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The Source.

In many cultures there are folk memories of an ancient super race, and their civilisations which are now extinct. They have various names like the Elohim, Nefilim, Atlantians and Lemurians. Now if such a civilisation had access to telepathy, remote viewing, illusion and delusion, then there would be little need for technology as we know it. They would also give their victims plenty of reason for killing them or at least avoiding them. They could make a cave look like a palace, and thus were expert at enslaving others. All civilisations fail when they become degenerate, and perhaps their use of slaves led to their degeneration. Candidates known to science include the Denisovans and Neanderthals, but there have been plenty of other races of man which no longer exist. Some are included in our blood ancestors, while others are not.

Now the limitations of computers are governed by their architecture using serial operation of bits which can be either on or off. Similarly human thought is limited by the architecture of our brains. If the brains of members of lost civilisations were wired up in a slightly different architecture to our own, they would have had different ways of thinking and different abilities to ourselves. Perhaps mercifully, we will never understand schizophrenic technology, but they did and left their psychic machinery behind.

A common thread in folklore is that they were so advanced that they gave up meat bodies and adopted etheric bodies instead. Now the rude name for an etheric body is Vampire, as they need the living to continue their existence, to provide thinking capacity and energy. If one forgives the original source whether it it is in the Spirit World, Lost Dimensions of Quantum Physics or just the Sea of Memory, then all the Machinery of the Universe dependent on it will come crashing down, and Man will have to think for himself.

Thus if we target the Original Sinner or Original A******e, and forgive them their sins, we should get there eventually. However this does not appear to account for astrology. Obviously with its reference to the planets in the Solar System, astrology was generated on Earth. However the obvious may be wrong, as the Original Astrologer appear to precede the Original Sinner. That does not stop us forgiving the sins of astrology and the original astrologer, or what ever created it.

Nowadays we concentrate on the obsolete creations of yesterday past their use by date, in the role of God the Destroyer, and target engrams, memes, zodiacs, astrologies, creators, sources and obsolete loyalties.

Mind Maps.

A Mind Map of the human brain is the master view a person has of the universe in which they live. It is their view of the physical universe as filtered by their engrams, astrologies, schizophrenias, illusions, delusions, and memories real or imagined. It is thus a bridge between the secular and the occult, and is a basket for all mental rubbish from the past. It is a short cut to thinking, essential for fast thought and automatic reactions. Loki does have his uses. However it does need to be kept up to date. They control what you are allowed to think and do.

There is plenty on conscious mind mapping on the internet, but this is the bigger picture and tends to be a psychological side of the Science of Perception. However even master mind maps have to follow cycles of creation - Create, Change, Destroy. Destruction at this level can handle astrologies. In S08 - Current RV model.., replace "Total Free Reincarnation" with "Total Free Creation / Change / Destruction".

Now Jesus preached Forgiveness, healing and love. We have been looking at mind maps to see if the 2 sides can be combined. Test the following.
Forgiveness of Sin wiped out Mithras and the Greek and Roman Gods. It worked marvellously well when no one bothered to define what sin was, which is in line with modern psychotherapy. Then along came the Church and defined sin and morality, and the work of JC has not been the same since. This a case of sorting out logic.
Healing is an emotion of the reptilian brain. Now if one's sub-conscious emotions are in order then one's emotion of healing should be able to heal one's own body. Thus the trick in healing another person is to insure their emotions are in order especially healing.
Love. In a state of total love, morality and ethics are irrelevant. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In Eastern religion, this becomes the virtuous path of right living. In a state of total love, anarchy prevails. JC never preached anarchy, but is probably the biggest anarchist of all time.

Now if we convert these into mind maps we get at least 3.
      Logical Mind Maps.
      Emotional Mind Maps of the reptilian brain emotions.
      Moral Mind Maps.
Reality Mind Maps also look possible, so this list is incomplete, and the limit is governed by one's imagination.
While there is little or no evidence for Physical Telekinesis in the Physical Universe, Telekinesis is a powerful for destruction and cleaning of thought in the Universe of Thought. There is little or no evidence of the Universe of Thought being able to operate in the Physical Universe, except by using man as an intermediary. Thus Telekinetic Mind Maps are worth a look.

Strengths & Weaknesses of Remote Psychotherapy.

The Hierarchy of Telepathy.

A View of Schizophrenia, Apocalypse, Telekinesis and the Epileptic Fire Flow.

Remote Influencing and Mind Control.


The Apocalypse of Astrology.

The Apocalypses of the Law and Schizophrenia.

Apex Apocalypses.

Schizophrenic Technology and Psychotronics.

For future reference - Speculation -

Energy Flows - Speculation -

Perhaps we should be talking about Remote Operations and not Remote Viewing.

Let the Ego (higher brain) rule the Sub-conscious (reptilian brain).

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