2.5. RESPONSIBILITY - THE KEY TO THE UNIVERSE. RESPONSIBILITY - THE ULTIMATE KEY TO THE UNIVERSE. Responsibility does have at least nine attributes. These will be given with appropriate command lists, suitable to the top level. These lists will have to be varied to suit the level at which the student is working. Conscious walking is essential. The attributes are:-

  1. Responsibility for in real time. No problem.
  2. Responsibility to in real time. No problem.
  3. Personal responsibility for in past time.
  4. Personal responsibility to in past time.
  5. Commanding third parties to take responsibility for their actions.
  6. Reversing responsibility to third parties, to responsibility to self.
  7. The need to keep responsibility free of rubbish.
  8. If one fails to create enough, then responsibility becomes a liability. See Black Holes.
  9. Ultimately one will no longer need responsibility, and it will have to be dispatched. RESPONSIBILITY FOR AND TO - IN REAL TIME. When people drive a car, they grant their responsibility to other road users. This is for the results of their actions, until they park their car on their own property. This is in real time, and is no problem. It allows people to drive their cars in reasonable safety. When the car is properly parked, people withdraw their responsibility. Before people can be responsible for something, they must be responsible to someone or something. In this case, people should know what they are responsible for. They should also know to whom they are granting their responsibility. If they do not grant responsibility to other road users, then the Police will apply the law. RESPONSIBILITY FOR - IN PAST TIME. When the situation is in the past, then for meditational purposes there are two aspects. A person can command responsibility for themselves. A person can also command someone or something else to take responsibility for their actions. For third party responsibility to work, the other party must be linked in to the first party. The third party must have their claws dug into the first party. Thus it is practically impossible to harm an innocent bystander. RESPONSIBILITY TO - IN PAST TIME. For responsibility to exist in past time, responsibility must have been granted to someone or something. The normal case is that a person has forgotten to whom they granted their responsibility to in the first place. Responsibility for and to have become fossilised. There are two methods of attack in meditation. One can grant their responsibility in real time to all appropriate entities. Bringing it into real time is great for cooling things down. It is difficult to command other entities, if one is responsible to them. The other option is to re-link the responsibility of the other entity back to oneself. It will not last long in real time.


The command lists given here are in three sections. There is a start to establish the tool or weapon. The gap in the middle is for the student to insert items of immediate interest. The end is to clean out all rubbish. If the going is heavy, omit the middle.

Other subjects:-

2.5.3. RESPONSIBILITY TO (the Cooler).

The above is bad for the Ego. It does however show up some surprising linkages. It is great for cooling all Fire flows.

2.5.4. RESPONSIBILITY FOR - THIRD PARTY. This can be used when the abreaction in first party responsibility is drained. It is unlikely to work before that. The basic idea is to command other entities to take responsibility for their actions. They will not like it. AUTHORISATION. The whole mind works on authorisation mechanisms. Below are some useful additions. If the body can see it, so can everything else.

Other subjects include:-

2.5.5. RE-LINK RESPONSIBILITY. In practice, the following command list is practically impossible to run. It tends to instantly show up all gaps in current first and third party responsibility.

2.5.6. SOME USEFUL VARIATIONS. TO INCREASE INTENTION, project the sweeper into the future. Drop this form if it has too many teeth. Try variations on the following:- RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE RESULTS OF ONE'S ACTIONS. There is a distinct difference between being responsible for one's actions, and being responsible for the results of one's actions. For the latter, try variations on the following:- THE NEXT UNIVERSE UP. A good way of catching this is to prefix third party commands with "Universal".

2.5.7 RESPONSIBILITY AND ITS CAUSES. All minds are made up of responsibility to. In times past, we have made treaties and agreements with each other as to how we should conduct ourselves in relation to others. We have given our responsibility to these agreements which have become moral codes. These moral codes have been broken left, right and centre, if only to a small degree but small degrees add up. We have forgotten to what the last moral code was a response. Thus all minds are made up of all old responsibilities to agreements, 'forgotten', and mangled by self justification into something which looks quite different, like a mind or a theology or a mental system. Past responsibilities have been given to the following. There is nothing wrong in any of these as long as they are in real time. In order to get out of minds altogether, try locating oneself in space time.

Other important subjects are:- A STRONGER VERSION. When the ego and all entities within are responsible for their actions, the sweepers in this section will not work, and it is time to leave this section behind. However the following front end is useful when low material comes in from the genuine outside. A USEFUL CHECKLIST OF SUBJECTS:-

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