M01.35. Quantum Physics,
and the alleged Lost Dimensions.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S08 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again. The information here may be in other parts of the site.

Intuition is all important here as logic and pictorial thought are in short supply. This can make conceptual thought difficult.

Hierarchies. With theologies and other constructions by the priesthood out of the way, it is possible to look at underlying factors. The Spirit World want your energy and thinking capacity, so make sure that in return, they work for you and not against.

The Source is probably a moving event and not just a single event. It needs to be brought up into real time. The clash between the realities of the Source, and those in present time can lead to emotional upsets like Original Sin. If something appears as if it should belong to say a certain religion, but does not, then it probably belongs to a source which precedes that religion. Earlier sources take precedence over later ones.

Personas, Cultures and Ways of Life. Due to multi-multiculturalism due to the Internet and population movement, we are now in a state of multi-cultural warfare. One can not have 2 dominant cultures in the same country at the same time. This also translates down to personal levels. The persona is the cultural face of the ego.

Conventional Science states there are only 3 dimensions to the physical universe, plus time, and no more. If this is true, then in which dimensions are Dark Matter and Dark Energy, said to make up the bulk of the Universe.
Quantum Physics allows for 10 dimensions plus time. However the number of dimensions can vary according to the mathematics. Also 7 out of the 10 dimensions are alleged to have curled up and disappeared moments after the Big Bang. However if they have disappeared, then where are Dark Matter and Dark Energy situated.

We also suspect that UFOs are holographic projections by ETs, and are not as solid as they look. Distance in other dimensions may be a fraction of what they are in the dimensions we can observe. Thus an ET might be able to project a holographic UFO across 10 light years in our dimensions, with far less trouble, using dimensions we can not visualise. Such a UFO would have the agility normally claimed for UFOs. The downside would be that such a UFO would have limited interaction with us in the dimensions we know.

The Lost Dimensions as accessed by the Reptilian Brain. These can be the dimensions themselves, extensions to dimensions, add-ons, or may be human constructions imitating the dimensions. They may also be outward schizophrenic projections on to the Physical Universe. They may be a mixture of all of these, and not all of the same mixture. The only certainty is that they make little sense to the higher logical parts of the brain. The use of the lost dimensions acts as parking space for group memories and what ever. This enables the Universal Sub-conscious, Karma and Akasha to become realities. Some dimensions mentioned may be poetic licence on our part.

It appears we have gained in logic and imagination by becoming civilised. However we have lost in raw psychic ability. We also appear to have lost some abilities to clean up our psychic past.

Try the following targets, but remember that intuition is all important, and that logic and the pictorial stuff are in short supply. Building up the necessary concepts and conceptual models can be difficult.

The Poltergeist Dimension. Physical Telekinesis is usually associated with poltergeists with a 14 year old boy as the epicentre. 14 year old girls are liable to see visions instead. The sexual differentiation is not absolute. In some quarters poltergeist activity is sometimes referred to as "Mother wants a bigger council house". There is a correlation with rented social housing. Otherwise there is little evidence of physical telekinesis having any effect in the physical universe.

The Poltergeist Dimension behaves as an energy vector and not as a dimension as we know it. It contains stores of fossilised barbarous energy laid down by our ancestors. This has no effect in the physical universe, but is mighty good at frightening people into submission. "Obey or else." This sounds like the basis for modern Islam or Christianity 600 years ago. The possible exception is the 14 year old boy at the centre of a Poltergeist incident. The probable truth is that what appears impossibly large in the Poltergeist Dimension is remarkably small in the universe we know. Only a very large crossover is observable. Natural telekinesis may well be essential for life and be the Life Force. It is fossilised telekinesis which causes problems.

Epileptic energies, telekinesis and the Life appear to part of a series within the Poltergeist Dimension.

The Memory Dimension is essential to those who believe that the universe we know is actually one of up to 10 holographic universes which co-exist in the same space. This theory has probably been completely replaced by modern Quantum Physics. However it may be essential to the universe we know to operate in a continual fashion. Thus every particle knows that it has to exist, and knows what to do next. It has also been used as a parking space for human and other memories, and works in conjunction with the Poltergeist dimension. Also immortality and continued existence are useless without memory.

The Emotional Dimension appears to have little use in the Physical Universe, but it does contain the Big Bang. This dimension probably makes sense to believers of Gaia, the personification of the Earth as a living entity, and one of the Greek primordial deities. It should also make sense to true Pagans and worshippers of Mother Nature.

Sidereal Emotions. The term Sidereal usually refers to astronomy. In particular, Sidereal Time refers to time relative to our galaxy. Sidereal Energy refers to energies we receive from the black hole at the centre, when we directly face it. Sidereal Energy is said to enhance psi.

The Dimension of Illusion and Delusion. This is the dimension that the priesthood and politicians would like you visit, as long as it is their version.

The Cloaca Dimension. Cloacina was the Roman Goddess of Sewers. Black Mass is one of its cleaner contents. This is a dumping place for rubbish, to be un-dumped on to anyone who tries to unravel things.

Democracy versus Religion. Under religion, people do what the priesthood tell them. Under democracy, people do what politicians tell them. The big difference is that people choose their political leaders in elections. However people do finish up with the politicians they deserve. Politicians are the new guardians of morality and ethics. "God is dead, but isn't the National Health Service wonderful." We can finish up with moralities even more dubious than the old, if we are not careful. There are plenty of obsolete moralities to clean out of the political scene. Socialism is the new religion. However like all religions, it needs cleaning up, as it still contains too much obsolete morality from the Source. Also schizophrenia does move people in the direction of religion and rigid political systems. This is to simplify life and thus make it liveable.

Top-Skimming. One can go into depths psychoanalysing individuals, but that will only sort out individuals. Topskimming involves targeting the top of all hierarchies. This appears to give far better results, and can be far safer. If one removes the top of a hierarchy, then that hierarchy is weakened. We are hag ridden by the unfinished business of the dead. It is time to move forward.

Energies. These are originally natural energies, and have no logic or emotion. However they have been adapted by human logic and emotion into other things. Thus they are the basis of religion and psychology, without them having psychological meaning of their own. They are energies, nothing more, nothing less, but they may need waking up.

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