocalypse may be a schizophrenia. Look at the following -

Godship and Beingness come together as being 2 sides of the same coin. We have Gods of Creation, Gods of Change and Gods of Destruction to complete the cycles of life. We need similar cycles in our own beingness, if we are to keep it dynamic.

Reptilian Brains and Telepathy lie beyond schizophrenia, and are senior to it.

Psychic Emotion and Psychic Ability are fortunately senior to most rubbish, but they do have to be kept clean.

The Reincarnation of the Spirit World. It becomes apparent that after dealing with Reptilian Brains, that there are far too many spirits hanging around in the Spirit World. It may be good manners to stick around protecting people one has known in life. After this they should go through Purgatory to strip off all unfinished business, so that they can proceed to the next level. However too many hang around ready to give anyone any past life they desire. Failing this, if the theory of past lives is not allowed or trashed by the Skeptics, these memories can be downloaded as the Acquired Memory Syndrome, where people remember imaginary incidents of child abuse. The Acquired Memory Syndrome is a curse in our law courts and of psychotherapy. A belief in Past Lives gives a useful safety valve. There are also Gods and religions which are past their sell by date.

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