M01.34. The Goals and Games of God,
Total Telepathic Freedom v Astrology.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S08 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again. The information here may be in other parts of the site.

Any God mentioned here bears little relationship to what you were taught in Sunday school.

Total Telepathic Freedom has the advantage of being in a universe of no consequence. Telepathy only exists when someone is in distress, or one is into fossilised distress. Total Freedom in the physical universe is not possible for all people, as we all have conflicting interests. Telepathy is the great solvent for dissolving minds, religions, theologies and Gods. Any such entity that we inspect telepathically is liable to disappear. Unfortunately telepathy is a function of the Reptilian Brain and not the higher conscious brain, so it will never replace the telephone. The great bulk of telepathy is in the sub-conscious mind, which means we have learn how to use it, and learn how to handle what we receive.

The Astrological Spirit Universe appears to be the highest psychic universe and all other psychological universes lie within it. Alternately it is the universe furthest away from what is normally regarded as the physical universe. There are goals and emotion here, but no logic. Also sanity is in short supply as it has never been inspected. It contains goals within zodiacs within astrology. It appears to be a creation by ancient Neanderthals and their Denisovan cousins, but could go back to ETs. Logic as we know it is definitely missing. This may be due to whoever created this system being a bit short on the modern human left and right hand sides of the brain. Now goals in life can be outgoing, ingoing, or a combination of the 2. We can assume that anyone with medical schizophrenic tendencies has invited in too many inward looking goals from the Astrological Spirit World. Perhaps what we should really do, is to find out how to talk to anyone within their own head. This is an extreme form of telepathy, and could be socially undesirable, but could be justified in dealing with mental illness. If a person were to be fully telepathic, then they would only be able to look outwards, and in this state could could not be schizophrenic.

NB: The writer suspects that he may have an astrological goal to be too public spirited, which is not necessarily survival for him. Thus do not be surprised if he ceases to write to this website.

The Goals of God. This refers to an event lost in time, so we can blame it on ETs like the Pleiadeans. We may not be responsible for its creation. However we are responsible for not inspecting its contents, and thus we ensure its continuation. These are laws which must never be broken, and exist until we inspect them. Judging by its density, very few people have tried inspecting it before us.
The Games of God. As pointed in Section S03.. goals have at least 6 dimensions. There is positive and negative, and the 3 main tenses, present, past and future. This gives plenty of room for games, such as, Good versus Evil, God (a lesser version) versus Satan, Cops and Robbers, Science versus religion, and very many more. When people get tired of one side, they can switch to the other. In such a system, everyone has their pre-ordained position in life, and therefore there is no need for democracy, and there is no free will.

Sidereal Energy. Sidereal time is time relative to the stars. The Earth rotates apparently at approximately 365 times a year to give us approximately 365 days. However as the Earth rotates around the Sun, the real rotation is approximately 366 days per year. Thus Sidereal time is out of synchronicity with Earth time. There is a theory that psychic activity is greatest, when the point at which one is standing, is nearest to the Black Hole at the centre of our galaxy. Researchers such as JB Rhine found a very weak effect, while most scientists find none at all. It all depends on whose data one uses. It did not work for us when we tried it. However we now find that it appears to the force behind astrology. It is probably also the force that we thought was the Big Bang, in earlier articles. It now appears that schizophrenics can pick and store this energy, and then use it to produce charisma. However if they can not control this force properly, they end up with medical schizophrenia. Control it and you too can become Prime Minister.

The Dark Night of the Soul. When one has conquered Akasha and Karma, what next? One can only move outwards. In practical terms, one can find that one has been relying on the effect of goals for ability. However any ability that depended on lost goals can be regenerated as a conscious goal or ability. Another name for freedom to create one's own goals and objectives is Free Will.

The Planets and other bodies in the Solar System as we found them. This does not quite agree with retail astrology. Your own remote viewing will probable not quite agree with this list, but can be equally valid. There is also the problem that our views on astrology are themselves influenced by astrology. This is a system which underpins all Gods and religions.

The Apocalypse of Astrology.
The Apocalypse of the Universal Subconscious.

Genetic Responsibility. Under British law, criminal responsibility ends with death. Civil liability ends when any assets left behind run out. Thus no one is responsible for the sins of their ancestors. However a person's genetics are the same as his ancestors. Thus on a genetic level, we are our ancestors, and thus are responsible for their sins and creations. Thus we have created all Gods, religions, astrologies and political systems.
Cycles of Creation, Change and Destruction. These need to be made completely dynamic and brought forward into real present time.
Archetypes are a more natural basic product of our basic genetics. Thus we are unlikely to be able to destroy them as we can astrology. Archetypes can be stages in our lives, religious or political.

Mother Nature proves to be the ultimate God. Ignore her at your peril. At the other end of the spectrum, we have reptilian brains and telepaths. Astrology looks like the original religion, even if it does not look like a religion by modern standards. Thus later Gods like Jehovah and Allah are sinners against the original religion, which puts a new spin on Original Sin. The following may need a bit of cleaning.

Telepathic Nets can have many layers. In theory if one has control of the Telepathic God Net, one is God. However the Astrological Telepathic Net appear to outrank it. Might is right, so make sure it is on your side. There is still too close a link between Astrology and Schizophrenia, so look out for the Schizophrenic Net.

The Sovereignty of the Living.
Dominance - Social, Sexual, Psychic, Religious, Astrological and any other dominance appear to be all important. This appears to be the area when everything went wrong. One needs to recover lost dominance, including that lost to blood ancestors and Astrology.

Endgame and Survival. Laughter dissolves all unwanted rubbish if it is allowed to. The basic problem now appears to be our love to gain some advantage over our neighbour, the polite name for which is survival. Now when it is out in the open it is called competition, when done covertly it is called criminality, and when it is done by a priesthood it is called religion.

Self Replicating Alter-Egos. It looks as though the concept of Memes, or self replicating units of thought, as first postulated by Prof Richard Dawkins, has more profound relatives. Logic is in short supply. This could be the source of religion.

The Forgiveness of Sin. We all live in a universe or universes created by our ancestors. We have very little option in the matter. Therefore we assume the sins of our ancestors and what they have created. In forgiveness, we are saying that something no longer matters, and is an emotion akin to bodily boredom or perfect balance. Perfect balance can be a very boring state. Try the following -

Enlightenment is there to be had, but is as dubious as ever. It means accepting all the theory of the system in exchange for peace of mind. Enlightenment is all sugar and opium on the outside, but the core is rotten. One is expected to accept the whole package without question. However your political, national or racial enlightenment is your national or racial way of life.

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